Friday, November 16, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 12}

12 weeks already?!?! How?!?! Why?!?!

Sorry I have been the most boring blogger ever lately! I have like zero time to do anything these days, so it's a small miracle I can even post these weekly updates, let alone other posts! Maybe one day I'll post more than once a week! 

We had a pretty low-key week for 2 reasons:
1. It rained pretty much every day. It was the grossest week weather-wise!
2. I feel like its the calm before the Thanksgiving/Christmas storm!


We met up with some friends at ISC to get our energy out!

I was cleaning that afternoon and found both kids like this:


Soccer again! 

Ella was quite the fashionista with my sunglasses on!

We are still working on Lucas NOT using his hands...

The rest of the day was spent just hanging around and cuddling! Bennett had on the cutest little hooded outfit, and Ella wanted to get in the picture as well. 

I also sold a bunch of Christmas clothes on a local Facebook group! My kids have wayyyyy too many Christmas outfits!!!


We put up Christmas trees in Ella and Lucas's rooms!

Happy to report that Lucas knocked over both containers of ornaments, spilling glitter everywhere. He also has already knocked down his Christmas tree. I immediately put him in his crib for time out and yelled NO! a bunch of times, so I think he got the memo and hasn't touched it since! Everytime he walks into his room he says, "OH! Kree-mas! No touch!" The fact that he calls his tree "Christmas" (or, "Kree-mas") is just the cutest thing to me.

Bennett supervised the decorating of the trees. I need to find a Christmas tree for his room ASAP!

We spent Sunday evening at our friends' house! Here is B holding hands with his new girlfriend ;)

They also had this toy in their playroom that occupied Lucas (literally) the entire time we were over there. Santa might be bringing him one of these for Christmas!!

That night, Bennett slept from 10:30 PM until 5:30 AM, which is the longest stretch he's ever slept!!!


The grossest, rainiest, coldest day ever! We spent the majority of our morning running errands and picking up things I bought off our Moms Facebook group. 

Hi, my name is Mindy and I'm addicted to buying things off M2M (Facebook group). 

Bennett had to test out his new play mat! It's a hit!

Monday afternoon, we went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some things for Operation Christmas Child. Ella's preschool always collects things and makes boxes for this organization, and Monday her preschool director sent an email saying they hardly had any supplies this year. So off to the dollar store we went...

...we may or may not have bought everything in there. I didn't know it was possible to spend that much money at the dollar store, ha!


My car had a recall on it, so we took it to the dealership to get checked out. Lucas loved looking at all of the cars in the showroom! 

Then we went to Target, where I spent way too much money in the dollar section! 

See?! Bought. All. Of. The. Things. 

Happy to report the gingerbread house is already a big hit!

Apparently this is what I do when the weather sucks: spend money. Ha! 


We met some friends at the library, where they had lots of fun activities set up. 

Lucas was mostly (actually, only) interested in this makeshift water table. He got totally drenched, but had fun so that's all that matters, right?! 

He also made this turkey that he "gave" to Bennett!

These two boys. Nothing but trouble...just look at them!

We got Bennett's new canvas in the mail Wednesday, so I promptly hung it up with the other 2! Love love love.


We had an open house for prospective parents at the school where Ella will attend kindergarten! (PS. How are we already talking about kindergarten?!?! Wasn't she just born?!)
Lucas was just here for the snacks ;)

And Bennett was super bored on the tour!

Then, last night, I took Ella to Peppa Pig Live!

She was SO excited and the look on her face when it started was well worth the extremely over-priced tickets. 

Both boys stayed with a babysitter until Trav got home from work. It was Bennett's first time with a babysitter and I think he behaved!

We have SO many things coming up in the next week! I'll be back on Monday to do a little Lucas update, since he will be officially 2 and a half then! 
Have a great weekend!!

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