Friday, November 2, 2018

Life with Bennett {Week 10}

Don't mind his expression...he's still recovering from the shots he got this morning at his 2 month check up!

Anyway, are you ready for a post with 12,000 pictures of my kids in their Halloween costumes?! Yes?! Ok! 


We went with our neighborhood friends up to the nursing home that's right outside of our neighborhood to trick-or-treat there!


Time once again for soccer! 

Lucas still wanted to pick up the ball as much as possible, so Trav decided to go help him kick the ball ;)

After soccer, there was a little trick or treating event at a nearby shopping center, so we went up there! 

One of the “stores” is a ballroom lesson place, and they were having some sort of dance contest while the trick or treating was going on! Lucas and Ella were both mesmerized by the dancers!! 

Both kids also had things made by a balloon artist. Lucas’s dog was deflated/popped before he even got in the car. Ella’s flower is still going strong almost a week later.

Both boys changed into football jerseys after trick or treating! 

After naps, we decided to go to yet another Halloween event. There were probably 12 different Halloween events for kids going on in Charlotte this day! I’m proud that we just made it to 2 of them! 

I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t change Lucas into his lion costume. He was just a football player! 


We had trunk or treat at Ella’s preschool! 

Of course my kids were obsessed with the Paw Patrol car! 


We were having our irrigation system fixed, so while we were stuck at home during that, I decided to take Bennett’s picture in the basket of candy! 

He wasn’t sure about it.

We also finally got around to carving pumpkins! 
Well, we scooped them out anyway. We didn’t have time to carve them till the next day! 


We went to Target, where I was so excited to see Christmas stuff already out! I took advantage of the fact that Ella was at preschool and scooped up good wrapping paper before it got picked over. I got the wrapping paper that we will use for presents from Santa. Each kids gets all of their presents wrapped in the same paper...makes it easier on Christmas morning to know whose present is whose! 

Before I carved faces on our pumpkins, I had to take Bennett’s picture in a pumpkin. He hated it!! 

All 3 of my pumpkins in a pumpkin. Bless Bennett’s heart.


We took a quick pic before Ella left for preschool, and Lucas actually cooperated! I was shocked!

After we dropped Ella off at preschool, I took both boys to Trav's office for trick or treating there! Lucas was SO excited!

He couldn't wait to dig into his candy!

And of course, the main event was trick or treating Halloween night! 

We stayed out pretty late, but of course the kids wanted to eat all of their candy as soon as we got home!! We actually missed a lot of the trick or treaters while we were out, so we have a TON of leftover candy as well as the candy Ella and Lucas got trick or treating!


First day of November = bring on the turkey outfits (or foxes dressed like turkeys. Whatever)!

Our treadmill repair guy was here for almost 2 hours, so the boys and I had a lazy morning at home while Ella was at preschool. I found this Peppa Pig car on a local Facebook group and I can honestly say it has been the best $3 I've ever spent!

Bennett can sit in the Bumbo chair now for short periods of time and that is super exciting!

So the bad news is that even thought our treadmill guy was here forever, the treadmill is still broken. We might be looking at getting a new treadmill. Yay. Merry Christmas to Trav and I, haha. 

Stay tuned to see what we decide to do about that! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Super cute pics of your kiddos and awesome job with their costumes! Keep us posted on your treadmill replacement search....we may be looking at replacing ours soon as well! I’m less concerned about all the fancy bells and whistles and more interested in longevity.