Friday, September 28, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 5}

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week for my favorite 5 week old!!

Ella really wanted to go to the “blue park” that she had seen on tv. After looking for pictures of just about every park in the county, we finally figured out she wanted to go to Freedom Park!

They have a whole Panthers section, which Lucas was super excited about!

After the park, we went through the car wash because my car was filthy. Both boys HATED it and cried the whole time!

Because I am totally crazy, I just couldn’t stay away from tutoring my Chinese kids for very I started back with VIPKID Friday night! Bennett kind of helped (when he wasn’t hanging out with Travis in the other room)!

Another week of “soccer team” for Lucas! He did much better kicking the ball instead of using his hands this week! :)

That afternoon, we went to Bennett’s first birthday party for his friend Emme!

So many kids! And it cracks me up how many of us dressed our girls in Lilly that day!

Bennett hung out with his sweet baby (girl)friend, Norah...

...while Lucas devoured the cake (when he wasn’t playing with Emme’s dogs)! 

Ella loved the mermaid tiaras they had, and she also decorated a beautiful treasure chest!

We made our annual trip to Sky Top to pick apples!!

Lucas got stung by a yellow jacket within the first 10 minutes of us being there, and we thought we were going to have to go home ASAP or worse yet, take him to the emergency room! Luckily, someone nearby was a nurse and told us to put some mud on the sting site. This actually really helped him! Combined with Lucas just being crazy tough and not caring about anything, he was fine within 5 minutes and we could stay at the orchard a little longer!

Of course we had to take pictures by the big apple sign!

We have been coming to Sky Top and taking pics by this sign every year since 2014! 

Bennett had fun at his first trip to Sky Top, but mostly just slept!! ;)

When we got home, Ella had a specific request to make apple and blackberry crumble (thank you, Peppa Pig)! I found this recipe, and it was delicious! 

We took 12,000 pictures for Bennett’s one month photo shoot!!

We also picked up a Halloween costume for Lucas, and he was less than thrilled about it. 


Speaking of “bless,” Tuesday was my first day of fall Bible Study!

Bennett was a total angel the whole time. There are also 2 other ladies with babies at our table, so he can make some new friends!

We also went to the library, and I found my older two like this:

It makes me so happy they love books and love to “read”! 

Ella woke up saying her stomach hurt and then threw up right before we were about to leave for preschool drop she did not go to preschool that day. She said she felt better almost immediately after puking (of course), so we went to Target instead! Somehow we always end up in the toy section...

Since Ella didn’t throw up anymore and felt even better after her nap, I let her go to her dance class that afternoon (which Bennett slept through).

She also had her Wednesday program at our church that she wanted to go to. I didn’t have to help out this week, so I let Lucas play on the nearby playground, which he loved.

Bennett had been looking pretty pale, so I took him up to the pediatrician for a quick hemoglobin check. Lucas made himself right at home in the waiting room! Ha!

Well, my intuition was spot on and Bennett’s hemoglobin came back at 7.1, which is super low.

So today, he got a blood transfusion!! We were up at St. Jude across from the hospital pretty much all day, which is why I am little late in posting this! Hopefully this is the last transfusion he will need! (It was for Lucas, so fingers crossed Bennett follows in big brother's footsteps!)

Whew! What a week! And we have more fun things planned this weekend...followed by approximately 293 doctor's appointments next week (ok, really just 3, but still!).
Have a great weekend!