Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 29}

Another Tardy-to-the-Party post! Maybe one day I will get it together and post these on Fridays again!

Here's a look at our past week!


We dropped off all of our stuff for the consignment sale! 

Then we shopped the same consignment sale...the good news is that I spent less than I made, so that's a win!!


Soccer! Lucas has been doing SO well so far this season; Trav and I are both so impressed with him!

We also had our friends over to watch the UNC vs. Dook game! Bennett loved playing with his girlfriend!


My Lenten "resolution" this year is to go to church every week during Lent!
So, this was the first Sunday of Lent...and it was also the day after the time change, which made it even harder to get to 9:30 church! But we made it! Ella drew on her boogie board the whole time (this is seriously the best $15 investment and I highly recommend getting one if you have a kid between ages 3 and....18 haha!). 

That night, Bennet tried butternut squash, which was a big hit!


The most glorious day of the month! Our cleaning lady came over to clean! 
Since we had to be out of the house, after we dropped Ella off at preschool, I took the boys on a run! 

It was Bennett's first time in the Double Bob! He was very indifferent about it, ha!

After I ran 3 miles, we went to play at the park!

It was also Bennett's first time in a swing!!

Our friends were at the playground at the mall, so we left the park to meet up with them there! 


We walked out of Bible study to find...a fire truck! No worries, the church wasn't on fire, it was just there visiting the preschoolers! Lucas was beyond thrilled!

To make Lucas's life even more exciting, we also went to the car wash since it had finally stopped raining and my car was so dirty!

That afternoon I attempted to put together Bennett's cozy coupe that he had gotten for Christmas! I gave up after like 45 minutes...sorry Trav! Time for you to take over! Who knew cozy coupes were so hard to assemble?!


We got out our Easter decorations!

It was also Open House day at Ella's dance, so we got to go in the room instead of watch her on a tv!


Ella had a St. Patrick's Day parade/JDRF fundraiser walk at preschool!

Her class made the cutest rainbows to carry!

While Ella was still at school, I took the boys to yet another consignment sale and found all of this!

And that afternoon, Bennett had the baby room all to himself at the Y!

That's a wrap on our week!! Happy Tuesday! :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 28}

Umm how did I totally not post this on Friday?! Whoops!
I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for this, so here ya go!


We had Bennett's 6 month well visit!

Yes, we had JUST been to the same doctor's office for Ella the day before. Too bad they don't have a punch card or frequent flyer miles, because we would have racked up some benefits!

Anyway, Bennett is perfectly healthy, just a little on the small side! He's in the first percentile for height and weight! Peanut!

He decided to celebrate his good visit (and the shots!) by rolling over back to belly!

And he basically rolls all over the floor now! He started in the bottom left corner of that play mat!

The pediatrician also gave us the green light to give Bennett fruits and vegetables! So Friday night, he had his first food: bananas!

He wasn't sure about it! 

He warmed up to it though, and he gets SO excited now when I put him in his high chair to eat! Big sister loves to feed him as well (although, just a bite or two because she has zero patience and also gets grossed out when he spits the food out)! 


SOCCAH TEEEEEEM (soccer team, aka Soccer Shots for those of you who don't speak Lucas) started up again! Lucas was PUMPED! 

His coach's name is Pat and Lucas calls him "Coach Hat" which I think is the funniest thing ever. And good news, Lucas has improved so much since the fall! He actually kicks the ball now!!!

That afternoon, Ella had a birthday party at Flour Power, where she got to make pizza and cake! It was super cute!

And this boy became a stomach sleeper, just like his big brother (and mama)!

He also furthered his rolling abilities by getting himself under the couch somehow! 

Trav's parents were in town, so his mom, Ella and I went over to my Shrimp and Grits Kids lady's house so Ella could try on some clothes!!! 

Thanks to my mother-in-law for buying some stuff for my kids to wear this summer!!! It's all SO cute! I need to share soon!


I started getting stuff together for the consignment sale! When all was said and done, I had entered over 250 items!! 


Bennett and Lucas helped me continue getting everything sorted and tagged for the consignment sale! 

I got a tagging gun to help expedite the process this year! It's super fun. Exciting times over here!

Oh, and Bennett is already feeding himself! Such a 3rd child!

He is NOT a fan of water! 


Ella went to the dentist!

Lucas also got a treat baggie, and when asked "Lucas, do you want the dentist to look at your teeth?" he promptly responded "NO!" without missing a beat. Can't wait for his dentist appointment in June, ha!

On the way home from the dentist, we picked up a huge bin of construction birthday party supplies that I found on a local Facebook group! This is for Lucas's birthday May. Never too soon to start planning, right?!

Not pictured is the HUGE wrecking ball that I could not fit in my car. I went back this past weekend to get it, so I'll share a pic of that thing soon. It's massive! 


Ash Wednesday = get the Easter decorations out!

Also: Bennett was not a fan of Ash Wednesday at church. They burned palm leave to make the ashes that they put on people's foreheads and he screamed the whole time...maybe he just knows Lent is supposed to be a time of suffering and he wanted everyone at church to suffer with him?!

My kids were big fans of the pancake dinner they got to eat after the palm leaf burning!

Check out all of the butter on Ella's pancakes. Home girl LOVES her some butter. 


I know you're not going to believe me, but I promise you, I unintentionally color-coordinated all 3 kids' outfits!!! 

We had to take a pic because it was just too funny!!! I promise, I really didn't do this on purpose! My love for matching outfits just invades my conscience!

And if your week doesn't end with a cute baby in a shark towel, can you even call it a good week?! 

Oh, and I'm happy to report Ella is back to normal after her strep throat and ear infection last week! 24 hours after she started taking the antibiotics, she was a new person! Thank goodness for that yummy pink medicine!!