Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

We had such a fun {but relatively uneventful} Easter weekend! 

Friday, we went to yet another Easter egg hunt (this is the 3rd one in a week, if you've been counting!), this time at Impact One. Of course, Ella knew the drill by now and wanted to open all the eggs again before deciding whether or not to keep them. 

While we were at Impact One, our yard guy had come to aerate our yard and trim up the front, so Trav decided the backyard needed some work too. Ella was a great helper!

On Saturday, after a failed attempt at the mall's Easter Bunny last Thursday, I decided to try one more EB, this time at Black Lion. They always have the BEST Santa at Christmas, so I was hoping they would have an equally great Easter Bunny. 

At first Ella was like, ummm no Mom, wtf.

But then, she gave the Bunny a big hug! I think it helped that this bunny was probably the least scary/freaky Easter Bunny I've seen (although, let's be honest, they all are slightly freaky anyway). 

20 seconds later she was done. But hey, I got an almost smile and she didn't freak out as much as at the mall, so I'd call that a successful visit to the Easter Bunny! She even gave the bunny a hug goodbye!

As if that wasn't enough excitement (or EGGcitement if you will, ha!) for the day, when we got home we dyed Easter eggs!

Ella was super into it. She wanted to dye all of the eggs ALL of the colors. The waiting part was hard. She just kept moving eggs from bowl to bowl without waiting very long. But the eggs turned out pretty regardless! 

One of the eggs broke open when I was hard boiling it (true story: I had to google how to hard boil an egg), so we let Ella try it. She LOVED it, and then wanted to eat ALL of the eggs. (Don't worry, we didn't let her.)
PS-It is just my over-sensitive pregnant nose or are hard boiled eggs the grossest thing ever?!?!?! Our kitchen smelled like nasty farts all day! 

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came!

As I predicted, the Sesame Street bus was a clear favorite. (And excuse her bedhead!)

We headed to church, and Ella got to help put pretty flowers on the cross!

How do you keep a 2 year old entertained in church?! Well, I brought basically her entire Easter basket of toys and books, but she really just wanted to play with the face filters on Snapchat!

After surviving church (Ella actually did pretty well, and when I asked her what she learned at church she said, "be quiet!"), we headed to brunch!

And of course, took a quick family photo when we got home!

The rest of day we did a whole bunch of nothing. The weather was so yucky! 
But last night...

UNC's going to the Final Four!!!! We are so excited in our house!!!! 

Hope you had a great weekend too...and Happy Spring Break to all my teacher friends! :)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Five on Friday {Easter Edition}

Happy Friday, friends! 

1. Ella had her second Easter egg hunt this past Tuesday at the Y! She remembered from our neighborhood egg hunt that there is actually stuff in the eggs, so she decided to open each egg before deciding whether or not to put it in her basket! Needless to say, it took her quite a while to get her eggs.

2. We took Ella to see the Easter Bunny last night, and she was not. a. fan. AT ALL! 

{This was the best pic we got!}

Of course when it was time to get off the bunny's lap, she was all smiles and blowing him kisses. Honestly. I am actually going to torture her and take her to another bunny this weekend, so we'll see if she likes that one better!

3. Easter means that Lent is over, which means....I CAN SHOP AT TARGET!!!!! Y'all, I am so so so excited, you have no idea. I already have my list and am literally counting down the days hours till I can walk past those glorious red balls and drink my Starbucks while I shop in paradise. 

However, I will say, I got my Target credit card bill the other day and had a $0 balance! That's never happened before, so it was pretty great. And I think my husband was really happy about that too. But gosh, I miss Target!

4. A little Easter throwback for you...

{Do you think she will let me put her in a basket with these eggs this year?!}

{See?! She didn't always hate the EB!}

Now I am going to go in a corner and cry.... Where did my baby go?!?!?! 

5. I took a few spring pictures of my sweet girl in her Easter dress this past week!

Dress is from Eleanor Rose, and I'd have her wear it everyday if I could. I'm obsessed with it!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ella's Easter Basket

Just this morning, I saw a mom post on Facebook about how out of control Easter baskets have gotten. I completely agree! I really tried to keep things simple with Ella this year and picked up 90% of this stuff at consignment sales. Not including the swimsuit (which I got on a day when Ruffle Butts was doing free monogramming!), I think I spent less than $20 on all of this.

{So, we cannot find Ella's 2 pairs of sunglasses from last year and it has been killing me! She asks me everyday "Where sungasses go Mommy?" and I cannot stand that we have yet to find them!} 
($7 at a consignment sale...and it came with ALL of the Sesame Street characters, not just Count and Elmo! Score!)

And of course, she will also be getting some candy (that Trav and I will probably eat most of) and a big chocolate Easter bunny! 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Weekend

Happy {freezing} Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend...we did!
Friday, we kicked things off with a visit to the toy store

Ella was slightly obsessed with this jungle jumparoo (grandparents, if you are interested in purchasing, it's only $400!). She really didn't have much interest in the music time that was going on; she just wanted to bounce!

...oh, and of course play with the trains! She was the only girl around this table with a bunch of boys, but she was not intimidated by that at all!

Friday night, I made these dividers for baby brother's closet! I was going a little crazy not knowing what size began where, so I had to get these immediately! #OCDproblems

Saturday morning, Ella took a big sister class at the hospital!

It was really geared for ages 3 and up, but I thought she did pretty well considering! Her favorite parts were "playing" with the baby doll (she was supposed to be practicing swaddling it) and seeing the room where I would deliver the baby (she especially liked the bathroom, and tried to climb in the huge bathroom in there)!

When we got home from the hospital, Grandma and Papa were here!

We played lots with Ella's farm and watched basketball. 

We also went out to dinner at Hickory Tavern so we could watch the basketball games. Ella was mesmerized by this commercial. Cookie Monster and an iPhone?! I mean, what more could a 2 year old possibly want in a commercial?!

Sunday was our neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

It was absolutely freezing, but I was just thankful it didn't rain! Hopefully it will be warmer next year!

Ella did a great job getting the eggs! At first she kept leaving her basket in one spot and running to get the eggs, then bringing them back to her basket location. But after some coaching she got that you had to carry your basket with you. Trav and I were also cracking up that she only picked up certain eggs...she would just walk right past others! She was mainly interested in the green, yellow and purple eggs. 

See? Only purple, green and yellow! (and maybe one pink...) 
Now it just needs to warm up and feel like spring again!!! I can't believe Easter is already this upcoming weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday!

1. If you're new here, you may not know that we are HUGE March Madness fans in our house! Of course we all make brackets, but every year Ella's bracket seems to be the best one out of any of us! Her first March Madness (2014) she correctly predicted Mercer's upset over Dook, and last year she correctly predicted NC State would make it to the Sweet 16. 

As of 7:30 last night, Ella still had a 100% perfect bracket, correctly guessing the Yale and Arkansas Little Rock upsets! Pretty sure she's a genius (or just really likes the letter Y and thought UALR's mascot was a mouse). She also picked Yale to beat Dook, so we will see how that turns out for her!

2. I hit up my last consignment sale of the season Wednesday!

Apparently every pregnant person in the Charlotte area is having a boy this summer, because I couldn't even get through to the 0-3 month boy section! I did manage to find that UNC onesie for him because they had a separate sports teams section, which was great! Also, pretty excited about finding that lamp for his nursery for a whopping $8!

3. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday by going to Ella's 2 year well visit! Definitely a far cry from my bar crawl days ;)

Happy to report that Ella's ear infection is completely gone, and she is perfectly healthy! She's 30 pounds even (82 %ile) and 34.8 inches (75 %ile)! She did have to get one shot (which is why she's sad in the above picture) but took it like a pro and even got TWO Elmo stickers!

4. This morning, we went to another car seat check at Britax. 

Even though we just got Ella's car seat checked in October, I wanted to go again, this time with the baby seat to make sure they both fit in the backseat of my car!
Good news, everything fits safely! (So unfortunately, I don't need a new car.)

5. I am so sad it is supposed to rain all weekend!!! We have so many fun things planned, including our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Sunday! And it's supposed to rain next weekend too!! How in the world are we supposed to do all of these fun Easter things if it's raining?!?!? 

Looks like we will be watching a lot of basketball this weekend instead!