Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bennett Michael {12 months}

Dear Bennett,

Today you are ONE!!!! It has truly been the fastest, but most fun year ever. It is so bittersweet because I just LOVE Baby Bennett and how adorable you are, but I am so excited for all of the things that await you, like walking, talking, going to school, all of that fun stuff! That being said, I definitely cried putting you down last night, for the last time as a 0 year old!

Head circumference: 
We go to the doctor on Tuesday for your checkup, so I'll update then! 

Clothes: You are wearing 9 month clothes and some 12 month things. A few 6 month things still fit, like these onesies and your swimsuits. You are in size 3 diapers. You wear size 1 shoes...bless it! Tiny feet. You don't wear shoes much though because you just rip them off!

Nicknames: Ben, Ben Ben, Little Bean, Bean Bag, Benny Ben, Benny Boo Boo, B, B Man, Benito, Big Guy, Sweetest Peach, Peanut, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Well, if last month was the month of "almosts," I am happy to report that this month you made some major accomplishments! You started crawling with your tummy off the ground! No more army crawling for you, buddy! You say "Dada" on command 90% of the time and "Mama" and "Ella" on command maybe 50% of the time (I feel like I am writing an IEP right now, ha!). You have gotten 2 more teeth, to make 4 total (2 on the top, 2 on the bottom). You can climb up the stairs, but thankfully don't do it too much yet. And my favorite...last week after your birthday party, you started clapping!! You LOVE to clap and do it all of the time now! And it is pretty freaking adorable! Baby claps are my most favorite thing everrrrr so I am just soaking it up right now! You are pulling up easily and cruising along the furniture really well now, and you've even stood by yourself for a quick split second! You also started swimming lessons this month and are SO good at floating on your back, and rolling back to front and front to back! You are always the demonstrator for the instructor because you do such a good job!

Sleep: You are still sleeping 12 hours a night! So amazing. Naps are hit or miss. Sometimes, it takes you a long time to fall asleep at naptime and you don't fall asleep until naptime is almost over! Sometimes you don't nap at all. I'm hoping once the big kids go back to school and we get into more of a routine, naps will go a little bit better for you. Summer has been hard nap-wise, especially with that morning nap!

Best Moment: Having your "First Down" birthday party (post coming soon)! And seeing you clap!!!

Worst Moment: Daddy and I turned our heads for one second, and told Ella to watch you on the bed...well, guess what? She didn't and you fell off! My mom guilt was terrible! You were A-OK, but I felt so so so bad!!! I will never leave you on the bed with your sister again! 

Likes: Splashing in any kind of water (pool or bath), chewing on pacis, balloons (the football ones from your party were an especially big hit), putting anything and everything in your mouth, lights on the ceiling, "Baby Shark" song, "The Wheels on the Bus," big brother's tractors, cords/chargers, eating paper/books, when we give you "raspberries" on your tummy, playing Peek-a-Boo, clapping, pulling into our neighborhood (you seem to recognize the trees or something and go nuts in your carseat!), chasing the Roomba, pulling up on everything. 

Dislikes: When anyone besides me or Daddy hold you. You are so friendly and smile at everyone...but if they try to touch you? Nope, nope, nope. You cry lots!

Health: You have another random runny nose again this month. Maybe allergies? Teething? Who knows. It's not bothering you really and you have no other symptoms, so I am not concerned. 

Eating: You still love to eat lots! You are starting to get picky about the type of cheese we give you, and sometimes chicken can be hit or miss, but pretty much everything else you LOVE. You are obsessed with NutriGrain bars and try to grab them out of the pantry every chance you get. You also could never get sick of gobble them up in no time! Your first taste of cake was last weekend at your party and although we had to force you to eat it initially, you ate almost the entire smash cake by yourself! You are still nursing, but I think I'm going to wean you like I did with Lucas: switch one feeding per week to giving you a cup of milk. So next week (when we get our kitchen back...whole other story there, but I am finally getting my white kitchen cabinets!!!!), we will start by giving you milk during your late afternoon feed time. I'm a little sad to wean you, so we may hold onto one or two feedings for a few months! We will see...

Ben Ben, I just cannot believe it has been a whole year since we met you and found out you were a BOY!!! What a joy boy you are in our lives! You are such a perfect third go with the flow, don't mind big people hugging you extra tight, and you are so chill and happy all the time! We can't imagine our family without you! I'm so glad God chose me to be your mom!! We can't wait to see what the next year of your life will bring! I know you will do great things and spread joy no matter what! We love you!!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Life with Bennett {52 weeks}

I can't believe I am posting this on time! Can you?!
Anyway, we made it to 52 weeks!! A whole year of Bennett. I can't believe this little bean will wake up as a 1 year old tomorrow!! HOLD ME!


We spent the majority of the day getting ready for Bennett's party the next day! He was very excited about it!


Bennett's first birthday party!! I will do a separate post to recap, but here is a sneak peek:


We were in major recovery mode. Everyone was super tired from the day before...some of us even tried to take a nap in the bathtub! LOL!


We went to the library for a special fire truck story time!

They had the fire truck outside, but you know these 6 little people can't all look at the camera at the same time...

Ella and Lucas were super excited to meet Blaze; Bennett not so much. Bless. 

Monday afternoon, we FINALLY got Ella's kindergarten teacher assignment in the mail! She is so pumped to be in class with two of her besties from preschool!


Another swim lesson for Bennett...

...and another Chinese lesson for Ella!


Ella and Lucas had been begging me to take them back to Jumpin Jax before school started, so today was the day to go back! 

Bennett was not a fan at first, but he had a blast by the end!

Lucas, once again, thought he was Blippi the entire time.

And Ella tried to drag Bennett on as many rides down the slide as I would let her.

Bennett ultimately got pushed around with his friend Benjamin, and was thinking..."Mom, why didn't you do this with me the whole time?!"

We stopped by my parents' new house on our way home and gave them a minor heart attack when we sent them this picture of their yellow house. It's supposed to be gray and they were freaking out...until we realized that this was just the primer!


After Bennett's swim lesson, we went to the outdoor pool for lunch and more swimming!

Lucas wanted to wear his googles (for the first time all summer!) and I couldn't stop laughing!

We ended our week with Open House for my kindergartener!

I love her teacher! And she even has a student teacher, which is always a good sign! (the principal would never stick a student teacher with a bad teacher, right?!)

I can't believe she starts school on Monday! And Bennett turns one in like an hour!
It's going to be an emotional weekend around here!!! Just pray for me, please! And send kleenex and wine!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 51}

Only one more of these posts after this one!! AHHH! How is this boy almost one?!
Also, I need to get my act together and post on time!


We went to not one but two consignment sales!

Yep, all 3 kids went with me to both! It actually wasn't too bad. The best part was I could ask both Ella and Lucas if they would wear something, so I wasn't stuck buying clothes they didn't like! And here is what I got:

Also on Friday, Ella and I picked out some special Mommy and Me bracelets! A local mom makes them to help kindergarteners feel comforted when they first go off to school!

So now we have matching bracelets that will hopefully help Ella if she ever gets sad at school :)


We went to the zoo! 

When Travis originally suggested going to the zoo in the middle of August, I thought he was absolutely insane. But, it was actually overcast for most of the time we were there and many of the exhibits were inside (aka, in air conditioning), so it wasn't too hot!

Ella's favorite animal? A bunny rabbit. Haha. Glad we drove all the way to the zoo for that!

Everyone's favorite part was getting ice cream!

"Hey Lucas, what is that animal?"

"An octopus." Close buddy. Close.

Both big kids lost their minds when they got to watch the sea lions swim underwater! They screamed every time the animals swam by!


I took all 3 kids to pick up groceries at 2 stores! I seriously don't know how people with kids used to buy groceries before grocery pick up!

I also realized at, ohhhh 5:30 PM that Ella didn't have decent sneakers for tennis camp the next day! So we made a last minute trip to get some!


Ella started her tennis camp! She loved it!

I took the boys to the library for story time with our friends!

And Ella had another Chinese lesson! She can count to 6 in Chinese now! :)


Another swim lesson for this big guy!

He's basically already swimming laps. 

And there's nothing I love more than kids in matching clothes!


I finally bit the bullet and took Bennett for his first haircut!!! We had to get rid of this mullet:

He did so well! He was a perfect angel for the hairdresser!

Yay! No more mullet! Although he looks like such a big boy now!!!


We wrapped up our week with more swimming lessons!

Ella also got a French braid done by one of the teachers at the Y. 

She was obsessed with and cried when she had to take it out! I really need to learn how to French braid!!

I can't believe Bennett's birthday is this Saturday!!! And Ella goes to Kindergarten on Monday! AHHHH. Pray that I make it through this weekend, haha!