Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Girl Clothes Sizing

We had a very rainy weekend, and did a whole bunch of nothing. 
Something I did do, though, was go through Ella's clothes and figure out what fits her and what doesn't. I got really frustrated in the difference in sizes between all of the different brands, so I thought I share my findings in case any of you are in the same boat as me. 

Probably a really boring post, but I mostly need this info for myself....and if I ever have another kid!

First, here is a little chart I found on Pinterest. Kind of helpful, but does not include a lot of boutique brands, or anything above 24 months (which Ella is almost out of).

So, for any of you wondering, here is a little list of how I think the following brands fit (and in parenthesis, I included what size my 28 pound, 33 inch child wears most comfortably). I also tried to include a few pictures of her in certain brands (taken within the last month). 

Bailey Boys: True to size to slightly small (24 months)

Banana Split: Runs really small (2T)

{this is 24 months and it's already too short!}

Blanks Boutique: Fairly big!! (2Ts are swallowing Ella right now...not sure if they make a 24 month size?)

Carter's: True to size, sometimes just a teensy bit small (24 months)

Carter's for Target (Just One You): Runs small (2T)

Cherokee (Target brand): Runs really small (2T but could probably even do a 3T)

Classic Whimsy: Runs HUGE! (18 months)

{this dress is actually 12 months!}

Gap: Probably the most true to size brand out there. I used to think it ran big when Ella was a little peanut, but now it is spot on. (18-24 months)

Gerber: Runs really small (24 months, or even 2T if they make that size in this brand?)

Gymboree: Runs slightly small (18-24 months, or even 2T)

Hanna Andersson: Runs slightly generous (80cm)

H&M: Runs BIG! (We don't have a lot in this brand, but Ella can still fit in a 6-9 month top from last year)

Janie and Jack: Runs slightly small (similar to Gymboree; they are owned by the same company) (18-24 months, or even 2T)

Jetterbugs: Runs true to size (24 months)

Kelly's Kids: Runs big (18 months)

{this is 18 months}

Lilly Pulitzer: Runs super small (Ella was out of the 12-18 month dresses by she's in XS/2-3)

Lolly Wolly Doodle: Runs true to size (24 months, but Ella can still wear a few 6-12 month jumpers from last year, although we are wearing them as shirts/tunics this year!)

Matilda Jane: Runs slightly small (2)

{this is a 2 and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a longer shirt, not a dress}

Monag (a brand used by some shops on Etsy): Runs SUPER small (2T)

Mud Pie: Runs small (2T)

Old Navy: Runs similar to Gap...pretty true to size (18-24 months)

{this is 12-18 months but it's getting a little short}

Petite Palace: Runs big (18 months)

Peaches N Cream: Runs true to size (24 months)

Ralph Lauren/Polo: Runs small (2T)

Remember Nguyen: Runs true to size (2T)

Rosalina: One of the most quality-made smocked brands. True to size to slightly large (18 months)

Shrimp and Grits Kids: Runs really true to size (although, if you buy used S&G, keep in mind they changed their size charts a few years ago, so some of the used/consigned clothes in this brand can run really BIG) (24 months)

Smocked Auctions: Runs true to size to slightly big (18 months, but Ella can still fit in their 9 month dresses from last year)

{this is 18 months}

Southern Sunshine Kids: Same as Smocked Auctions (18 months)

Southern Tots: True to size (24 months)

Stellybelly: ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS! (Ella can still fit in their 12 month bubbles, which is just unheard of.)

Three Sisters: Runs true to size (24 months)

{this is 24 months}

Tucker + Tate: Runs true to size to slightly small (24 months)

Vive La Fete: Very true to size (24 months)

{this is 24 months}

Zara: Runs very, very small (18-24 months, or even 2-3 years)

{this is 18-24 months and it's getting a little tight!}

Zutano: Runs small (2T)

Whew! Sorry that was so many, and so boring! Ha! But hopefully that is somewhat helpful if you are like me and like to buy clothes a few seasons ahead! 


  1. this is the best post ever! ha! didn't think you would get that comment huh? But seriously, THANK YOU. Charlie is growing so fast I already have her in 18 month stuff. I can't figure out what to buy for the winter because I never know how it's going to fit. After her 9 month check up tomorrow I will know her height and weight and can do some damage!

  2. Umm this is amazing!!! Thank you!

  3. Hi! I know this is an old post and you don't know me, but I stumbled across your blog when I was searching how smocked auctions sizes run. This post is incredible! I wondered if there's any chance you have a similar post for boys. Or, since it looks like you have a little guy too, have you found that boys and girls tend to run similarly in most brands? (I have 2 boys, so I am clueless about girls' sizing!) Thanks so much for helping a stranger!

  4. This is the best post ever!! I just bought 6 and 9 months shrimp and grits as my baby is petite but leggy. I'm hoping they fit. She can wear 6/9 and 12 months.