Monday, March 14, 2016

Some Highlights From Our Weekend

This weekend, we....

...hit up Impact One for some toddler hour fun. Ella managed to climb all the way up a huge ladder inside a bouncy house and slide down the slide, all by herself! She definitely has no fear!

...went to THREE consignment sales! (when I woke up early Saturday morning to go to one, Trav said, "Another one?!")

{For Every Season....not my favorite sale but I managed to find a few cute things}

{Weddington...I had a shop early pass, but stood in line to check out for an hour! My feet were killing meeeee!!! But that $4 Hanna Andersson dress and $10 Smocked Auctions short set were worth it!}

{Sardis....I didn't get to this one till Saturday morning and I'm kicking myself for not shopping it early Friday night! That being said, look at how much I still was able to find there I got 4 maternity tops for myself for like $2 a piece!}

...had a fun park playdate with Ella's boyfriend! our Easter decorations out!

{including the bunny ears that were forced on anyone and everyone who saw Ella this weekend}

...watched a LOT of basketball!

Oh, and Ella loved watching the Selection Show yesterday! She will be making her picks after her nap this afternoon, but something tells me she feels very strongly about a certain team whose mascot's name is Rameses.... ;) She also seemed to like Hawaii during the show after Trav told her their mascot is the rainbows (she's obsessed with rainbows right now)! 

...put the top coat of clear gloss on baby boy's dresser!

We also installed new trackers, since the drawers kept practically falling out every time we opened them.

We also got some new drawer pulls....but bad news, as we were putting them on, we realized the four pulls for the bottom 4 drawers didn't fit. Apparently, all of the holes are different distances apart. SERIOUSLY. So now I am wondering...does this look really awful with 2 pulls on that bottom drawer? I think yes, but not really sure what else I can do....someone please help! At this point I am almost wishing we had just bought a new dresser (we have spent close to $150 for all the supplies to refurbish this stupid thing)!

...but ending on a positive note, we all survived the time change!

I know we're only 2 days in, and I may totally jinx it by typing this, but Ella has been sleeping like a complete champ since Saturday night! I actually had to wake her up this morning....something that hasn't happened since she was in the crib! 

Hope you had a great weekend, too! 

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