Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Five on Friday!

In honor of Halloween tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at past Halloweens for today's Five on Friday!


First, throwing it wayyyy back, let me give you this gem from college (I want to say this was 2005ish??). Three of my friends and I dressed up as gangstas, complete with cornrows and a flip phone. Yikes. (I am the second one from the right, if you can't tell!)


2009...Travis and I went as Peanut Butter and Jelly. AKA the easiest costume ever.


2010...Does anyone remember Keith Stone from the old Keystone Light commercials? I know my husband does...he was obsessed with him! Here we are as Keith Stone and Snooki (I had to be something trashy to go along with Trav's costume)...and the next year, Travis wanted to be Keith Stone again (told you he was obsessed!). Ughhh. 


Let's just skip ahead to 2013, when I was pregnant! I made this shirt :) 


And whoooo could forget last year's sweet little owl?! (See what I did there?) 

Can't wait to take her trick-or-treating this year, since she can actually walk up to the houses and say "Trick or Treat!" (well, "Chik Cheet" is really what she says, but whatev...)

Have a great Halloween weekend!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Jammies!

Today I am linking up for the Halloween Pajama Party!

Is there anything cuter than a freshly bathed babe in some cute pjs?! I think not.

These pictures are just a quick glimpse into my life between 6:45 and 7:15 every night. So serene, calm, peaceful. Bahahahahah yeah right!!! 

{This is the best picture I got of her "sitting" in her chair...good thing we aren't doing those monthly photos anymore!}

Then she decided to have a dance party, which she does almost every night. She "sings" (and I help) at least half of her songs from music class, and gallops/dances around the room.

Ahh, finally calm again with a book.

Look at that little face...don't make me to go to bed, Mommy!!! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pre-Halloween Weekend

We had a fun little weekend! 

We kicked off Friday by "helping" Travis rake leaves! We have so many leaves in our yard, Trav wanted to start early this year. Ella was really into it!!

Saturday, we cheered on our Heels from Charlotte!

{note the still unfinished cupcake costume in the background...}

We didn't go to Chapel Hill for the game this weekend because we had an event to attend for Trav's work. It was the gala where you have to wear tennis shoes with your fancy attire. 

I ended up being able to wear my dress from last year. Last year, I wore it strapless, and this year, I pulled one of the straps up to make it one shoulder! Gotta love versatile clothing. 

One cool thing was that Jay Bilas was the "master of ceremonies." If you aren't into sports, he is on ESPN all of the time during basketball season, and is one of the hosts of College Gameday (basketball version). He actually lives in Charlotte...and he was hilarious

We had a fun little night out!

Yesterday, we went to Ella's friend's house for a pumpkin party!! They had a real pony there...Ella wasn't too sure about it!

She really just wanted to swing!

And of course, she painted a pink pumpkin :)

We have a fun week coming up...if I can just finish that stupid cupcake costume!!! ;)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday

1. I am little late in posting because we spent our morning at the Britax headquarters getting Ella's car seat inspected! Apparently they do this 4 times a year, but this was the first time I had been. I'm so glad we went; they spent 45 minutes with me and I learned that apparently Ella's car seat was installed incorrectly (in my car, you can't use LATCH in the middle seat...which we were using, and had used for her infant seat too, whoops!). I definitely recommend doing this for anyone in the Charlotte area...they said their next one will be in February! You can follow them on Facebook here and they will post updates as to when the next inspection will be. 

2. Current status of Ella's halloween costume:

Ughhhh! Hopefully I can get it together by next week?! 

3. Last night we went to the Morrison at SouthPark Spooktacular! Kids were supposed to wear costumes, but since Ella's isn't ready yet {see above}, she just wore a pumpkin dress! We met up with her friend Mackenzie and decorated pumpkins, walked around, played in the flowers and hung out on bike racks!

4. I know it's warmer today, but earlier this week we had to bundle up!!!
I can't get over this jacket on little gnome!!! 

5. Tomorrow is Trav's work gala where you have to wear tennis shoes with fancy clothes. Here's a look back at the past 2 years:

{2013, pregnant with Ella!}


Don't judge me, but I am wearing the same dress as last year! It's this one, and it ties in a bunch of different ways, so hopefully I can make it look a little different than last year's version!

We also have a fun pumpkin party on Sunday! 
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hilton Head 2015

Some beach pictures...FINALLY!

{Disclaimer: like 99% of my trip recaps, this is super long and has wayyyy too many pictures!}

We arrived in Hilton Head on Thursday afternoon, and checked in to our condo we found on VRBO. (we have done a condo through VRBO instead of a hotel for 2 years in HH now, and I highly recommend going this route!)

Our condo looked out on this!

And Ella wanted to look for turtles and alligators!

Then we headed to Sea Pines for dinner at the Salty Dog!

Ella loved coloring...and she also loved all of the "woof woofs" all over the place!

The next day, we had to do more turtle and alligator hunting!

And then....the beach!

This chick loooooves the water! {And didn't mind the sand this year!}

After Ella's nap, we decided to take our little fish to the pool. 

Good thing I bought this Lilly Pulitzer size 3 swimsuit for next summer....and it already fits. Ugh! Say a prayer it still fits next summer!!!

We put Ella's puddle jumper on, and she was off! She did not care one bit that we weren't holding her...she loved swimming all around that pool by herself!

She even swam out to the rope in the middle. If you see Trav's leg in the picture below, that was where she started!

All that swimming made us hungry, so we went to Hudson's that night for dinner! 

It was right on the water, and someone decided she needed to do some more swimming....

Don't worry, she didn't go in!!

The next day, we headed to Savannah. It was supposed to rain, but we thought we could beat it (rain wasn't supposed to start until 2PM). We were wrong :(

We walked along River Street and then it started down pouring so we high-tailed it back to the car and just drove around looking at stuff from the car!

Ella's favorite part of Savannah? The trolleys! She was half expecting Daniel Tiger to grace us with his presence at any point.

Once we got back to Hilton Head, the sun came out! So we took some pictures on the beach. 

Sunday, it was cloudy (but no more rain, than goodness!) so we thought it would be a good day to head to Harbour Town and see the lighthouse.

We climbed all the way to the top of that thing!

View from the top:

After we walked back down, we walked around and saw all the boats.

And then we found this awesome playground!!! Seriously, can we get one like this in Charlotte?! Loved it. And Ella had so much fun there too; she didn't want to leave!

My child has no fear, she was climbing on every thing and wanted to go down all of these big slides!

Monday was Columbus Day, so we thought it would be appropriate to go on a boat?! 

We saw some dolphins!! Ella didn't really notice them though...she wondered why I was freaking out.

Most of time, Ella was trying to figure out how to get off that boat! I think she just wanted to swim in the water.

So, we gave her what she wanted...after her nap, we hit up the pool again!

Her favorite part was getting thrown in by Daddy! 

And then we went back to the ocean again, too!

Once again, swimming worked up quite an appetite, so for our last dinner on the island, we ate at our favorite restaurant, Lowcountry Backyard. The food is SOOOO good.

And yes, my child is eating mac & cheese with grilled cheese. Home girl likes her cheese, don't judge.

Our last morning on Hilton Head, we got up a little bit earlier to go see the sunrise on the beach!!! It was so worth it...totally gorgeous!!!

Somebody was a little tired though, and not into taking pictures for Mommy.

We had so much fun on our little vacay and we can't wait to return to Hilton Head again next year!