Thursday, March 5, 2020

Bennett Michael {18 Months}

Dear Bennett,

Last week, you turned 18 months old! You have had quite a busy 6 months since we last did an update, so let's take a look at what you've been up to! 

{PS. You got a haircut the day after I took these pictures! Sorry you look so shaggy here, lol.}

We go to the doctor tomorrow for your 18 month old well visit, so I'll try to update your stats then. You have been growing like a weed and I am constantly discovering clothes in your closet that you seem to have outgrown overnight. You wear mostly 18 month size clothes, but can also pretty comfortably fill out 24m stuff, too. Sometimes I try to squeeze you into 12m stuff if it runs big, but for the most part, you're out of that size almost completely! You are still in size 3 diapers, but as soon as we finish this box, I think I'm going to move you up to 4s. You wear size 3/4 shoe. You have tiny feet! :) 

Your biggest milestone since we last updated on here is that you are FINALLY walking!!!!!! Praise the Good Lord because I wasn't sure if it was ever going to happen! You got pretty comfortable with standing independently soon after you turned 1 (like last October/November), but you would not take any steps to save your life. Daddy and I tried to have a little "bootcamp" where we would try to get you to walk in between us (standing a few feet apart), but as soon as one of us would let you, you'd just plop down so gracefully. This continued for a few months...we'd get so excited because you'd look like you were about to take a step, and then nope! You'd just plop yourself down. Ugh! But then, about 6 weeks ago, everything just clicked and you decided to just...walk! And I don't mean a few steps; you were cruising all over your room on the first day of this walking thing. You now RUN after your big brother and sister constantly! I am just so glad we never paid money for physical therapy or rushed you into walking! You do things on your own time, that is for sure! 

You are quite a little talker/babbler! I just love your sweet voice. Some of your favorite words are "Dada, Mama, wahhh (water), cheese (when you see my phone, to take a picture of you!), teeth, uh-oh, Elmo, ball, shoes"...and your absolute favorite thing to say is ELLA!!! You say her name all of the time, even when she's at school! You just love Big Sister so, so much. 

Your favorite thing right now is probably books! You are so studious! You love to sneak into Ella's and Lucas's rooms and read all of their books. Your current favorites are Tow Truck Joe (you try to steal this out of Lucas's room daily), any Peppa Pig book and the Elmo Balls book! Sometimes you get frustrated when we read to you and you'd rather just look at the books yourself! But I'm so thankful that you have a love for reading, even if it's on your own terms! 

Another thing that you really enjoy is MUSIC! You love to sing, clap and make music with any sort of "instrument" you can find! We go to a story-time/music class at our church every week and you love to shake the maracas and beat on the drums there! Your favorite song is "Into the Unknown" from Frozen II and anytime you hear it, you will start singing "in-ee uh-ownnn!" Your face lights up when you hear it. You also point to Alexa and ask her to play it ALL. OF. THE. TIME. 

You've recently become obsessed with dogs and will "woof" at anything and everything with 4 legs (including the reindeer Sven in Frozen II). You are never scared of the doggies we see walking in our neighborhood; you are always willing and ready to pet them! Along with that, you just wouldn't be part of our family if you didn't LOVE the freakin' Paw Patrol. Ella and Lucas both went through this phase (actually, Lucas is still in it) where they just couldn't get enough of those pups and Ryder! Haha. So, thanks for being SUPER into that ridiculous show so I don't have to get rid of the 385739 Paw Patrol toys we own just yet. 

In addition to Paw Patrol, you also love Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Curious George and Elmo! Lucas's love for trucks has also rubbed off on you and you two boys are always playing with the 8394 monster trucks and other vehicles we have! You LOVE Blippi (help me) and can sing his Police Car Song! You also love to make siren noises when you see any sort of rescue vehicle! Your favorite toy is the rollercoaster you got for Christmas! You love to not only ride down it like you're supposed to, but also push that little car all over the house! We need to get you more ride-on toys because you are pretty obsessed with them! 

Everyone always comments on how happy you are, and I very often get asked, "Does he ever cry?!" Well, yes, Bennett. Yes, you do cry. Top times are: if you're hungry, if you're thirsty, when I wipe your nose (you see the Nose Frida and immediately start squirming hysterically), and being constrained (you loathe the stroller). Now that you're walking, you are on the go ALWAYS. You love to sneak away and think it's so funny when we find you! 

You are still a pretty awesome sleeper! You take one big afternoon nap each day and will sometimes sleep for 3+ hours! You go to bed at night between 7 and 7:30 PM and usually sleep until 7:30 AM! Sometimes you wake up at like 5, but can usually get yourself back to sleep for another hour or two. As far as eating, well, I think you might be my pickiest eater at this age! You stopped breastfeeding for good a few months ago and it took you a while to get the hang of drinking milk from a sippy cup. You really like to eat granola bars, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, waffles, yogurt, applesauce pouches and fruit snacks...but other than that, it can be hard to get you to eat stuff! Your favorite pastime is throwing food on the floor. It is fun. Ha! Your siblings are also ridiculously picky (and let's not lie, Mommy is picky, too) so I guess it just runs in the family. My cross to bear if you will. 

Sweet Baby Bennett, you will forever be our "baby," but goodness gracious you've had a BIG past 6 months! You are becoming such a big kid and it makes me sad yet happy at the same time! You are so much fun; clapping, waving and blowing kisses to everyone! You get so many compliments on your adorableness and your sunny disposition! :) We couldn't love you more if we tried!