Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Fun

We has SUCH a fun weekend!!!

Kicking things off Friday, we headed to Impact One. Charlotte friends, you need to hit this place up immediately!!! For only $5, you get a whole hour of play for your toddler on Tuesday and Friday mornings {here is the schedule}. Ella loved every second of it!

After Impact One, the girls were a little hungry, so we took them to get bagels! Except Ella wanted a gigantic muffin. But it had cranberries in it, so it must be healthy, right?!

And then we let them run around on the patio since it was so nice out!

Ella's fun Friday did not end there...oh no. She got the CAR CART at Harris Teeter AND a cookie! (hi, sugar overload between that and the muffin!)

Friday night was the big consignment sale I talked about last week, and I did pretty well. I got all of this for only $46. Surprisingly, baby brother did better than Ella!

Saturday was Frankie's Curious George birthday party. She lives in our neighborhood, so we walked over there. 

We love, love, loved the Curious George theme!

Her mom even had this awesome photo op poster made...but guess who didn't cooperate for that?!

As per usual, Ella's favorite part of the party was eating.

Considering we've had 3 birthday parties in the month of February, I'm pretty sure she thinks birthday parties and cake happen every Saturday now. 
We spent our walk home trying to open the party favors (bubbles! And a little Curious George!). 

Saturday night was spent watching this. Don't judge. I may or may not have cried during the first episode.

Sunday, I was able to put the first coat of paint of Baby Ferg's dresser! Trav has been working hard on sanding and priming, so now it was my turn to do some work!

We got some more outside time in with our sweet girl...

...and she even helped us make this for dinner!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Ella partied a little too hard this weekend and is now not feeling too terrific. I think she may have an ear infection. We are headed to the doctor's tomorrow. Fingers crossed she bounces back quickly!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday {Consignment Sales!}

It's no secret that I am ridiculously addicted to consignment sales. I mean, what is the point of spending $100s on outfits your kids will only wear for a few months before they outgrow them, right? Right.

This weekend is my favorite consignment sale in Charlotte, and for the next few weekends, I have multiple sales to I thought I'd dedicate a 5 on Friday to my love of consignment sales!

Here are my 5 steps of consignment sale shopping:

1. Before you even go to the consignment sale, measure your kid and know how brands run.

Obviously this is important so you know what size to buy. I know Ella is roughly about 35 inches tall and 30ish pounds...which according to most size charts is between a 2T and 3T.

 If I look at most outfits, I can tell if it will be too small for her or not. Which brings me to my next point...know how brands run! Every brand is different, and back in the fall I made a super boring list (but helpful to me) of how a bunch of brands in Ella's closet ran. So I know I need 3T in Lilly Pulitzer stuff, but maybe 2T (or even 24 months) in smocked dresses.

{perfect example of how crazy clothing sizes are...that sweatshirt is a 3T and the pants are 18 months!}

2. Know what you need and what you already have.

I make a list of specifically what I am looking for, and I also note what we already have (so I don't end up with 52 pairs of pink leggings....not like that's ever happened). 

3. Figure out if shopping early is worth it.

Sometimes, places will only let you shop early if you volunteer or consign. Other places will charge a small fee to the public to shop early.
For all of you Charlotte people, here are the upcoming sales, and I put an * next to the ones that are good for shopping early!

-Moms of Multiples: February 6 (sorry, this party is already over)
-Harris YMCA: February 27 *get a pass to shop today; it's worth it! This is my favorite sale!
-Posh Closet: March 3
-Tarheel Kids: March 3-5
-Myers Park Presbyterian: March 5 *go as early as you can!
-For Every Season: March 10-13
-Weddington: March 11-13 *I've already got my early shopper buddy pass for this one!
-TTBKidz: March 11-13
-Sardis Weekday School: March 12 *I've always had good luck at this one
-Upscale Weesale: March 16-19

4. Have a plan of attack. 

Because this is so overwhelming:

Ok so a few things here.
1. Remember, you are just buying for this spring and summer ONLY! In August and September there will be a whole other round of consignment sales for fall and winter clothes.
2. I am not one of those people who lugs a laundry basket around at these things. That shit slows me down. I travel light: I have my big tote bag purse, and then another reusable tote bag that I cram as much as I can into.
3. Look for the stuff you need the most first. I am on the HUNT for an Ergo this year, so I'll be headed toward that section first. Followed by girls' clothes. And then boys' clothes. Sorry Baby Ferg...but you already have more summer clothes than a newborn should ever need. Books and toys will be last on my search because we already have a million of each and probably don't need anymore. 

5. Use the sorting tables!

Basically if it's something I am even remotely interested in, I grab it. Then when my bag gets full and/or my arms get tired, I find a sorting table (or just plop on the floor) and go through everything. I have price limits for everything; I won't pay more than about $4 for basics like leggings and tees; I'll go up to $20 for smocked and boutique clothes. I also make sure it's not similar to anything Ella already has (I consult my list, see #2), and I check it thoroughly for any rips/stains/wash wear. Nothing is worse than getting home and finding a big stain on something you can't return.

After I've sorted stuff out, I'll go back through the racks and see if I missed anything the first time. Then, I sort back through everything and get in line to check out.

When I get home, I lay everything out, so proud of my purchases!

{these were some of my finds at last year's sales!}

Yay for consignment sales!!! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Weekend

This weekend we...

...watched a lot of golf, and looked for the "Snoopy balloon" (blimp)

...went to Wal-Mart since I gave up Target for Lent (Ella is judging everyone there)

...attended a birthday party at the Nature Museum, where all the kids got to touch different animals. Except Ella. She was not interested in touching any of them, not even the bunny! (I definitely don't blamer her for not wanting to touch that snake though!)

She was interested in that cake though...

...and giving hugs to her friends!

...FINALLY earned a Reese's cup for staying in her bed till her clock was green (6:45 AM!)!!! We were so excited!!!! Also, check out that bed head.

...tried pineapple at Trader Joe's and LOVED it (even though I've given it to her before and she has spit it out immediately).

...sanded the baby's dresser and got the first coat of primer on! 

...did lots of playing outside when it wasn't raining, because it was so WARM!

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

1. This little stinker decided that 3:45 AM was a good time to start her Friday this morning.

Ok Moms, I need your help! 
Every morning when Ella wakes up, she wants to come in our bed and snuggle with us (something she's been doing since she was basically born!). But lately, the time has gotten earlier and earlier. She has one of those "Ok to wake" clocks that lights up green at 6:45, but she rarely makes it till then! She usually gets up between 5 and 6, and because Trav and I are still half asleep and don't want to fight the fight, we just put her in our bed at that point. Well, yesterday it was 4: something, and today, 3:45!!! She will absolutely refuse to get back in her bed, and screams bloody murder till we come get her (so it's not like we can go back to sleep if we just leave her, because all we hear is her screaming). We've tried bribing her with stickers, candy, everything....but she will even say "Mommy Daddy snuggle, no sticker, no chocolate." So she doesn't even care! Today, I had to cancel our playdate, which I think I am more upset about than she is. So....any ideas?!?! Let her cry for 2+ hours every morning, or just keep putting her in bed with us at whatever time she wakes up?!? Ahhhh help. 

2. Moving on from that short novel (sorry!), we closed on our old house on Tuesday!

I went over there Monday night to leave the keys and garage door openers for the new owner, and I got really sad! Because this was our first house; the one we came home from our honeymoon to, the one we brought Ella home from the hospital to....and I was sad to see it go to someone else! But, I am glad to not have the extra mortgage and utility bills!

3. I used my Old Navy super cash last week and got all of this for $33!

PS-These are clearly clothes for Ella since I am entering whale status and do not have fun clothes anymore.

4. Speaking of shopping (oh hey, remember that one year I gave up shopping for Lent?! Not this year, clearly), I found some super fun things at Homegoods this week as well!
I found these pillows and quilt for our guest room...

Now I just need to get a nightstand and something for above the bed!

I also found this laundry hamper for our little guy! 

5. Speaking of that little guy, I need to MAJORLY get going on his nursery!!! My plan is to sand down and maybe start painting this dresser this weekend:

And just for fun, here are some pics of my nursery inspiration this time around!

Most of the pins I've seen for a navy boy's nursery are nautical themed, but we are going to do a sports theme, because, hello have you met my husband?! You can see my whole Pinterest board here

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend with lots of sleep!! Something I need right now!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bumpdate {Weeks 19-24}

Whoops, have I really gone 6 weeks without posting an update on this not-so-little baby bump?! I know you all have been waiting on the edges of your seats, so here you go...

Size of baby: week 19, he was a zesty zucchini, now he is the size of a garden eggplant.
Weight gain: At the doctor’s last Thursday, the scale said I have gained 16 pounds. Woof. My scale at home says I have only gained 13 pounds though.
Maternity clothes: Yep. Leggings and tunics are my jam.
Gender: It’s a BOY!!!

Movement: Yes, lots!!! Ella almost got to feel him move this week! He stopped whenever she put her hand on my belly though! Already scared of his big sister?!
Cravings: Buffalo chicken anything and avocados. And pop tarts. All the strawberry pop tarts. I have got to stop.
Symptoms: So random, but my right pointer finger is super swollen and painful! The doctor said it wasn’t anything pregnancy related and to give it some more time; I must have done something weird to it! The heartburn is getting a little more intense (I had super bad indigestion Super Bowl Sunday from eating too much buffalo chicken dip). And I just feel huge, which is so bad this early! I don't remember feeling this whale-like with Ella until at least week 30 or later. Still having round ligament and sciatic nerve pain. 
Workouts: I stopped running around 22 weeks, because I was only running 2 miles at a time and it was just kind of dumb to me. Plus, even on those 2 miles, my heart rate was getting a little too high and I had some bad pains in my I figured I should just stop for now. 
Sleep: Pretty good, except getting up to pee at least once a night.
What I miss: Being skinny. Watching the girls on the Bachelor makes me want to cry and never eat another pop tart again. 
Best moment this week: Seeing our sweet boy at his anatomy scan! I love seeing all of the baby's hands/feet/spine, everything! It is so cool to me. Also, celebrating Ella's birthday! I thought back about the events of February 2 (when I went into labor) and 3 (when she was born), and I got strangely excited/nervous to do it all over again in a few months! Plus, next year, Ella will have a baby brother to help her celebrate her 3rd birthday! 
Looking forward to: Finding a name for this child! I have yet to find a boy’s name that I love and I’m starting to stress a little bit about it! Dare I say suggestions are welcome?! I don't want anything that ends with -son, that could be a girl's name (i.e., I love Cameron, but it's becoming common for girls now!), or makes inappropriate initials/monogram (my husband is WTF, no joke). 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

We had a super low-key Valentine's Day weekend! It was actually nice to relax and hang out with 2 of my favorite people all weekend (well, 3 if you count Baby Ferg who is moving around all. of. the. time. in there!)!

Some highlights:

Friday morning playdate at Gigi's house, complete with snow!

Trip to the mall to use Ella's birthday gift cards.

We got this Lilly dress, but couldn't find anything at the Disney store. She wanted to take home the huge display tree they had. I told Ella it wouldn't fit in the car. Maybe we will go back in a few weeks to see if something else grabs her attention (besides huge store displays)!

I made another bow holder because someone has 89 bows (I counted) and they were all too squished on the one picture frame. 

{More about making the bow holder can be found here}

Making heart-shaped pancakes (or trying to!)

Ella got to use her learning tower that we got her for her birthday and LOVED it! Also, it needs to be noted that she calls hearts "I ohh yuuu's (I love you's). So all day she was talking about how she helped me make I love you pancakes, and had I love you's on her shirt. 

I got some pretty roses from my husband! He always gets me flowers for Valentine's Day, but I always forget/don't expect them, so it is a nice surprise when he sneaks out to the store and comes home with them!

We had waayyy too much fun with the face filters on Snapchat. Ella is addicted. Ok fine, I am too. 

And of course, we had a few photo shoots. I am seriously obsessed with the Eleanor Rose dress she wore on Friday. 

Hope you had a great weekend, too!