Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bennett Michael {3 months}

Dear Bennett,

I know I'm a little late in getting this post up (you officially turned 3 months old last Saturday), but we had the most eventful weekend EVER! And then, you have been a little sick this week and weren't in the best mood for pictures. Thankfully, you are feeling much better so we were able to take your 3 month pics today!
HOW HOW HOW are you already a fourth of a year old?!?! I feel like the past 3 months have flown by, even faster than with your brother and sister. Wasn't August just last month?! 

Height: 23 inches (6 %ile)
Weight: 11 lbs. 13 oz (6 %ile)
Head circumference: 40 cm (29 %ile)
{I hate the months we don't have well visits because I don't know how accurate your stats are!}

Clothes: You are mostly in 0-3 month clothes...finally! You can still squeeze into a few newborn things, and sometimes I enjoy squishing you into newborn jammies just to see if they still fit! You moved up to size 1 diapers this month!

Nicknames: Ben, Ben Ben, Benny, Benny Boo Boo, Peanut, Peanut Butter, B, Little/Littlest B, Bean, Little Bean, Buddy. Ella's nickname of choice is "Benny," while Lucas always calls you "Baby Bennett." 

Milestones: You have been laughing, babbling and cooing up a storm this month and it is the absolute cutest thing ever! You love to "talk," especially to your big brother and big sister! You are also trying SO hard to roll...both front to back and back to front! I think you'll probably accomplish rolling back to front very soon! 

Sleep: You are doing so much better!!! You've made it a few 7, even 8 or 9 hour stretches!!! I've been putting you down in your crib around 8/8:30 PM, and you will sometimes even make it to 5/5:30 AM! I dropped your dream feed just a few weeks ago just to see how long you could make it. I was shocked to find out (as were my boobs, ha!) that you can sleep for quite a few hours now at night! We still do not have a consistent nap schedule, which is out of my own laziness. I don't want to put you down for naps in your crib because it's just so much easier having you sleep in the swing or your boppy lounger downstairs by me! I really do think we need to get on more of a routine with naps this month...that is my goal! I will say you almost always fall asleep every time you are in the car. If we don't go somewhere one morning, that morning you don't usually nap! Eeek. 

Best Moment: Celebrating your 1st Halloween and 1st Thanksgiving!

Worst Moment: You were NOT a fan of when I put you in the pumpkin! Sorry buddy, its a right of passage around here!

Likes: Eating, pacis (especially the wubbanubs), Christmas lights, ceiling fans, the white noise machine, the vacuum, being in the car, your hands (I think you might be a thumb sucker!), snuggling, spitting up, getting rinsed off in the bathtub (when we stick your head under the faucet), kicking your legs like a frog, when we say "HELLO ME!" when anyone smiles at you, your big brother and big sister!

Dislikes: Being cold, being hungry, having a poopy diaper, putting on clothes over your head. 

Health: Well, ironically you are just now getting over your very first cold...but since you're technically 3 months, I'll save that for next month's update ;)  Up till this point, you had a very healthy 3rd month: no fevers, illnesses or blood transfusions! Yay! Your hemoglobin is also stabilizing and you don't need another check until your 4 month appointment!

Eating: You continue to eat well! You are still nursing every 3 hours. Right now, we are on a schedule of 5:30/8:30/11:30/2:30/5:30/8:30 feedings, give or take 30 minutes. You had a bottle when I took Ella to Peppa Pig Live a few weeks ago, but you didn't drink very much of it and I ended up nursing you when we got home! We'll try the bottle again soon! 

Ben Ben, you are just the sweetest little bean! We are all totally smitten with you and we can't imagine life without you! Keep up that adorable cooing and laughing...we love you, sweet boy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thanksgiving + Our Trip to the Mountains

We had a great Thanksgiving here at home! 

We started our day by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Chase from Paw Patrol was of course the highlight. 

Then my parents arrived and my mom brought this coat for Ella. It used to be mine!

We had to take some pictures outside!

And then Bennett watched football with Daddy...

We basically were geniuses this year and thought to get the food catered! Trav and his dad deep-fried the turkey in our driveway, but everything else we ordered from Midwood Smokehouse. It was amazing, because I feel like making all of those sides is what creates the most dirty many pots and pans! So this was definitely the way to go and I think we'll be doing more ordering out for future Thanksgivings :)

I kept our table decor super simple. The eucalyptus smelled so good! Ella saw a friend making place cards for her family on Instagram, so she wanted to do the same. 

Time to eat! Lucas ate everything...

...while Ella ate about 10% of what's on her plate there. 

And Bennett slept! I think next year he will enjoy the food a little more!

After dinner, we took some pictures!

Our family room is so dark! Please help me convince Trav to get all of the wood painted white. He likes the wood...ugh. Can we all tell him to paint it white, please?!

Then, Travis cleaned up pretty much everything!!! I was SO thankful for that alone!!! Best husband ever. 

My mom and Ella played games...

...while my dad snuggled with Bennett!

Then my mom and I went to Target at like 10 PM.

My mom stress-fractured her hip and isn't supposed to be walking on it, so we got her one of those motorized scooters at the front of the store. I WAS DYING. 

I know I posted like 25 videos on my Instagram stories of my mom running around Target in her little ride...but oh my goodness, it was so funny. We both almost peed our pants several times. 
Here she is after knocking over a whole bunch of slippers. I just can't. 😂

After a few hours of sleep, we decided to hit up the mall the next morning. This time, we brought Ella with us! 

And Bennett came too!

Then we made a quick stop at home to pick up the boys and head to the mountains!
Bennett was so excited for his first trip to the mountains!

We went to dinner, where Ella ate almost a full stick of butter...

...and Lucas put away his noodles like a boss.

The nest morning, this little moose was officially 3 months old! (3 month update coming soon!)

I was straightening my hair and Ella asked me to straighten hers too. She looks so old!!!

After hanging out at the hotel most the day, it was finally time for the main reason we came to the mountains: The Polar Express!

The last time we took a picture in front of this caboose, Bennett was in my tummy!

The train station was all decked out and my kids (especially Lucas) were SO pumped to go on the train!

We did the cheapest option (coach class) and honestly, it was perfect. I didn't feel like we were missing anything at all. And look how cute our car was decorated! 

Lucas was a little skeptical of the conductor punching his special ticket, ha!

Then, we arrived at the North Pole!

So, I would have liked if there was a little more to look at on our way to the North was really dark and most of the ride was through the woods. I did like how they put some deer out to show that we were "getting close." But once we got to "the North Pole," thankfully it was very festive!

All in all, the Polar Express was a big hit! My kids all had a great time and they loved the hot chocolate and cookies they got! They also saw Santa and got a bell from him! I think this is definitely something we will try to do every year from here on out!

The next morning, we figured while we were in the mountains, we should get our Christmas tree! Bennett was excited about that!

So, on our way home, we stopped at Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree Farm. It was literally on top of a mountain that we had to walk up! And I forgot to bring the Ergo for Bennett, so that was fun.

All of the Christmas trees looked like this:

I thought they were a little skinny, but I figured my mind was playing tricks on me because surely they wouldn't all be so skinny, right?! Oh no, I was definitely right because when we got home, I realized how sad-looking our tree is. Womp, womp. 

Oh well! We still had fun cutting down the tree (Lucas was super into the chainsaw!) and my kids got to see a second Santa in less than 24 hours!

This Santa was super legit!!

We came home Sunday afternoon and I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the Christmas decor I had to put up!!!

Send help because it's still not all up yet! Hopefully I can get it up by December 25!! ;)