Monday, August 24, 2020

Bennett Michael {2 Years}

 Dear Bennett,

How are you TWO?! I mean seriously! I feel like it was just a few months ago that we were heading to the hospital to find out if you were a boy or a girl! And now you are already a walking, talking full-blown toddler! Time, slow down!!!

We don't go in for your 2 year check up till mid-September (thanks, Covid), so I'll try to remember to update here after that! You continue to grow so, so fast. You fit comfortably in size 18 month jon jons, especially those brands that run on the larger size. You are starting to get into 24 month/2T sized clothes (I swear 24m and 2T are the same exact size; I still can't really tell the difference between the two!). You finally moved up to size 4 diapers! You wear size 5 shoes, but are quickly outgrowing those! 

Last time, I posted an update, you had just started walking. Well, now you are running!!! And jumping, and climbing, and just plain constantly on. the. go. You do not stop! You love to dance, swim and play anything that involves a ball (basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, football...). 

You have hit a speech explosion, especially over the past month. You talk ALL of the time now! When we are in the car, you constantly see things you recognize and say "Mommy! Look!" and then say whatever it is. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. My favorite thing that you say right now is "excavator;" it's such a long word and has so many sounds, but you do a great job trying to get them all to come out of your mouth! You also love to point to things you recognize in books. But your favorite thing to point to is pictures of our family! You love to look for Ella, and of course "Me! Bennett!" 

Speaking of books, they are still at the top of your Favorite Things list! Whenever you wander off, 9 times out of 10, you have gone to find a good book to sit down with! You love pretty much any kind of book, but especially books about transportation/construction, dinosaurs, Berenstein Bears, Cars, and Peppa Pig. Every night you climb into Lucas's bed to read a bedtime story with him and's so sweet!

You also are still my musical child. You are always singing the various Blippi songs, and you still enjoy the songs from Frozen 2. You love to play the drum and toy guitar that we have! You may also be a mathematician because you are obsessed with counting and can count all by yourself to 5! Maybe that's a normal thing for a 2 year old but I'm kinda impressed by it! You also attempt to sing the ABCs, which is just the cutest but you only make it to about letter G before it kind of derails. 

You still really love dogs, and think anything with 4 legs is a dog! You will say, "Mommy! Doggy!" about a bear, reindeer, tiger, lion, cat...pretty much anything. But when you do see a real, actual dog, you lose your mind! Our friends just got a puppy and you've gone to see her a few times. You love this puppy and are not scared of her one bit, even when she jumps to kiss you! The other animal you really like is fish, and you call every water animal (i.e. sharks, dolphins, turtles, etc.) a "fish." 

You love, love, love anything and everything transportation, as mentioned above! Your favorite activity is to go to the airport overlook and watch the airplanes take off! You wave to all of them and say "bye bye airplane!" You would also be content to just sit at the front window and watch for trucks all day. Wednesday is the best because it's trash day! Oh man, you live for that garbage truck! After you see it, you always break into Blippi's Garbage Truck Song! And of course we have to mention, you love any kind of train, which inspired your birthday party theme! Your favorite shows to watch are Chuggington and Thomas. You also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Paw Patrol! 

You are still SUCH a happy little guy 95% of the time! People are constantly amazed at how chill, smiley and content you are! You just babble and toddle all around, and everyone loves you! The only times you get mad are when one of your siblings takes a book or toy away from you, or you are really hungry! You really love my phone, and especially have a knack for taking selfie videos of the top of your forehead. When you've filled up my camera roll and I take the phone away from you, you pretty much lose it. Maybe I will just have to get you a play camera or something...are you going to be a photographer one day?!

You sleep fantastic! You go to bed eagerly every night, calling to us, "Night! Night!" as you run toward your crib! Seriously! It's a dream. And you nap pretty great too; usually around 2 hours each afternoon! You eat most things I give you, but your favorite are strawberries, cheese cubes, granola bars, Goldfish crackers, pizza and corn dogs! You've had McDonald's once in your whole life, but feel the need to holler "MIH-DAHN-AHL!" every time we drive by one. 

Bennett, in the past 6 months you've survived a pandemic, two siblings learning from home, Daddy working from home and lots of mask wearing (not by you, though because under 2 year old shouldn't wear masks according to the experts!). Aside from all of that, you've grown and flourished so much that it's obvious nothing can get in your way of being the awesome child you are! We love you SO much and can't wait to see what this next year brings! Potty training?! Big boy bed?! The end of the Coronavirus pandemic?!?!?!? We can't wait to find out with you! Thank you for completing our family!