Monday, October 22, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 8}

Happy Monday friends!

We were out of town Thursday through Saturday, so that's why I wasn't able to get this post up on Friday, like I normally do! 

Anyway, here's a look at what we've been up to!

My friend Chelsea and I attempted our first outing with just the 2 of us and ALL 6 KIDS. Chelsea's husband has an awesome paternity leave, so he has been tagging along with us these past few months. So that's why we are just now having our first "solo" attempt! 

We took everybody to the Nature Museum and we all survived! No one got lost, stolen or injured so I would call that a success!!

Friday just happened to be Ella and Mackenzie's FOURTH "anniversary" of when they first met!

Gahh! Those sweet girls! I hope they are always besties. 


It was finally a little chilly, so we broke out this adorable dinosaur sweater! Ahhh. 

Lucas had soccer again! 

When he wasn't busy knocking down the pop-up goals, he actually scored a goal! 

We dropped the boys off at home, and then Ella, Bennett and I went wayyyy out to the Monroe mall to meet Peppa Pig! The line was crazy long, but thankfully moved quickly!

These two kids after their naps....they crack me up!


We went to the pumpkin patch! Bennett's outfit was just a smidge too big!

The smallest it came in was 6 months, and Shrimp & Grits Kids is notoriously big...but we made it work!

Lucas wanted to buy every pumpkin there!

Also: taking pictures with a feisty 2 year old is *super* fun! Not. 

Bennett got to go on his very first hayride!

I also went to Wal-Mart (this is literally my one trip per year to Wal-Mart!) to get some mums and smaller pumpkins for our front steps! 


Hemoglobin check for Mr. Bennett!

It is holding steady at 10.5! We go again tomorrow, so hopefully it hasn't dropped too much. 

Lucas likes tagging along on these doctor visits, because he always gets stickers!

I don't think he has enough pacis!


We went back to the high risk doctor, so that the main doctor, who did all 3 of Bennett's IUTs, could meet him! I felt bad he wasn't there when we went the week prior; I mean, he DID save Bennett's life (3 times!) so the least we could do was head back up there to see him! 

And it was trash day, so lots of entertainment on the walk back to the car for Lucas!


We met up with our buddies again for a little all boys (plus moms) playdate at the park!

And of course, the Wednesday afternoon madness of Ella's dance class...

{they always make me take their picture by this wall when we are leaving the Y! I keep walking to the car and they always stop, climb up and say "Take our picture, Mom!"}

...and Avondale Adventures! 
Lucas had a nutritious dinner of cake, just cake, this night. Don't judge. 

It was also my night to "help," but thankfully Lucas was really well-behaved (minus taking his shoes off)!


Another day, another way too big Shrimp & Grits Kids outfit!

The kids HAD to wear their farm outfits, because we were going to visit my parents (and grandparents) in Farmville!

Bennett's first road trip!!!

He was really good in the car!!! 
Within 5 minutes of being at my parents' house, my grandma scooped him up and snuggled with him in a huge blanket! 

My grandma's birthday is in a few weeks, so we celebrated early with cake! 

I'll be back Friday to recap the rest of our time in Farmville! Have a fabulous week!! 

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