Friday, February 8, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 24}

Greetings from our germ-infested home! Oh yes.
It was only a matter of time until someone caught one of the many gross things going around...and yesterday Lucas was that someone. Bless his heart. He's feeling much better, so I am just praying that no one else gets sick!!
But here's a look at our week, before he got sick!


We continued the early birthday celebrations for Ella! My parents were in town again, so they gave Ella her presents!

She was so excited about her pink violin! Now she can play like Peppa Pig!

We also made a last minute trip to Target to get birthday party supplies, and somehow ended up in the toy section...

After naps, my mom wanted to take Ella shopping! We didn't find anything (shocking, I know!), but we did have a small photo shoot by the fountain!


Saturday was Ella's birthday party!! I will do a whole separate post on this! :)


Ella's actual birthday!!! Finally, ha! She is officially 5!

We got her a Sleeping Beauty dress! She's obsessed with Sleeping Beauty and this was one of the only princess dresses she didn't have and wanted!

She came downstairs to her birthday waffle!

Then we took a few pictures with her blocks! She has had these blocks since she was doing these weekly photos as a baby!

I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday...and do you know what she said? 
"Go grocery shopping with my princess dress on."

Ok. Easy to please!

She also wanted to take a nap wearing her cool mask from her party...

...and when she woke up, we found a Peppa Pig birthday card in our mailbox from Grandma and Papa!!! (Yes, I know the mail doesn't come on Sunday...we hadn't checked it yet from Saturday, whoops!)

Ella's second request of the day was to ride her scooter outside. Done and done. 

The boys came out with us too! They wanted to golf.

I’d also be remiss to not mention it was also Super Bowl Sunday!! And Bennett’s first Super Bowl! Crazy to think that the next time football is on tv again, he will be ONE!! 


This chick's first day being 5 at preschool!

The boys and I went to the library for the first story time we've attended in what seemed like FOREVER!

The theme was trucks, which couldn't have been more perfect for this truck-obsessed boy.

He was so engaged the whole story time!!!

Monday was also my brother's first day of a new job, so we wore our best space/rocket ship/astronaut outfits to support! (He is--literally--a rocket scientist! He designs spaceships...or the engines for them...or something like that!)


This girl said "Mom, take a picture of me being like a Lilly Pulitzer model." I mean, LOL. She is too much sometimes!

The boys and I went to Target and Michaels to return all of the stuff I had bought for Ella's party that we didn't end up using! (Over buy?! ME?! Never! Ha!)

When Ella got home from preschool, she opened her presents from Grandma and Papa!!! 

She was especially excited about that Pop the Pig game!!!

After naps, we went to the heart wall (if you're in Charlotte, it's in South End by Jeni's)!

I'm already wanting to go back because I'm not happy with how the pictures turned out...Bennett is eating his hands in every single one he's in. 

We were going to go back today, but #sickLucas. Maybe we'll make it back before Valentine's Day! 


We went to Black Lion to get some more local honey!!

Lucas posed with the lion outside the store...this picture just cracks me up!

And Bennett wore the same little Baby Gap onesie that I've held onto since Ella was his age! Gotta love gender neutral clothes!!!


Yesterday was a doozy. The boys and I went to Bible study in the morning. Lucas was totally fine, acting normal. We came home and I fed him lunch. He started crying and refused to eat, which is SO not like him. I took his temperature just to rule out the flu, and what do ya know, 100.8! Oh man, I started freaking out and texted the whole Bible study group...I will feel TERRIBLE if any of their kids get sick from him! 

Anyway, to add to my stress, I had promised Ella we would get TCBY after school that day. Her preschool was doing a fundraiser there where proceeds from sales would go towards their new playground...but you had to buy the fro-yo on Thursday afternoon. Of course. So I buckled Lucas into the stroller...and we bolted in and out of that place so quick, I hope his germs had no time to land on anything! 

It was so nice out, we ate on our front steps! Look at poor Lucas, bless his heart! 

After long naps, it was nearly 80* out, so we played outside that afternoon!

I also ordered popsicles (and juice boxes, and Pedialyte) on Amazon Prime Now. Thank goodness for this service! Everything got delivered as we were playing outside, so I finally got something into my sick boy's popsicles! 

He will ONLY eat the orange ones! 

Ella benefitted too...

...and poor Bennett only got to eat his hands. Popsicles next year, buddy!

So after eating about 4 (orange only!) popsicles...guess who threw up ALL over his crib as soon as I put him in it for the night?! Bless his heart. 
He miraculously slept until 9 this morning, and hasn't had a fever or thrown up since then! So, hopefully he is done being sick and no one else gets it! 

Have a happy and healthy weekend!!!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Ella Grace {5 Years}

Dear Ella,

What in the are 5!!!! I know I sound like a broken record every time I post an update on you but...HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!  
I feel like your first year lasted a good amount of time (ha!), but the years after that have totally flown by!! You are SO big! So old! Half a decade! A whole hand!! 

We go to the doctor for your 5 year checkup in 2 weeks because your mom is a slacker and spaced out on making your appointment! But when we know your stats, I’ll update! I think you are just over 40 lbs. and about 43” tall (because you wanted me to measure you on New Year’s Eve!). You wear 5T clothes, but can still do 4T dresses and leggings (and lets be honest...even 3T at times)! You wear size 10 shoes. 

You continue to be my best sleeper out of all 3 kids. So congrats on that! You go to bed by 8 PM most nights (usually more like 7:30) and you wake up at 7:30 AM. Well, your clock turns green at 7:30 anyway. You are usually up before then...sometimes as early as 6:30! But you stay in your room, playing or reading until your clock turns green! 
I know I’m going to get a lot of dirty looks by typing this, but you still (miraculously!) nap! Not every day, but you probably fall asleep 2 or so days a week! The other days, you have quiet time and are happy to play with your “guys” in your room during this time. It’s kind of amazing and YES, we will be doing this till you go to kindergarten in the fall. #sorrynotsorry

You love, love, LOVE preschool! Every month, I screenshot your teacher’s lesson plans and you love asking me everyday what you will be doing in class that day! You know all of your letters, and can write them all too! You love to draw, and are frequently found making “cards” for any and everyone you can think, Daddy, Lucas, Bennett, the neighbors, grandparents, friends at school, everyone! You are really good at drawing too and all of your characters have smiling, happy faces. You also love asking me how to spell different names and words! You recently learned all of the planets’ names, but I won’t correct you when you call Saturn “Satur” because it cracks me up.

You have a somewhat new obsession that has developed over the last 6ish months...Peppa Pig! You freaking LOVE Peppa Pig! And to be honest, it’s a nice change from Paw Patrol (which you have zero interest in...thankfully Lucas does so he now plays with all of those dang Paw Patrol toys you had to have...). You know every single Peppa Pig character’s name and love to draw them! Since Peppa is British, you’ve also developed a nice British accent that comes out from time to time... you call sunscreen “sun cream” and swimsuits are “swimming costumes.” Also, for anyone reading this, ask Ella how to say "Richard," "zebra," and "Pedro." (She says them like "Rech-ahrt" "zeh-bra" "Peh-dro.") Oh and ask her where rabbits live ("in a BARROW"). It's hilarious.

You are hands-down the best big sister I ever could have imagined to both Bennett and Lucas. We all know Lucas is in his "terrible twos" stage and he can be a, difficult shall we say? But you don't let it bother you at all. You are so good about being the bigger person and letting him play with whatever toy, or going to your room to calm down if he makes you mad. You guys are also hysterical together too with all of these crazy things you come up talking into your smoothie yogurt bottles like microphones, or quoting Peppa Pig lines nonstop. 
And Bennett? Well he just thinks you hung the moon! :) All you have to do is look at him and he instantly smiles. He knows you're the best big sister in the world! 

You are the sweetest, kindest girl which is the thing I am probably most proud of! You love to say your prayers every night, and always remember to pray for people who need extra prayers (for example, last week one of your friends was having minor surgery, and you prayed for her every night!). I'm so happy you are learning lots about God and Jesus, both at church and at school. One quick story: You knew Bennett was going to be a boy all along...the whole summer, you told everyone the baby in Mommy's tummy was a boy. When Bennett was born and we knew that he was, in fact, a boy, you were SO thrilled you were right! We asked you, how did you know that he was a boy, and you said "Because God told me!" How precious is that.
You are nice to everyone (as far as I know...and I checked with your teacher last week!), which is such a big thing with me! No mean girl vibes over here whatsoever, for now, thank goodness! We are working so hard at being an includer, which I'm so happy to see you carry out at school, dance class, and everywhere else you go!

Ella, you are just the sweetest thing and we couldn't love you more if we tried. Thank you for 5 whole years of love I never knew possible, and for teaching me how to be a Mom. You're the best at it :) 

Friday, February 1, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 23}

Happy Friday!

We are in full-blown birthday/birthday party prep mode (for Ella!) over here, but I wanted to pop in real quick for a weekly update!!!


We went on a new adventure! Our friends were going to the Schiele Museum in Gastonia and invited us to go with them. I do NOT go to Gastonia, so I was a little intimidated, but Charlotte friends! It was great! It was like $11 for all 3 (well, 4 if you count Bennett!) of us to get in and it was less than half an hour away! We will be back for sure!

Lucas LOVED all of the dinosaurs there...

...and of course "Ramses" was a hit!


This peanut allllllmost mastered sitting up! 

Ella and I had a special "girls only" trip to Target to pick out a birthday present for her friend. We somehow ended up looking at Peppa Pig toys for Ella... 

...and buying ALL of the birthday party things for her own party!

Later that afternoon we went to this friend's birthday party, where Ella got to make her own pizza!

Ella's toy that she picked out for the birthday girl was a hit {she chose this doll}, so I guess our Target trip was a success!

After the birthday party, Trav and I had a much-needed date night! 

We went here because Trav wanted oysters....and they had run out of oysters. Womp, womp.


I purged more of Ella's clothes! 

I just keep finding stuff! The girl has SO. MANY. CLOTHES.

Like mother, like daughter!!

{We were twinsies in our Lilly this day!}


Guess who finally sat up for longer than 2 seconds?!?!

Yay! Sitting but not crawling is my most favorite baby stage EVER!
We also made the trek to NoDa to take Ella's picture by the big number 5! I'll post pics at some point this weekend! 


Bennett had to go to the doctor for a re-check of some newborn screening that he had failed in the NICU. I realize he is not even close to being a newborn, but apparently they can't do this test within 4 months of a blood transfusion (the last of which was at the end of September) here we are. 

He's like, hey! I thought I was done with these heel warmers! You lied, Mom!

After that, we stopped at the bookstore so Lucas could play with the trains!

It was also my dad's birthday on Tuesday, so we had to wear our "Farmville" outfits and sing Happy Birthday to him! 


The boys and I went to Ella's preschool for her parent/teacher conference!

Lucas is so excited to go there next year!!! And Ella got a glowing report! 

I'm also happy to report that Bennett can now touch the bottom of his activity center without a pillow underneath!

And what would a Wednesday be without little brothers playing with trucks while Ella dances...

...and dinner/Avondale Adventures at church! The popsicles were such an interesting choice considering it was colder than cold outside. 


Birthday celebrations started for this chick! We headed to Dunkin Donuts bright and early to get donut holes to share with her class!

Bennett got bundled up... go to Ella's preschool for the second day in a row!
This time was to celebrate her birthday with the class!

She got to make a special birthday crown and got sung to!

She also picked out a toy from her teacher's birthday box!

AND, it was her turn for the "Sharing Box" so we stayed to watch her present what she had brought in for that as well!

We have a "small" birthday party tomorrow (I say small because it's only 5 of her closest friends, but who am I kidding...I will be up past midnight tonight getting stuff ready for it!) and then she will be 5 on Super Bowl Sunday! AHHHH!