Friday, January 19, 2018

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday!! 

1. We got SO much SNOW here on Wednesday!!

I was expecting a dusting, if anything, so we were all so surprised when it kept snowing and snowing and snowing all day Wednesday!!!! 

The kids had an absolute blast the 140 times we went out in the snow. But now that we've had one big snow, I'm ready for it to be gone and spring to arrive!! 

2. This big guys is 20 months old today!!

How we are only 4 months away from his second birthday is beyond me. He loves dogs, books, Paw Patrol and any kind of sports/balls. If I ask him what he wants to wear in the morning, he goes to the sports jersey section of his closet and says, "Ball!" He is so funny....nice try buddy, but I get a few more years of you in smocked clothes before you convert to all athletic apparel!

3. Speaking of cute, non-athletic clothing...the Shrimp and Grits Kids Spring 2018 collection is here!!! And I am obsessed with it. 
My kids went over to our local rep's house to try on a few things a few weeks ago, and I want it all!!

{Sailor James Bubble...I could have literally eaten Lucas up with a spoon while he had this on! 😍}

Stuff is selling out super quick, so I went ahead and ordered the golf dress and jon jon for my kids before those were gone! If you'd like to order something, just let me know and I can get you free shipping! :) Or put in my code 70024 at checkout!

4. I finished another book!! 

I flew through The Husband's was SO good!! I highly recommend, especially if you liked Big Little Lies (same author) like I did!

5. My friends Dana sent me this soup recipe forever ago and I finally got around to making it on our snow day!

It was the perfect snow day meal! Super quick and easy, but it warmed me right up! Definitely making this again!

Also, I need to mention that today is my grandpa's birthday!!! He and my grandma occasionally read here (they're cool!), so Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekend Fun | Emily Ley & Baby Norah!

We had a fun 3 day weekend over here! 
First things first, I got to meet Emily Ley on Friday!

She was just as sweet as I thought she would be! I was totally starstruck and awkward, but she was like, "OMG, is your shirt Lilly?! I love it!" basically we're best friends. Ha!

Afterwards, these girls and I (well, minus Emily Ley!) went out to dinner. Always nice to have some girl time!

So, my friend Kathryn would have totally joined us on this fun little night out...but she {finally!} went into labor!!!!!

Sweet little Norah was born just before midnight on Friday night!

Of course I rushed up to the hospital on Saturday to see her! She is absolute perfection!!!

We also had to keep our 0 Birthday Candle tradition going! Kathryn and I have brought a 0 candle and cupcakes to each other in the hospital for all 4 of our kids! 

Also! Norah was a whopping 9 pounds, 5 ounces!! Kathryn had an ultrasound earlier in the week and they had told her the baby was over 9 pounds. Since they had also told me something similar with Lucas (he turned out to be 7 lbs, 6 oz), I convinced Kathryn there was no way this baby was going to be over 9 pounds. I told her if the baby was, I'd buy her some Lilly! So on my way to the hospital, I stopped at the mall and got her this Lilly top! Hahaha. 

The rest of our weekend was spent getting ready for Ella's rainbow birthday party...

...playing doctor...

....and playing with this new toy I found on a Facebook group for $5! Ella had been asking for one since she had played with something similar at the Y.

Trav also cooked for us every night, and Sunday night he made sushi! It was SOOOOO good! Lucas gobbled it all up (with his peanut butter sandwich...haha).

Hope you had a great long weekend too! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! I am so glad to see this week come to an has been a doozy!

1. I almost burnt my house down on Monday. No, really. My friend came over to borrow some of Ella's old clothes from her 24 month/2T bin. Lucas kept trying to get into it, so finally I just put it on top of my stove (dumb) before we headed out the door to get Ella from preschool. We were gone only about 20 minutes, but when we got back from preschool pickup, our entire downstairs was filled with smoke. Apparently, somehow one of the burners had gotten turned on (I don't know if I bumped it, or Lucas was messing with it?), and smoke was pouring out of the tub of Ella's old clothes. I immediately took the tub and ran outside with it. It was still smoking, and I noticed little embers on the clothes, so I poured a bunch of water in the tub. Ella's clothes are now totally ruined.

The shirt she wore to the hospital to meet Lucas....some smocked dresses that I wore back in the 80s....some of my favorite Lilly print dresses. All totally singed and destroyed. I could just CRY. 
But I am so grateful that it wasn't worse. Our house smelled like burnt plastic for a day or 2, but my stove was not messed up and I still have all my other bins of clothes safely in the attic :) 

2. Once my stove recovered from the fire of 2018 (which wasn't even a fire but just a bunch of smoke), I actually managed to whip up 2 new recipes this week! They were both really good, so I thought I'd share!

(After the week I'd been having, I may or may not have been tempted to take a shot--or 5--of the vodka before pouring it in for the sauce)

(This couldn't have been easier and my kids actually ate some of it!)

3. I finished my first book of 2018 last week: Present Over Perfect

Honestly, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I had pretty high expectations going in, but I thought she was going to explain more of how to get a simpler, more soulful life....instead it was just a bunch of essays about her journey. I guess I should have read the book description more closely?

Anyway, I'm halfway through book #2...The Husband's Secret...and oh my goodness, it is GOOD. I can't put it down! 

I also joined GoodReads (thanks, Rachel!) so find me on there and give me book suggestions! :)

4. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas. This boy keeps me on my toes, y'all. He was watching Paw Patrol in my bedroom while I was putting on makeup (it's the one thing that holds his attention for more than .3 seconds). I decided to quickly run downstairs to throw in a load of laundry while he was occupied. I came back upstairs from the laundry room, to find Lucas no longer watching Paw Patrol. He had snuck into my bathroom, pulled himself INTO the bathtub, turned the water on, and was just having a grand old time. With his clothes on. 

Eiyiyi. This boy. 

5. Surely this yucky week will be turning itself around today because a) one of my best friends is supposed to be having her baby SO SOON! and b) I get to meet Emily Ley tonight! She is going to be at Swoozie's for a book signing and I am so excited to see her!

If you're not familiar, Emily makes planners and writes books about simplifying your life.
I recently organized the apps on my phone by color, per her recommendation and it makes me alarmingly happy. 

Hope you all have had a better week than me!! Cheers to the weekend!
(And don't put large plastic bins on your stove.) 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018 Goals

I love setting goals for myself each year, so today I thought I'd link up with Shay and Erika and share my goals for 2018! 

First, a look back at how I did with my goals for 2017:

1. Run 1,000 miles

This one was actually kind of easy since I wasn't pregnant or postpartum at all this past year! 

2. Take at least one family vacation, and go somewhere with Trav for our 5 years anniversary

Yep! We went to the mountains last February and the beach last May as a family; Trav and I went to Vegas and then to Curacao for our belated anniversary trip! 

3. Go to church every other month

Ehhhh this was not so good. I did go to church more often than I have in past years, but definitely not every other month. I did reach out and offer to help with our church's weekly story time, so I consider that kind of like going to church each week?! Maybe? I also took another Bible study this past fall!

4. Record something about my kids everyday

Yesssssss. You all know this is not hard for me, whatsoever. 

5. Re-do the family room, half bathroom, Ella's bathroom and living room

The family room and Ella's bathroom are still gross, but I did makeover our half bath and turned our living room into a play room! We also majorly redid our yard: taking out 2 large trees, and re-doing our landscaping in the front! 

And now, for 2018:

1. Run at least 4 times a week

Don't hate me, but running 1,000 miles in a year really isn't all that hard for me. What is hard is putting in the time. I have been really struggling to get up early and run lately, so if I can just get a good run in at least 4 times every week, I will consider that a win. 

2. Read at least 2 books a month

{this is my "to read" pile!}

I really want to read more because I find it relaxing and less toxic than watching reality shows and spending time on social media. So, send me all the book suggestions!

3. Continue with Bible studies and daily devotionals

{my kids love going to this Bible study bc it's at Ella's friend's preschool!}

I just signed up for another Bible study starting in February, and I plan to continue reading my daily devotions on my She Reads Truth and First 5 apps (I kinda switch between the 2, depending on what the current study is on). 

4. Be present with my kids

I'm not doing the One Second Everyday this year, because as much as I loved it at the end of every month (and the big one at the end of the year!), it was so annoying to do something "video-worthy" every day. Plus, I never recorded just one second each day, and the amount of storage that takes up on my phone is nauseating. 
Instead, I want to worry less about taking pictures and videos of my kids, and just focus on being with them. Also, I want to try to get off social media as much as possible around them. I don't want their childhood memories to be of their mom glued to her phone. (Don't worry, I'll still post some Instastories of my kids, because I love looking back on those! I feel like they are the most authentic representation of our lives these days!) 

5. Get organized

Now that we've been in our house for over two years, I feel like we've just accumulated SO much stuff. I so badly need to go through drawers and closets and just clean out all. of. the. junk! I want to simplify life as much as possible. Like, do we really need allllll that tupperware?! Or 52 bottles of half-used nail polish?! So yeah...wish me luck on that. Good thing we don't live too far from the Goodwill!

Ok, so those are my's to hoping I can achieve all 5 of them this year!!! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Five on Friday!

Happy first Friday of 2018! 

1. It is SO freaking cold here!!!! Yes, I lived in Pennsylvania/Michigan/Ohio for the first 22 years of my life....but good gracious, I cannot handle these temperatures anymore! I know all of my Ohio friends are laughing at me. Yesterday, we had to walk up to the car place to pick up my car from an oil change (right outside of our neighborhood) and I thought we might all freeze to death during that 10 minute walk! 

2. Totally switching gears, I am really ready for warmer weather with some of my new Lilly stuff!!! 
In case you've been living under a rock, the big twice-yearly Lilly Pulitzer sale was going on earlier this week, and I went a little nuts. Trav got me a very generous Lilly gift card for Christmas, which was very convenient for this sale!!! But, you would think I could just stop buying when the gift card ran out of money....oh, but Lilly, I just can't quit you. So whoops. Please tell Travis I bought all of this with his gift card! 

First thing Tuesday morning, the kids and I hit up the Lilly store at the mall, and I scored all of this!

Maia Leggings (obvi for Ella!)

Lucas was really excited about it! {PS Lilly, when are you going to make more boys' stuff?!}

Then the online sale started Wednesday! I got right in at 8 AM on the dot....added about 4 things to my shopping bag....and then the site kicked me out!!! Oh, I was SOOOO mad!!! So I had to wait in the virtual line for about an hour to get back in. I did manage to score all of this, so all was not lost! 



I'm still on a MAJOR hunt for the Mindy swimsuit for Ella (mostly because it's my name, but Ella also needs another swimsuit for summer!). That was one of the only things that I had in my bag originally that sold out when I got kicked out. So if you find one in size 4 or 5, please let me know!!! 

3. Speaking of spending money, I'm quite proud of myself for finding Kyle Richards' house on the other day.

Maybe I need to get a life. But, you are welcome. I still can't get over the $35,000 mortgage. A MONTH! I clearly need to get into real estate. In Southern California.

4. Who is watching the Bachelor this season?!?

I'm not the most excited it's Arie, but I guess I'll watch it anyway. My thoughts so far: everyone seems way too young for him (he's 36, they are like 25!), the single mom Chelsea is an exact replica of Olivia from a few seasons ago, and the girl with the short hair (Bekah) already drives me nuts. 
My favorite recaps to read each week are here, here and here

5. Last, something a bit more practical for you! If you're not using these Shout Wipes, you need to get them ASAP. (I think they are cheaper at Target, PS.)

They are legit magical and get stains out of EVERYTHING. For example: Ella's shoe gave her a blister, which resulted in blood all over her dress....I used these and literally watched the blood disappear before my eyes. Magical. You're welcome.

Have a great weekend, and stay warm friends!!!