Friday, December 14, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 16}

Happy Friday everyone!

We've had another fun week of activities!
Kicking things off last Friday, both big kids got much needed haircuts!

We had to bribe Lucas into the chair with animal crackers...

And the afters:

After that, we had to go to the grocery store. Normally, I would never, ever take all 3 kids into the store, but we had a snowstorm coming and there were NO pickup times available anywhere within a 20 minute radius of our house! So into the store we went. It was as awful as it sounds!

Bennett got a lot of compliments on his little hammock that he hated. But, it did make fitting all of the food in the cart SO much easier!

That afternoon, we mailed our Christmas cards! Finally!!

Bennett was unsure about it.

Saturday morning, Ella and I braved the sleet that was already beginning to fall to go to The Nutcracker! We always go to our local Y's performance, which I love because its a shorter version and you can meet the dancers before the show! 
Ella wasted no time in finding the Sugar Plum Fairy!

And, she wasn't afraid of the Nutcracker this year! (She still was terrified of the Rat King though! I don't blame her!)

We found out the girl who played Clara's real name was Ella, too!

During intermission, we found Ella's friend Ellie!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, that afternoon Ella had her friend Charlie's birthday party!

Trav had to work, so both boys came with me. The balloon artist at the birthday party made Lucas this HUGE dinosaur! Bennett was scared.

The balloon artist was also a magician and put on a whole magic show! The best part was when Ella got to go up with her friend Rosie and help him! 

Sunday was a whole day of staying home, because the roads were a sheet of ice. We made plenty of messes!

Monday morning, Ella was so disappointed to wake up to NO snow...especially since she had a "snow" day from school!

She begged me to go out and play in the "snow," so I obliged. Bennett was not sure what to think about the "snow." 

Lucas was kind of unsure about it as well!

But Ella LOVED the snow. She tried to make a snowman but there wasn't even close to enough snow to do that!

Bennett was much happier when we went inside!

Tuesday was Ella's preschool play! It was supposed to be Monday, but got postponed due to the snow day. 

She was Mary! And I couldn't even handle that costume. 

She did SUCH a good job!!! 

And, she gave us our Christmas present...they made these beautiful wall hangings in their class! How precious. 

She also made Trav and I this "thank you note" for coming to her performance. I mean...

Wednesday we met up with our friends at the library again!

They had a car in the library! Bet you can't guess who was crazy excited over that!

And you'll notice here that Bennett is wearing a different outfit than in the picture above. Same day, and we are still at the library. He just blew out his first outfit...and don't you know it, I didn't have a change of clothes. Thankfully Chelsea did because she is a prepared mom!! So here is Bennett in his borrowed outfit from Benjamin :)

Yesterday, I finally gave in and hired a cleaning lady!!!!!!! I just cannot keep up with the housework anymore, so she will be coming once a month and I am ECSTATIC about it!!!
We wanted to give her some space, so Lucas, Bennett and I spent a morning out while Ella was at preschool.  First stop, Barnes and Noble to play with trains!

And then we went to the mall!

Bennett slept the whole time!

Last night, we decided to mess up our clean house by making pizza!

This guys loved it! He had 3 pieces! 

I'm also happy to say that my house is still relatively clean. 
Have a great weekend!!!

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