Friday, September 7, 2018

Life with Bennett [week 2}

Week 2 with our littlest man is in in the books!

Saturday: I took the kids to the parade at Matthews Alive while Travis went to visit Bennett in the hospital. 

Lucas spent about 98% of the parade eating the candy that was thrown at him. 

It was so hot, but so fun!

Saturday afternoon, we had some friends over, but before they came, I snuck away to the hospital to see Bennett! This was while he was getting his blood transfusion. I can't believe he made it 8 days before he needed one; my doctors had told me he would need one right away! Guess they were wrong!

The blood transfusion got his hematocrit up to 41, so the doctors were very pleased and Bennett did not need another transfusion! (Lucas needed 2 back-to-back.) 

Sunday: Ella begged to come to the grocery store with me, and we ran into Penelope!

Back in the NICU, Mr. Bennett was off all lights, had a decent hemoglobin and hematocrit, and his bilirubin was stabilizing, so they said if he had good labs the next day (Monday), he could come home!!

Here he is praying to go home...those little hands! I can't. 

We got ready as soon as we could and went to the hospital to get our boy!!!
I made this big box of snacks for the NICU staff. They were so amazing, and I still feel bad for not getting them anything after Lucas's stay 2 years ago. 

Since it was a Monday, kids were not allowed in the NICU, so Trav waited outside with Ella and Lucas while I went in to get Bennett. 

I changed him into the same outfit his daddy and big brother both wore home from the hospital!

Bennett was so excited to get back in his car seat! He had to pass a car seat test before we went home. If a baby is born prematurely, they have to sit in the car seat for 1.5-2 hours to make sure their heart rate doesn't drop and their breathing is ok before they are able to get discharged. Thankfully, the nurses did that with Bennett the night before and said he passed it "like a champ."

We walked out of the NICU and it was a little bittersweet. All of the nurses and doctors waved goodbye to us as we walked through the unit!

Outside of the NICU, we were met by a very excited big brother and big sister (and Dad, of course)!

Lucas couldn't believe that "Baby Bennett ride in Tahoe"! Like, he was really leaving the hospital! 

At home, we were greeted by the infamous balloons and stork sign!!! Thank you to all my friends who got this for Bennett!!!

Please ignore our grass. That is another story for another day!

Ella and Lucas loved their stars!! Ella has 2 now, and is already trying to decide where in her room we will hang this one. 

In typical Mindy fashion, we had a major photo shoot, to make up for lost time....

And then we finally let Bennett relax in the Mamaroo!

We also gave him his first little sponge bath at home, to get some of that "hospital smell" off of him. 

He was not a fan. I've only figured out 2 times when this child actually cries: when he's very, very hungry, and when he's getting a bath. Other than that, he is incredibly chill!


Ella's first day of preschool!!!

And then it was just me and my 2 boys! 

We ran a few errands, but I am realizing that while I thought it was hard to get stuff done with 2 kids, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish anything with 3 (even if 1 of them is at school)!! Holy moly. We can handle like one errand or activity for the day and that is it. Please don't depend on me to be on time for anything for the next 12 years, at least! 

Bennett also got some premie-sized clothes from a sweet mama in town! They literally look like doll clothes, but they fit him perfectly!

{That orange romper is newborn size, and you can see how big it is! I put the remote there for scale. The green striped pajamas are premie! So tiny!}


This was very exciting. Are you ready?! Wednesday was...

Bennett's first trip to Target!!!!

And he slept through the whole thing. 

Big brother still wanted to show him where all the toys were anyway ;)

Also worth noting: my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!

Wednesday night was Bennett's first Fantasy Football draft and he slept through the whole thing (and apparently I did too because I drafted a quarterback who is injured, whoopsie). 

We went to the pediatrician's office for a weight and bili check! We were totally on time. 😂

Good news though! Bennett is only 1 ounce away from his birth weight and his bili is down to 10.8! 

{he is so used to the heel pricks by now, poor guy!}

His cord stump was starting to fall off at the pediatrician's, and ended up coming totally off later that day, so we were able to give him his first REAL bath!

He hated it just as much as the sponge bath from a few days ago.
But, we broke out the classic Pottery Barn Kids lamb towel (Lucas has a newer version for some reason)! 
Here are all 3 of my babies after their first baths!

I'm pretty sure Bennett is an equal combo of Ella (far left) and Lucas (center). 

We ended our week by snuggling and watching Real Housewives while Daddy was downstairs watching football (and also, the quarterback that I drafted, who was NOT playing. Fail on my part. Can't wait to win Fantasy Football this year, ha!). 

This is why I don't get anything done...who wants to clean your house when you can snuggle with this cute peanut?!

Have a fun weekend, friends! 

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