Monday, June 3, 2019

Bennett Michael {9 months}

Dear Bennett,

Ten days ago, you turned 9 months old!!! We celebrated at the beach by letting you eat lots of sand! I can't believe we are just 3 short months and only 1 more doctor check up away from your first birthday! How is that even possible?! 

Height: 26.5" (2 %ile)
Weight: 15 pounds, 9 ounces (2 %ile again)
Head circumference: 44.6 cm (27 %ile)

Clothes: You are mostly wearing 9 month clothing! I try to put you in some of Lucas's old summer things, which are 12 months and they are wayyyy big but we make it work! You can still squeeze into 6 month stuff, especially pajamas! Your feet are tiny and can't fit into the 6-12m sandals I got you from Old Navy! They keep falling off! Good thing its summer and you can just go barefoot ;) You are still in size 2 diapers.

Nicknames: Ben, Ben Ben, Little Bean, Benny, Benny Ben, Benny Boo Boo, Sweetest Boy, Big Guy, Little Peach, Prince of the Peanuts, Lucas still calls you "Baby Bin-it!" while Ella prefers "Benny"

Milestones: This was a big month for you! You got your first 2 teeth! You've also become quite mobile and as of very recently, you are army crawling! You can get from one side of the room to the other pretty quickly by rolling, pivoting and army crawling! So I have to really watch you like a hawk now! You also get up on all fours and kind of rock back and forth, but you're not really sure what else to do after that. I'm pretty sure you started waving, but you're not exactly doing it "on demand" yet. But if we say, "Bennett, wave!" and we wave to you, you will at least lift your hand up and most times, try to move it up and down back at us! You babble A LOT and have said things that sound like "DADA," "MAMA," and "ELLA," but I don't think you know what you're saying quite yet. Your little voice is just the sweetest, though! 

Sleep: You continue to sleep great! I have a feeling you may not get many morning naps this summer because your siblings are on the go, but if you are tired, you certainly let us know! You take some pretty amazing 2+ hour naps in the afternoon, especially if you haven't napped/napped well that morning. You are still going down for the night around 7/7:30 and will sleep a solid 12 hours when I don't have to wake you before I begin my tutoring in the mornings! When I do wake you, you go right back to sleep after you eat until 8 AM!

Best Moment: Celebrating Mother's Day with you! Daddy gave me a necklace with your name on it and it is so special to me!

Worst Moment: When you bite me. Glad you have teeth, buddy, but that's not cool!

Likes: Sucking on your pointer and middle fingers, ceiling fans, "Baby Shark" song, "The Wheels on the Bus," your activity center, big brother's cars/trucks, cords/chargers, watching golf with Daddy on the patio, when we give you "raspberries" on your tummy, pulling Ella's hair, playing Peek-a-Boo, bath time (you love when the water splashes on your face!), sand. 

Dislikes: Teething (see photo above!) You also get in these moods where you just want to be held...and you get PISSED if I set you down. Also not a fan of hearing me but not seeing me. 

Health: Other than so much drool from the teething, you've been perfectly healthy this month! Yay!

Eating: You are figuring out more and more about eating every day! You love to eat pancakes, puffs, Mum Mums, avocado, bananas and Cheerios! You aren't sure about some of the other things we've given you, like peanut butter. We will keep trying! You also love to eat pouches of purees, but if you had your way, you would just drink them right from the pouch! You are still nursing every 3 hours, but you bite me! Ouch!! Stop that!

Bennett, you are just the SWEETEST. I can't even accurately describe it, you are just SO sweet. You are snuggly but you also are learning to stand up to Ella and Lucas! Everyone always comments on how happy and chill you are! You got a little upset at your well visit last week and our pediatrician was like, "Oh! He actually cries!" because she hadn't heard you cry in a while! We can't imagine our family without you!! We love you so much! 

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