Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hilton Head 2014

Two weeks ago (omg, sorry it took me so long to get this up!), Travis and I (and Ella!) loaded up our car and headed for Hilton Head! 

We got there just as the sun was setting, making for a very pretty drive in!

My friend Angela (a Hilton Head regular) helped us pick out a place to stay that was in a convenient location....we were in the Forest Beach area, right across from the beach and a block away from a bunch of shops and restaurants!

Our condo!

We dropped our bags off really quick, and then headed to Bomboras, a restaurant nearby, because we were STARVING!

Ella was so excited to be at the beach!!
I had shrimp and grits and it was amazing, of course!

The next day, both Travis and I decided to go for runs before it got too hot. BAD IDEA!
In case you were wondering what running 4 miles in extremely high humidity and a heat index of 95* looks like, here ya go:

True life, I was this emoji: 

After a freezing cold shower, we enjoyed the alligators and turtles from our balcony! Ella loved sitting out there every morning!

Then, we hit up the store for some beach essentials!

One thing we didn't need? Swim suits for Ella. 

Yes, I brought 8 swimsuits for my child. And we were there for 3 days. Would you expect anything else from me?!

Although the beach was right across the street, the walk took a little longer than expected due to our chairs, umbrella, cooler, stroller and multiple bags! Also? Our stroller does NOT move in the sand (should have gotten a BOB!) so Trav and I had to carry it across the beach. In 100*+ temps. Ugh. By the time we set up camp, Ella was asleep.....and stayed asleep for 2 hours, haha. 

So I stayed busy by dumping ice cubes on my self, and making her monogram in the sand. 
When she woke up, we had to take a picture! 

She HATED the sand!

All in all, Ella didn't mind the water of the ocean, but she did not like that sand one bit. She freaked out every time her feet touched the ground. Poor thing.

That evening we decided to take a sunset dolphin cruise!

It was Ella's first time on a boat, and she loved it!

Our future home...

We saw lots of dolphins, which was insanely exciting to me, for some reason. I took no fewer than 100 pictures of them! They eventually even came pretty close to the boat, so I didn't even have to zoom in to take pictures!

The cruise ended about 8:45....Ella was such a trooper!!

The next day, I decided skipped my run (no thank you 90* before 9AM) and we took Ella down to see the animals in the pond outside our condo.

Then we got ready for the pool!

It wasn't hot at all...

Don't worry, we stayed nice and cool in the pool!

To say this girl loved the pool would be the understatement of the year! She could have spent all day in her little floatie thing....she is such a little water babe for sure!

For dinner that night, we ate at A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant

Trav found it online (it had gotten really good reviews) and we both agreed this one of the best meals either of us had ever eaten. Like, in our whole lives! The food was AMAZING

I got crab cakes, grits and mac & cheese.
Definitely recommend this place if you are in Hilton Head!

After dinner, we headed to the beach for some pictures!

It was still insanely hot, but Ella liked the sand this time!

On Sunday, we packed up and headed home. On our way (kinda), we stopped at Palmetto Bluff, which is Angela's favorite place and where she got engaged!

It is SOOOOO pretty there!! Everywhere I turned looked like a postcard!

We ate lunch at Buffalo's, which is in the picture below...

It kinda reminded me of Charleston a little bit. 

I got some yummy tacos for lunch...they were delish!

Then we headed back to Charlotte! 
Thanks for a great time, Hilton Head!

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  1. Looks like such a great trip! Was the dolphin tour in Tybee?! We did that in June!!