Friday, June 21, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 43}

Happy Friday and Happy First Day of Summer! Most importantly, Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! You know we dressed accordingly! ;)


I took all 3 kids up to our neighborhood pool! And the baby pool was open this time, praise the Lord!

Lucas wanted to practice all of his skills he has been learning at Ms. Jocelyn's!

He also had ZERO interest in getting in the big pool. 

Meanwhile, we had to force this girl out of the big pool!

Friday night, Trav and I went out for our anniversary! We usually go to Bentley's on 27, which is where we had our wedding reception. But, when I went to make a reservation, I found out that they have CLOSED the uptown location!!! I was so sad. Thankfully, they will be opening a location in South Park in September, but it won't be the same. No more anniversary dinners at the location of our wedding reception. Tear! 

We had to quickly find another restaurant to eat at, so we went to Eddie V's uptown. Not the same as our beloved Bentley's but it was still pretty good!


We had the most low-key weekend ever. This was the only weekend all month we didn't have a birthday party to attend, and we literally just hung around the house all weekend. It was kinda nice!

Did anyone else try to go to Target on Saturday?! OMG. Their entire system was down (nationwide!!) and the lines to check out were INSANE! I was in there for close to an hour and a half, and in line for probably half of that time!

Every year around our anniversary, Ella asks to look at our wedding album!

It makes me wish we had gotten a videographer too! I wish we had a movie to watch. Don't get me wrong, I love our wedding pictures and those are so awesome...but that's my one regret with our wedding--no videographer! 


Father's Day and our anniversary! As evidenced by our kitchen island:

That book 😂
It popped up on some Facebook ad, and of course Ella was looking over my shoulder and was like "OMG! Peppa Pig!" So I clicked on it, and lo and behold it's a freaking customizable Peppa Pig Father's Day book. I mean...

We celebrated Trav as a dad, and us being married for 7 years by....going to get pedicures! Ha! Ella got up early from her "quiet time," and Trav was watching golf while the boys I was like, why not?! 

Don't worry, we made it back and celebrated our favorite guy for the rest of the day!


Ella had her first day of Vacation Bible School at her friend's church. Look at the fun jewelry she made! ;)

Lucas had another swim lesson. I'll spare you the details, but let me just say he pooped on her sidewalk (yep) and cried for most of the lesson. 

Good news, he felt better that afternoon!

And I'm happy to report potty training is going well! I'll probably jinx it by typing this, but he's had no accidents since this pool situation on Monday! And he even kept his pull-up dry last night, so whoa! 


I finally get a Dino doll for my tutoring!

They are super hard to get because you have to earn 1,000 tokens and then they only give away 100 per when there's like 30,000 teachers that can be challenging! But I finally got one, so yay! Another thing for my kids to fight over!

Lucas also FINALLY earned 10 stars on his behavior chart, so he got to pick out a prize from the dollar store. No one is surprised he chose a monster truck.

Oh, and I sold Ella/Lucas's crib! I might have almost cried putting it on my front porch for pick up. 

Tuesday afternoon, we went on another nature scavenger hunt! Target sells the cutest little bags that I could probably make myself for free....but whatever, they are like 50 cents each and it gives us something fun to do for like 30 minutes. 

Lucas recently discovered what a fire hydrant is and now he is obsessed with pointing them out. 

And Ella actually picked up probably 10 worms on this nature walk! This one was still moving!!! Ah! I don't know how she wasn't grossed out because I definitely was!


We hit up story time at the library!

And we went to check on my parents' new house being built!

For as much as he loves a construction site, this was as close as Lucas would get! 

I don't understand!

We rounded out our week with a trip to the "jumpy place." 

Bennett was a little unsure of the foam pit!

But he did like crawling around on the regular floor!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 42}

Hi everyone!! 

Another fun week in the books!


We had to celebrate National Donut Day at our favorite donut place, Duck Donuts!!

Bennett was less than excited. 

Yum!!! I'll give you 4 guesses as to whose was whose. 
(Mine = top left (key lime pie!), Ella = middle left, Lucas = bottom left, and then we got the bottom right bacon one for Trav. The other two on the right were for me to eat later, haha!)

Don't feel too bad for Bennett; I let him have a few very tiny bites of mine...he loved it!

After naps, Trav was home from work, so we gave him his birthday present (a gift card to TopGolf; thank you to my MIL for the suggestion!!!!)

And then we went out to eat for his birthday!

Don't let the picture fool you, Lucas inhaled that hamburger in about 3 minutes flat.

We also let Bennett have a few french fries and he was obsessed with them. Clearly he had some very healthy eating this day, between the donut and these fries! 


Ella went to her friend Ellie's birthday party!

I'm slightly in love with the birthday girl's skirt (it is from H&M, yes I asked!)!!!

Meanwhile, these boys were at home watching golf...

...and getting M&Ms for peeing in the potty!

(Yes, potty training has gotten better since last week! We are still not at 100%, but he's making progress and I only mildly need a glass of wine at the end of each day)


Ella and I braved the rain to go to church!

We came home from church to find that Lucas and Travis had taken Lucas's big boy bed out of the box and were starting to assemble it! So I was like, ummmm ok....we are doing this now?!?!

And yes. We did.

This boy was SO ready and excited for his big boy bed!!!

I, on the other hand, was so sad that I only had one child left in a crib!

I'm happy to report that Lucas stayed in his bed ALL night and had been doing fantastic napping in it as well! Such a difference from when we moved Ella to her bed...I still have PTSD from that!


We hit up the library. Again.

But this time, we actually made it to story time! Pretty sure this is like the second story time Bennett's ever been to. Such a third child; Ella went almost every week as a baby!

Then it was time for another swim lesson!

Our cleaning ladies were still at our house, so I took the kids to Chick Fil A for lunch. About 5 seconds after I took this picture, Lucas peed everywhere (he's wearing underwear instead of pull-ups now), so that was fun. 


Lucas had his first dentist appointment!

He sat in the chair for about 5 minutes, which is 4 minutes longer than I thought he would. He let the hygienist clean one tooth before he decided that this was no place for him and got out of the chair, never to return again. The sweet hygienist didn't want to force anything on him, so after a few minutes of trying to talk him out of the corner, we decided we would just try again in 6 months. Oh, Lucas. You don't make anything easy, do ya buddy? (Except the sleeping in the big boy bed!!!)

Since we had a very short appointment, we met our friends at a different library for another story time!

Bennett loved the bubbles so maybe we need to go back sooner rather than later!


Ella had day #2 of her preschool animal camp... I decided to bust out some summer school things at home with Lucas!

Back in the day, I did a bunch of fun activities with Ella the summer than Lucas turned 1 and we were stuck in nap jail. I certainly don't have that kind of time (or energy!) now, but I thought we could do a few transportation-themed activities, and go from there!

This sweet boy was cracking me up while I made dinner...he kept making out with the dishwasher!!! It was too funny!

And he also wanted to snuggle with big brother in his new bed!

Not yet, Bennett! I still need one baby in a crib for now!!


Another swim lesson!

We also took our annual photos with the D-A-D letters to update Trav's picture frame for Father's Day. It went realllllly well this year, ha!

Bennett decided to show off a new trick at nap time: being able to sit up from laying down, and trying to fling himself over the crib railing!

So we immediately lowered his crib before he went to sleep that night!

Happy Father's Day weekend to all of the dads, especially mine, my husband, my father in law and my grandpa!!! You all are the best guys ever!!!