Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

We had such a fun {but relatively uneventful} Easter weekend! 

Friday, we went to yet another Easter egg hunt (this is the 3rd one in a week, if you've been counting!), this time at Impact One. Of course, Ella knew the drill by now and wanted to open all the eggs again before deciding whether or not to keep them. 

While we were at Impact One, our yard guy had come to aerate our yard and trim up the front, so Trav decided the backyard needed some work too. Ella was a great helper!

On Saturday, after a failed attempt at the mall's Easter Bunny last Thursday, I decided to try one more EB, this time at Black Lion. They always have the BEST Santa at Christmas, so I was hoping they would have an equally great Easter Bunny. 

At first Ella was like, ummm no Mom, wtf.

But then, she gave the Bunny a big hug! I think it helped that this bunny was probably the least scary/freaky Easter Bunny I've seen (although, let's be honest, they all are slightly freaky anyway). 

20 seconds later she was done. But hey, I got an almost smile and she didn't freak out as much as at the mall, so I'd call that a successful visit to the Easter Bunny! She even gave the bunny a hug goodbye!

As if that wasn't enough excitement (or EGGcitement if you will, ha!) for the day, when we got home we dyed Easter eggs!

Ella was super into it. She wanted to dye all of the eggs ALL of the colors. The waiting part was hard. She just kept moving eggs from bowl to bowl without waiting very long. But the eggs turned out pretty regardless! 

One of the eggs broke open when I was hard boiling it (true story: I had to google how to hard boil an egg), so we let Ella try it. She LOVED it, and then wanted to eat ALL of the eggs. (Don't worry, we didn't let her.)
PS-It is just my over-sensitive pregnant nose or are hard boiled eggs the grossest thing ever?!?!?! Our kitchen smelled like nasty farts all day! 

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came!

As I predicted, the Sesame Street bus was a clear favorite. (And excuse her bedhead!)

We headed to church, and Ella got to help put pretty flowers on the cross!

How do you keep a 2 year old entertained in church?! Well, I brought basically her entire Easter basket of toys and books, but she really just wanted to play with the face filters on Snapchat!

After surviving church (Ella actually did pretty well, and when I asked her what she learned at church she said, "be quiet!"), we headed to brunch!

And of course, took a quick family photo when we got home!

The rest of day we did a whole bunch of nothing. The weather was so yucky! 
But last night...

UNC's going to the Final Four!!!! We are so excited in our house!!!! 

Hope you had a great weekend too...and Happy Spring Break to all my teacher friends! :)