Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!!
I wanted to share this wedding with you that I helped out with this past weekend!

It was at Trump National Golf Course (formerly The Point) and rumor has it Donald Trump is planning on re-doing all of the decor to make it very swanky and overly fancy. I hope that's not true because I love the nautical, somewhat rustic look of the place!!

Here is the main room:

So pretty right?! 

I love how they kept with the nautical theme (the venue is right on Lake Norman) with their table names and other decor!!

{Such a cute idea for the guest book!}

Place cards...put on ropes by your truly! 

Off to the side of the large room is this area where they had all of the food. I loved the garage-type doors that slide up and the views of the lake!

This was the view just to the right of the ceremony site... 

And I know it's hard to see/tell (sorry for the iPhone pics!) but here is the was right on the lake in a covered gazebo-type thing! Which was great in case it should rain!

 Here is the altar that we left up for cocktail hour (people could hang out on the gazebo and drink which was so nice!)

The only down-side was that people were on the lake in their boats, and some RUDE people were blasting their music (and it was like, AC/DC, not wedding-appropriate!) throughout the ceremony and yelling, "Don't do it!" Ummm, hello?!?!? That is so beyond rude. Thank goodness we had a super chill bride and groom!!

This was such a fun wedding to help with! I loved the nautical theme and would love to plan my vow renewal (haha start saving Mom and Dad) here!!! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Please Get Here Already, Fall Weather!

Ok, I am back!! I can't believe I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks. I suck. And I am sorry. I blame the new iPad, training for this stupid marathon, and just being busy with school in general!

But, no fear, I am going to catch you up on everything I've been up to lately...which hasn't been a whole lot (another reason why I've probs not been blogging)! 

Well....I finally caved and bought the Tory Burch boots I've been wanting since....oh, forever

Yes, I know they are SO EXPENSIVE (*hello! I am a teacher!), but I really, really needed a new pair of boots, and they were having a Labor Day sale, so the boots were 25% off! They are my back to school/marathon training present to myself. :)
Aren't they gorg?! Now if it would just cool off a little more, I could wear them Please and thank you.

Moving on...Trav and I got to keep this little guy at our house last weekend while his parents were at a wedding:

Ahhhh he is so presh!!! And he LOVED Travis!
It kinda made me want a baby ...(well, and it doesn't help that literally everyone I know is, I have 3 cousins due within a month of each other!) BUT, NO WORRIES, I realize we just got married a hot second ago, and so, Baby Ferg will have to wait another year...or two.

OH! I also met Teresa Guidice today!! She was visiting Charlotte at the Southern Women's Show and I found out because I follow her on twitter!! So I quick texted Kathryn and off we went to meet Teresa!

{not sure what my eye is doing in this pic..}

So, she may not be my most favorite Housewife ever, but she was really nice, and ok FINE, I bought her cookbook as well! I needed something for her to sign and it actually has a lot of yummy-looking recipes in it! 

Speaking of cooking....look what I got with some leftover wedding gift cards.... 

It is SOOOO wonderful!! I am obsessed already!
I made this soup in the new Le Creuset and it. was. awesome. (Both the soup and the pot!)

I also decided to be extra fall-y and make some Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes. However, once I started making them, I realized I didn't have enough cupcake liners....I thought I could just spray the cupcake tins really well with PAM, but...well, FAIL:

Some of them turned out ok though..

Note to self: always use cupcake liners!!!

How's Travis, you may ask? 

Ohhh, he is doing just fine. :)

I'll be back Wednesday for *Wedding Wednesday* (YAY!) to share this gorg nautical wedding I helped out with this past weekend!!! 

Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Catching Up

Happy Weekend!! It seems like this is the only time I have to catch my breath....

I just finished running 15 miles on the treadmill. I don't know if I mentioned it on here or not, but I am running my first marathon in November!!!! Remind me never to do this is way more intense than training for the half-marathon I did last year. And, it's STILL too hot/humid outside, so I have been running on the treadmill for 2+ hours every weekend for my long runs. NOT. FUN.

ANYWAYS....last weekend was a bit more fun (minus the 14 miles I had to run on the treadmill last Sunday) because we went to Chapel Hill for the first football game of the season (and our married lives)! VERYYYY exciting.

{It was hot as balls...thank God our seats are in the shade!}

{I'm so lucky my husband likes a team with pretty colors!}

Sunday night, Trav had a fantasy football I had a nice relaxing evening to myself: 

Monday, Kathryn took me to Whole Foods. It just opened here in Charlotte, and I gotta say, I am very impressed!!! I was so intrigued by everything in the store!!! Hahah.

Every ingredient you could ever want!

Olive bar! YUM!!

Sugar free drink mixers! I do love Skinnygirl drinks, but this gives me a low-cal mojito!

Soooo many yummy cookies!

They even had a wine bar!

Kathryn and I grabbed dinner from the WAY extensive salad bar, and I even got some BLK water (if you watch RHONJ, you can understand my excitement!)!!!

Also worth noting, this week I had a house husband...Trav had to work from home all week because the DNC was occupying his place of employment uptown! Here is a list of everything he did this week:

*Made stir fry for dinner Tuesday night
*Cut the grass
*Cleaned out the garage and organized everything
*Trimmed the hedges
*Bought me flowers (!!!!)
*Made crab cakes for dinner Thursday night

I loved having him home!!! I could get used to that!!!

Have a great weekend and week!!! :) 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New School Year, New iPad

Ohhhh heyyy friends! Long time, no talk! Remember when I used to blog sometimes??? I do. 
Unfortunately {and I think I can speak for every teacher}, I am in the midst of trying to survive the first few weeks of school!!! Each year, it just doesn't seem to get any easier!

{I am pretending to be "bursting with happiness," but I am actually about to burst with stress!}

{I had these waiting for my kids on the first day! They loved them...thanks again, pinterest!}

First off, I LOVE teaching second grade! I actually feel like a real teacher!! My kids are soooo sweet, and although a bit chatty at times, I can honestly say I have no real behavior problems....or at least not yet (remember this issue from last year?!)!!

A few days ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with school (shocking, I know)...and of course, took it out on Travis! Poor guy. He felt SO bad and wanted me to know that he supported and understood my job, so...... he went out and bought me an iPad the next day!!

Crazy, right?!?!? He said he had been looking online at all of the different ways it would make teaching easier/more fun and since my smartboard wasn't working, he thought it would help me out! What an amazing husband!!!

But then, I felt guilty....I mean, that is a lot of money to spend for no "real occasion" (birthday, Christmas, etc.)! And then my smartboard finally got fixed Friday (!!!!!!! Thank god!!!!!!) so there was that whole reason for having an iPad out the window.

I decided to return the iPad.....and then I cried the whole way home!!! So the next day (and after talking to basically every friend and family member), I decided to go back to the store and get it!!!! {Hi my name is Mindy and I'm extremely indecisive!}

I am so happy with my iPad, I can't wait to start using it in my classroom!!!! If you have any app suggestions (for both classroom and just for me), send them my way!!! (I already have an iPhone, but I'm looking for good apps for the iPad!)

I've already found one that is so fun called Stick Pick!

It's basically "popsicle sticks" that have the kids' names on you can keep track of the questions you ask them and if they get it right or wrong! :)

And if your sweet husband ever decided to surprise you with an iPad (or anything else for that matter), don't return it!!!!!!!!

I'll be back {who knows when, hopefully soon} to post about our weekend, {minus me stressing out about whether or not to keep this iPad, because that did take up a good chunk of my weekend}!!!!

PS-This whole post (minus the pics...still can't figure out how to do that) was written from the new iPad!!!! HOORAY!!!