Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Girl Clothes Sizing

We had a very rainy weekend, and did a whole bunch of nothing. 
Something I did do, though, was go through Ella's clothes and figure out what fits her and what doesn't. I got really frustrated in the difference in sizes between all of the different brands, so I thought I share my findings in case any of you are in the same boat as me. 

Probably a really boring post, but I mostly need this info for myself....and if I ever have another kid!

First, here is a little chart I found on Pinterest. Kind of helpful, but does not include a lot of boutique brands, or anything above 24 months (which Ella is almost out of).

So, for any of you wondering, here is a little list of how I think the following brands fit (and in parenthesis, I included what size my 28 pound, 33 inch child wears most comfortably). I also tried to include a few pictures of her in certain brands (taken within the last month). 

Bailey Boys: True to size to slightly small (24 months)

Banana Split: Runs really small (2T)

{this is 24 months and it's already too short!}

Blanks Boutique: Fairly big!! (2Ts are swallowing Ella right now...not sure if they make a 24 month size?)

Carter's: True to size, sometimes just a teensy bit small (24 months)

Carter's for Target (Just One You): Runs small (2T)

Cherokee (Target brand): Runs really small (2T but could probably even do a 3T)

Classic Whimsy: Runs HUGE! (18 months)

{this dress is actually 12 months!}

Gap: Probably the most true to size brand out there. I used to think it ran big when Ella was a little peanut, but now it is spot on. (18-24 months)

Gerber: Runs really small (24 months, or even 2T if they make that size in this brand?)

Gymboree: Runs slightly small (18-24 months, or even 2T)

Hanna Andersson: Runs slightly generous (80cm)

H&M: Runs BIG! (We don't have a lot in this brand, but Ella can still fit in a 6-9 month top from last year)

Janie and Jack: Runs slightly small (similar to Gymboree; they are owned by the same company) (18-24 months, or even 2T)

Jetterbugs: Runs true to size (24 months)

Kelly's Kids: Runs big (18 months)

{this is 18 months}

Lilly Pulitzer: Runs super small (Ella was out of the 12-18 month dresses by she's in XS/2-3)

Lolly Wolly Doodle: Runs true to size (24 months, but Ella can still wear a few 6-12 month jumpers from last year, although we are wearing them as shirts/tunics this year!)

Matilda Jane: Runs slightly small (2)

{this is a 2 and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a longer shirt, not a dress}

Monag (a brand used by some shops on Etsy): Runs SUPER small (2T)

Mud Pie: Runs small (2T)

Old Navy: Runs similar to Gap...pretty true to size (18-24 months)

{this is 12-18 months but it's getting a little short}

Petite Palace: Runs big (18 months)

Peaches N Cream: Runs true to size (24 months)

Ralph Lauren/Polo: Runs small (2T)

Remember Nguyen: Runs true to size (2T)

Rosalina: One of the most quality-made smocked brands. True to size to slightly large (18 months)

Shrimp and Grits Kids: Runs really true to size (although, if you buy used S&G, keep in mind they changed their size charts a few years ago, so some of the used/consigned clothes in this brand can run really BIG) (24 months)

Smocked Auctions: Runs true to size to slightly big (18 months, but Ella can still fit in their 9 month dresses from last year)

{this is 18 months}

Southern Sunshine Kids: Same as Smocked Auctions (18 months)

Southern Tots: True to size (24 months)

Stellybelly: ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS! (Ella can still fit in their 12 month bubbles, which is just unheard of.)

Three Sisters: Runs true to size (24 months)

{this is 24 months}

Tucker + Tate: Runs true to size to slightly small (24 months)

Vive La Fete: Very true to size (24 months)

{this is 24 months}

Zara: Runs very, very small (18-24 months, or even 2-3 years)

{this is 18-24 months and it's getting a little tight!}

Zutano: Runs small (2T)

Whew! Sorry that was so many, and so boring! Ha! But hopefully that is somewhat helpful if you are like me and like to buy clothes a few seasons ahead! 


  1. this is the best post ever! ha! didn't think you would get that comment huh? But seriously, THANK YOU. Charlie is growing so fast I already have her in 18 month stuff. I can't figure out what to buy for the winter because I never know how it's going to fit. After her 9 month check up tomorrow I will know her height and weight and can do some damage!

  2. Umm this is amazing!!! Thank you!

  3. Hi! I know this is an old post and you don't know me, but I stumbled across your blog when I was searching how smocked auctions sizes run. This post is incredible! I wondered if there's any chance you have a similar post for boys. Or, since it looks like you have a little guy too, have you found that boys and girls tend to run similarly in most brands? (I have 2 boys, so I am clueless about girls' sizing!) Thanks so much for helping a stranger!

  4. This is the best post ever!! I just bought 6 and 9 months shrimp and grits as my baby is petite but leggy. I'm hoping they fit. She can wear 6/9 and 12 months.

  5. Best post! I was just googling for smocked auction sizing and found this blog post! Than you for taking the time to to put this together!

  6. I am posting on this so late - my daughter will be 12 months in October and am thinking of purchasing a 12 month Southern Sunshine dress. Think it will fit?

    1. Forgot to add she'll be wearing it for Christmas!

    2. Yes definitely!!! Girls dresses are so flexible! Ella is still wearing some 12/18m dresses as tops now at 3.5 years old! :)

  7. Thanks so much for this awesome post! It really helps when ordering on websites I've never ordered before. Only thing I disagree is your comment about Zara. Zara tends to run a bit large in my opinion.

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