Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 {Year in Review}

What would New Year's Eve be without a little yearly recap?!


We started 2015 off with a little Carolina basketball, and a LOT of Ella's 1st birthday party planning!


We took Ella to the circus...

...and then she turned 1!!! (I only cried the whole month.) 
We had an amazing Breakfast at Ella's birthday party for her!

I also had to go back to work in February which was the absolute worst. Luckily, we had quite a few snow/ice days so I didn't have school!


In March, someone got a new stroller...


...a new car seat...

...and new shoes!


And Ella and I got to meet Kyle Richards!!! (Duh, of course that would make it on my yearly highlight reel!)


May was all about golf...

...and strawberries!
We also celebrated Trav's grandma' 90th birthday and my 2nd Mother's Day!


Trav and I celebrated 3 years of marriage!

And we had Ella's week of Lilly, which was the best thing ever! 
We also attended weddings, birthday parties, celebrated Father's Day and Travis' birthday...and I had my last day of teaching ever (or at least for a while)!!!


Lots of blueberry picking...

...and swimming. Seriously, 80% of my July pictures are of Ella at the pool! 
I celebrated turning 30 by doing 30 acts of kindness!

Trav and I also took a trip to Paris Vegas for my 30th birthday!


This little nugget turned 18 months old. Halfway to her second birthday!

I also battled some gross stomach bug and took Ella to my parents' in Virginia. Of course we had to hit up the zoo while we were there!

And we celebrated the beginning of the school year...and the fact that I didn't have to go back!! Ella was excited, I promise. Just not in this picture.


We went apple picking...

...watched entirely too much football...

...and on September 21, we discovered a little someone would be joining our family in June!


October is also when we found and put an offer on our house!


We told the world about Baby Ferg 2, and celebrated Thanksgiving a little a restaurant!

We also closed on our new house!


In addition to doing all the Christmas things, we hosted our families for Christmas and found out that Baby Ferg is a BOY!

I have no doubt in my mind 2016 will be an amazing year...but 2015, you were pretty great, too! :)
Happy New Year!

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