Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Weekend

Happy {freezing} Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend...we did!
Friday, we kicked things off with a visit to the toy store

Ella was slightly obsessed with this jungle jumparoo (grandparents, if you are interested in purchasing, it's only $400!). She really didn't have much interest in the music time that was going on; she just wanted to bounce!

...oh, and of course play with the trains! She was the only girl around this table with a bunch of boys, but she was not intimidated by that at all!

Friday night, I made these dividers for baby brother's closet! I was going a little crazy not knowing what size began where, so I had to get these immediately! #OCDproblems

Saturday morning, Ella took a big sister class at the hospital!

It was really geared for ages 3 and up, but I thought she did pretty well considering! Her favorite parts were "playing" with the baby doll (she was supposed to be practicing swaddling it) and seeing the room where I would deliver the baby (she especially liked the bathroom, and tried to climb in the huge bathroom in there)!

When we got home from the hospital, Grandma and Papa were here!

We played lots with Ella's farm and watched basketball. 

We also went out to dinner at Hickory Tavern so we could watch the basketball games. Ella was mesmerized by this commercial. Cookie Monster and an iPhone?! I mean, what more could a 2 year old possibly want in a commercial?!

Sunday was our neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

It was absolutely freezing, but I was just thankful it didn't rain! Hopefully it will be warmer next year!

Ella did a great job getting the eggs! At first she kept leaving her basket in one spot and running to get the eggs, then bringing them back to her basket location. But after some coaching she got that you had to carry your basket with you. Trav and I were also cracking up that she only picked up certain eggs...she would just walk right past others! She was mainly interested in the green, yellow and purple eggs. 

See? Only purple, green and yellow! (and maybe one pink...) 
Now it just needs to warm up and feel like spring again!!! I can't believe Easter is already this upcoming weekend!

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