Friday, October 12, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 7}

Happy Friday!!!

Someone had their first smile this week...and we are all so smiling because its GORGEOUS and finally feels like fall outside! 


We went to ISC to get out some energy!! 

We also made a quick trip (actually not that "quick") to Target. Every time we are there, my kids insist on trying on these strange heads in the Halloween section. I've seen about 120 pictures of other people's kids trying them on too so I don't even want to think about how many germs are on these things...

Travis left to go out of town Friday, which meant Bennett helped me tutor the Chinese kids all weekend! He was great Friday night, but cried during all 3 lessons on Saturday night (one student said: "Do you have a cat?" because that is apparently what Bennett crying sounds like on headphones in China, ha!). 


Lucas was more interesting in bringing me sticks than playing soccer!

After soccer, we went to Mackenzie's birthday party!

Lucas's favorite part of the party was playing with all of their toys.

And Ella found Mackenzie's Peppa Pig stuffed animal and dragged it around everywhere with her.

Bennett hung out with his baby friends!

Of course Chelsea, Mackenzie's mom, had lots of fun activities for the kids to do! First, they painted a picture frame.

And then they made flower wreaths! So cute.

All the friends!

When we came home, we made some pumpkin cookies. No recipe for you...these are the "fancy" break-n-bake ones! Ella made me get them!


We had another birthday party! Ella has so many friends with birthdays this time of year. Anyway, this was her friend, Alevia's party and it was at a local pumpkin patch. Ariel made an appearance!

This was Bennett's first mermaid sighting!!! 

Lucas had fun on a nearby swing that he almost fell off of about 16 times. 

Ella wanted to take home all of the pumpkins, but it was so hot and we weren't in our proper pumpkin picking clothes, so I told her we would have to come back another day! 


Travis made it home, thank GOD! I told him I hope he had a good time because he is never leaving me on the weekend with 3 kids (and 2 birthday parties!) again, haha! Once we got Ella off to preschool, we made a run to Trader Joe's! I always call the samples they have "treats," and Lucas always gobbles them up. He enjoyed this spaghetti squash casserole so much that I actually bought it! He thinks it's a treat!!

The cashier handed me the receipt while saying "Do you want a sticker?" to Lucas, so Lucas thought the receipt was a sticker! He wouldn't let me have his "sticker" and held onto it the whole ride home!

Bennett also smiled for the first time on Monday!!!! I tried to get a picture, but of course he is stubborn!

All 3 of my babies when they started smiling!! 


After Bible study, the boys and I stopped at Amelie's to pick up some treats.... deliver to my high risk doctor's office! 

The main doctor who gave Bennett the 3 transfusions in utero was not there, so we may go back again to see him. But my favorite ultrasound tech and another doctor who assisted with all 3 IUTs were there and they LOVED Bennett!! 

Someone is getting super possessive over the car transporter at his sister's dance lesson. It is legit his favorite toy right now, and the only way I can get him to go to Ella's dance lesson each week with us! 

He also played basketball with the big kids at church, while Ella was in her little class! 

Also Wednesday night was Bunco!! I was one loss away from being the biggest loser. So much fun always with these ladies!

I came home to Bennett squished into his premie pajamas (he's finally outgrown them!). Oh Trav. Bless. 


We had another hurricane coming our way!!! 
Fun fact:
Hurricanes I've lived through in 33 years: 2
Hurricanes Bennett has lived through in 7 weeks: also 2

Ella was out of school again, so we had a slow morning and got lots done around the house! Both kids wanted to dust, strangely!

And Bennett helped me vacuum! 

I'm just glad we didn't lose power, like some of our friends! It flickered for a little bit, but managed to stay on, thank goodness! I felt like this hurricane was a little scarier than Florence a month ago! I hope we are done with hurricanes for now!! 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bennett's Nursery

I’m finally getting around to sharing a few pics of Bennett’s nursery! 
Since we didn’t know if Bennett was a boy or girl, I painted the room back in May and then left lots of the accents until we knew gender. I was going to add lots of coral and mint if it was a girl, but I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do if it was a boy! I ended up just using lots of gold accents and came up with kind of an “adventure” theme. Six weeks after his birth, it’s finally done! Here is the finished product!
Also disclaimer: Bennett’s room gets the absolute WORST natural light possible, so some of these pics are little grainy. Professional photographer I am not. Sorry! 

This is the bear Ella and Lucas made for Bennett in July! :) It was his present from them; they even brought it to give him in the hospital! 

Since we still use Lucas's glider, I wanted to get another one for Bennett's room! I happened to find this one on a local Facebook group...and the mom selling it even lived in my neighborhood! 

I decided to use the good ol IKEA Hemnes dresser, but spray painted the drawer pulls gold. I love this dresser and might get another one for Lucas's room, too! 

I made this fabric garland with the help of directions from here and here. It was super easy! 

And then we come to...the closet. For someone who's gender was not even known until 6 weeks ago, Bennett sure has acquired a lot of clothes since then! 

Paint colors: Sherwin Williams Naval and Gray Screen
Crib sheets: Pottery Barn Kids
Mirror: Target
Teddy Bear: Build A Bear
White Basket: Facebook resale group
"I think I'm ready for an adventure" sign: Hobby Lobby
Glider and ottoman: Facebook resale group
Blanket: Walmart
B pillow: Walmart
Gold hanging baskets: Target
Curtain rod: Target
Gold side table: Home Goods
Dresser: Ikea 
Changing pad cover, basket and liner: Pottery Barn Kids
Lamp: Target
Lampshade: Pottery Barn Kids
Clothes hamper: Target
Gold B and sphere thingy: Hobby Lobby
Globe: Target
NC cutout: Binks and Bubs
White Shelf: Target
Navy airplane: Hobby Lobby
Closet shelves: Target
Gray striped bins: Target

Friday, October 5, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 6}

I can't believe this sweet boy is already 6 weeks old!! Considering that's length of some people's maternity leaves, I feel like Bennett is not supposed to be this old yet!

Where we last left off, Bennett's hemoglobin had hit 7.1 on Thursday, so we spent all day last Friday getting a blood transfusion. Bennett was less than excited about it.

It took them FOREVER to get his line in because his veins are so tiny. Look at how pale he is here, poor guy. 

After they finally got his line in, it took another 3ish hours to get blood for him. 

And then it took another 3 hours to get the blood into his body. 

Such a long, boring day! But praying this is his last stop on his HDN rollercoaster, like it was for Lucas!


Another week of "soccer team" for Lucas! His favorite parts of soccer are: 
1. Sitting on the ball "like an egg"

2. Putting cones on his head (they were supposed to be kicking them over with their feet)

and 3. Putting the balls back into the bag (their coach pretends they are "feeding a monster")

After a quick outfit change in the car, all 5 of us were off to Disney on Ice!

Lucas spent the first half of the show kicking the chair of the guy in front of us. We finally got smart during the intermission and bought him some popcorn to keep him occupied!

And of course, once the popcorn was gone, Lucas decided the empty bucket made an excellent hat.

All 3 kids loved the show! Especially the Mickey Mouse, Frozen and Cars parts!

Ella somehow suckered me into getting a haunted house kit from Target, so we made that Saturday afternoon!


We had a very GSD (get sh*t done) morning, and then I snuck off to a baby shower during nap time. After nap, Ella and I went up her preschool where they were having a 40th anniversary celebration!

She loved her rainbow Kona Ice, and showing me around her classroom!

We also took a little train ride together and promised each other not to tell Lucas (he was still at home napping and would have been very jealous!). 


Bennett went to his first story time at the library! He slept through the whole thing.

Afterwards, Lucas played with his friend Cooper! These boys are just the cutest together. 

When we picked Ella up from preschool, she was very excited to show us that it was her turn to bring home the Sharing Box! Each kid gets a turn to bring something from home into share. It must fit in the box and they have to come up with 3 clues to help their classmates guess what it is. Ella chose to bring her stuffed animal Rocky!

We also celebrated the fact that it was October (even though it still feels like August) by dressing Bennett up as a cute pumpkin!


We had Bennett's one month check up! He is up to 7 pounds, 15 ounces and his hemoglobin is now 12.7! 

I also FINALLY got a newborn insert for my Ergo, so we tested that out while I vacuumed! Bennett was a fan!

Oh, and I finally cleaned Lucas's old wubbanubs (he was only interested in them for like a month, so I figured we could reuse them for Bennett). Look at all 3 of my sweet babies and their wubbanubs!


I had my "always-fun" postpartum check up! I got the green light to go ahead and run again, so I literally came home and headed right for the treadmill! I've only lost about 15 pounds this time around; no idea why the weight is coming off so much slower with baby #3! So 30 more pounds to go = lots of running! It's the only thing that works for me!

Bennett was an excellent cheerleader...he slept the whole run. Glad the loudness of the treadmill doesn't bother him!

That evening we had more dance class/playing with trucks (I swear Lucas enjoys playing with the toys they have there just as much as Ella enjoys her actual dance class!)

...followed by Avondale Adventures! Not pictured: Lucas's 25 minute meltdown because he didn't want to eat dinner there. Fun times. Luckily, we escaped to the playground, and he did end up eating a whole piece of bread for his dinner. 

This was also the day Ella brought home this adorable class book to read to us! Reminds me of all the class books we made when I taught kindergarten! Each child had a page, and this was Ella's! 

It was so interesting to me to read about all of her classmates! Also...let me tell you the last time Ella took "a walk on her bicycle" while I "walk beside." Maybe 2017?! Ha. Where does she get this stuff from?!

And of course we had to all wear our Halloween jammies and take a picture!

I won't even tell you how many tries it took to get Lucas to cooperate...and he's not even really cooperating here! 

Our pediatrician suggested I put Bennett in the Pack n Play (instead of the Rock n Play) to help his head shape since it was already starting to look a little funky at his appointment Tuesday. He looks so tiny in the big ol' PNP!


Lucas needed a haircut BADLY, so we finally made it over to Doolittle's for one! 


Much better!

We picked Ella up from preschool and then had to go get a "cut" of another kind for Bennett! 

Yes, I know its horrible I waited this long to do this...but they don't do it in the NICU and this was the soonest I could get him in with the #1 recommended children's urologist in Charlotte!

Bennett was actually super good and hardly even cried!! Once we got home was a different story though. He was screaming in pain all afternoon so I finally gave him some infant Tylenol. He seems to be doing much better today, just in time for the weekend!!! Hopefully no more traumatic transfusions/needles/procedures in his future, since he has had enough of that this past week!