Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why I don't like cloth diapers

Hi, my name is Mindy and I hate cloth diapers.

There, I said it! Cloth diaper police, please don't kill me. 

A few weeks ago, I saw some cloth diapers being offered one of those daily deal websites (, if you're really interested!). After doing a little "research" (aka, texting one of my friends who uses cloth diapers, and reading a few Amazon reviews), I decided this was my chance to try the cool trendy thing that is cloth diapering! 4 cloth diapers for $50?! What a deal...I got 2 packs. 

A few days later, the cloth diapers arrived in the mail, and I excitedly ripped them out of their packaging and washed them 5 times, per the company's instructions. I had them all ready to go, and yesterday, I decided would be our official "start" date!

Before putting Ella in the actual diaper, I realized that I had no clue what I was doing. There were so many snaps (and I promise, I'm not an idiot! It was just a little confusing)! So, I watched YouTube videos for, oh, an hour to see just exactly how I should be putting this thing on her. I didn't want it to be too tight, but I also didn't want it to leak because it was too loose.

After snapping, unsnapping and re-snapping for about 10 minutes, I finally got her situated. Kind of a pain, but I can get used to it. And besides, how cute, right?!

Then, I put her pants back on. OMG. No. Just no no no. Her butt was sooooo saggy. And HUGE! Bless her little heart. Her pants were big to begin with (size 6 months, and I had to roll them up at the bottoms because they were long), so going up to an even bigger size wasn't really an option. How do people think this is cute?!?! Unfortunately, I did not take a picture, but just picture Ella as a white baby MC Hammer in jeggings. Not ideal

So, I took her pants off and let her just roll around in her shirt and her diaper. I thought, hey, I can still do this...she just won't wear pants! No problem.

But that wasn't the only problem. How was I supposed to know when to change her? 
I know that sounds ridiculous, but not only is there that magic line that turns blue on the disposables, I can also feel them and know when Ella is wet/dry. These cloth diapers, I had no clue! I kept taking them off obsessively every 10 minutes to check if she had peed or not. I actually had to feel the insert to see if there was pee on it. This is no way to live. Am I right?! Finally, at about the 5th time I checked, there was pee! 

Pissed (no pun intended) at myself for spending $100+ on something Ella wore for a whole hour, I ripped off the wet cloth diaper and slapped a disposable one on her. She's been in "sposies" as they call them, ever since. And I personally think her little butt looks just as cute, if not better, in disposables. 

But still, I feel like a big fat failure. Why can't this work for us?! Why didn't I research it more?! This whole cloth diaper debacle kept me up until 1:30 AM last night. How ridiculous is that?! It's not the laundering that's bothering me, it's how she looks in them, and the whole process of is it wet? is it dry? And then, I think about cloth diapering when we're out and about (or even on vacation), or with a babysitter and I practically need a Xanax to even think about it. It's just SOOO involved...or am I just being lazy?! 

So, I'm wondering...if you have cloth diapered (or not), have any tips for me?! Why must her crotch and butt look so enormous?! Any tips on how to get the fit/snaps just right? Is this something I should try again next week or just cut my loses and stick with disposables?

I did just buy 2 big boxes of Pampers at Target, though. Ha!

Sorry I'm not sorry. I had coupons and got a $10 Target gift card with purchase! 

Anyway, sorry that was rather long-winded, but if you have any words of advice, please send them my way! :)


  1. This post cracks me up :)

    We have been cloth diapering at home (never on vacations or traveling) since M was 6 weeks old and I love it! The big bottom thing is something I account for when I buy her clothes, but honestly, a lot of her clothes (dresses and bubbles in the summer and leggings and tunics/dresses in the fall) you don't even notice it. Plus you don't need bloomers in the summer with dresses if they have on a cloth diaper because it already looks like a bloomer!

    As far as wet or dry goes, we switched to Target disposables around 2 months, and they don't have the line, so I guess I just assume she's wet every hour or two? Honestly, as she's gotten older I really don't change her much unless she's pooped or been in her diaper for 3+ hours.

    BUT, with all this said, to each his own! It totally works for our family but I can understand why you may not like them! Disposables are definitely easier, but I love that we're saving a ton of $$$ and putting less diapers in a landfill.

    Okay, and before I write you a novel of a comment, one more question, I'm curious what brand are these? I have tried a few and only love one brand and style.

  2. I was gifted some cloth diapers and honestly, I never had the guts to try them.
    I gave them to a neighbor whose son can't wear anything but because of allergies.
    She has a diaper service that they use and it costs about the same as buying disposables.

  3. I found your blog a little while ago.. hope you don't mind! :) Ella is so adorable!

    And you're braver than I am to even try cloth diapers, so I commend you! My husband wouldn't know what to do without that little blue line! Haha Pampers Swaddlers really are the best! :)

  4. Haha this cracked me up! I'm with you in the 'sposies club - don't forget to track your Pampers rewards points :) haha

  5. I used disposable for the first nine or so months, then I decided I would use the cloth diapers one of my sisters had given me. I bought a few inserts for them [that was the only part that was missing] and started using them faithfully. But... then they never really did the job at night, so I used disposables at night. When we traveled I used disposables too -it's just easier. I did travel with cloth once, but it was more trouble than it was worth. I like the cloth diapers and all, but at the same time I don't -if that makes any sense. I try and change him once every two hours, which generally works but even when I do that, as he is getting older the diapers leak through more and more [I think because he is holding it for longer amounts of time now so it's a little too much to handle for the cloth diapers we use]. For nap time I've just started using disposables because of it.

    I go back and forth with cloth and disposables. I feel like since I paid for the cloth inserts I have to use them all the time [with the exception of nap and bed time], but I much prefer disposables -they are just easier. So much easier. Not that the cloth are hard, it's just not as simple. I don't mind the washing or folding or anything... it's just not slapping a diaper on the booty, taking it off, throwing it away, and repeating... there's more to it. I feel guilty when I don't use the cloth diapers and find myself wanting to [and actually] using disposables more and more.

    Like you, I don't know if it's just me being lazy or not doing it right or not caring, but I do want to go back to using only disposables. I would too, but my husband notices and asks why I don't when I don't. If I hadn't spend $80 on them it wouldn't be such a big thing, but that's a lot of money to spend on something you don't use all the time... and then there's the whole 'I have diapers at home, why spend more money on disposables when I have them at home....' and it's just -bah. I feel like you get what I'm saying? So there's that.

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