Friday, June 28, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 44}

Happy Friday everyone!

We've had a pretty exciting week because for a good part of it, we were at the beach!!!

But first, prior to our second beach trip of the summer...


Ella wrapped up her first (of 3!) Vacation Bible School with her friend Ellie! They put on the cutest little show and her group sang "Good, Good Father." I almost cried! It was so sweet.

This church always has the most elaborate decorations every year for VBS and this year did not disappoint! Lucas loved walking in every morning for drop off and pointing out all of the animals in the halls!

And of course Friday was the First Day of Summer, which means its also National Wear Your Lilly Day!

Ella didn't want to match the boys because she was supposed to wear orange for VBS, so please just try to overlook the fact that they are not very well-coordinated!

After naps, the training wheels I ordered Ella had arrived! The ones that came with her new bike were bent and not doing their job very well, so I ordered these off Amazon (super cheap!) and they work great!


We went to Ellie's (different Ellie than from VBS!) first birthday party!
Bennett had fun drooling all over her toys...

...while the big kids just wanted to watch Paw Patrol...

...and eat cake!


We got all packed for the beach!

Travis was in LA for work, and my mom just happened to have a work conference at Kiawah this same week. So, my nice parents invited me and the kids to join them in Kiawah while Trav was out of town! It was really nice, even if the condo my parents were renting was way too small for 3 adults and 3 kids!!!

As soon as we got to Kiawah, we headed right for the beach! It was a super quick walk from their condo!

And guess what? Lucas was still terrified of the ocean!


After a night of awful sleep (sleeper sofas are NOT my friends!), I was ready to head back to Charlotte, but we stuck it out and went to the beach instead, ha! I mean, while we're here, might as well, right?!

I was ready for a repeat of Hilton Head: Lucas not going anywhere near the ocean, Bennett eating the sand...

...well, what do you know but my dad (Lucas's favorite person everrrrr) picked Lucas up and just started walking down to the ocean with him!

And you guys! I don't know what kind of magic happened, but Lucas actually liked the ocean!!!!!

I couldn't believe it!

Oh this boy. Truly does everything in his own time!!!

Of course Bennett and Ella had a blast from the get-go. We could hardly get Ella out of the water (no surprise) and we could hardly stop Bennett from eating sand (again, no surprise). 

Monday night for dinner, we went to Freshfields Village, which is this shopping area that has a bunch of stores and restaurants. Our wait for dinner was an hour long, but it passed quickly because we found a Lilly Pulitzer store...

We ate dinner at La Tela, which was sooooo good!

Bennett loved all of the bread and pizza! #carbsallday #wemustberelated

After dinner, we got ice cream and Lucas completely destroyed his jon jon. (He haaaaddd to get chocolate just like my dad; told ya they are best friends!)


We had all gotten quite a bit of sun during our beach day Monday, so we tried to stay in the shade Tuesday morning! We hit up a local playground!

But know we ended up right back at the beach!

And we had another fun day of playing in the ocean!

{Bennett was legit trying to swim! Good thing he's signed up for swim lessons next month!}

{Because if you don't take a pic in your matching swimsuits, did it even happen?!}

{The dump truck was still gigantically popular this trip to the beach, don't worry!}

Lucas made friends with another older boy (he did this at Hilton Head, too!). This boy let both Ella and Lucas help him catch minnows in his net! They loved it. 

After much needed naps, we went to eat at the Ryder Cup Bar at the Ocean Course. When we walked in, I immediately noticed Steve Smith (former player for the Panthers) was eating dinner there with his family! 

The views from this place are absolutely gorgeous! While we waited for our food, this kids and I walked around a little bit and took pictures!

The food was good, too! Bennett kept stealing french fries off my plate!

We quickly made it back to the condo and changed clothes for some sunset beach pictures!!


Before we left, I had the *great* idea to wake up at 6AM to take some sunrise pictures! My kids were like, "really, Mom? Weren't we just on the beach doing this like 12 hours ago?!"

Then, after taking all of these, I realized Ella's dress was on backwards. I mean....
In my defense, it was like 6:30 in the morning and I had been sleeping on a pull-out couch for the last 3 nights, so I was not running on all cylinders!!!

I'd say it was worth it to get up that early though because I love how the pictures turned out, even with Ella's backwards dress! And it helped us get on the road early back to Charlotte!

When we got back to Charlotte, Ella's backpack and lunchbox for kindergarten had arrived!!!

I guess this means I really have to send her, huh?!


This was our big "catch-up on all the things" day! So many errands and laundry to do! We did make a quick stop to the library and both kids were elated to find a brand new Peppa Pig book!

I'm still getting sand out of my car, stroller, all the bags/clothes/shoes/towels. So that's what I'll probably be doing this weekend! Hope you all have a great weekend!