Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Camping Week!

Last week, we had camping week! 

If you know me at all, you know this meme is basically me in a nutshell:

Yeah, I don't do outside things. 
So when Ella was telling people "It's camping week! It's camping week!" everyone actually thought we were going camping and was a little confused. No, no no. No camping for this chick. HECK no. 
But I did find lots of camping/nature/outdoorsy activities for Ella! 

Books we read:

Educational things:

I found a whole packet of camping themed worksheets {here}, so Ella did several of those, including:

Things You Eat/Don't Eat sort...

...a maze (she calls them "round and rounds")...


...Which one is different? activity...

...and of course, camping patterns!

There was even more stuff on there (be sure to download both parts of the pack!), but we only had time to do a few of the worksheets! 

And we took a nature walk/color scavenger hunt

Art projects:

We used the leaves/flowers/grass from our nature walk to make a nature sun catcher the next day!

For our snack, we had s'mores trail mix with teddy grahams, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips!

We are wrapping up our summer school activities this week with a back to school unit! Ella has been asking me "what will come after back to school week?" so I may keep doing some fall-themed things with her even after she goes back to preschool...stay tuned, I'm still deciding!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Ice Cream Week!

Happy Friday, friends! 
Now that I'm done with Whole 30, Ella and I decided to celebrate by doing a whole week of ice cream activities!!

There is SOOO much fun ice cream stuff on Pinterest, we could have easily done 2 weeks of ice cream! But here's a look at what all we crammed in to just one week of fun! 

Books we read:

Educational things:

Ella wanted to make Lucas's name, too!

I adapted this ice cream math activity; instead of using pom poms, Ella used her dot markers for the ice cream scoops!

Art projects:

We also added "sprinkles" using sticky back foam sheets that I cut up!

We had to add sprinkles to ours!

Unfortunately, the only little pom poms I had were Christmas-colored. Whoops!

Sensory play:

I made an ice cream toppings sensory bin using cotton balls, pom poms and sprinkles. 

We also attempted to make ice cream in a bag.
But, the bag(s) broke. And it. was. traumatic. 

See?! I mean, the HORROR.

Luckily, we had shaken it enough before the bag(s) broke that the ice cream was pretty frozen (and was still inside the inner-most sandwich baggie, so it was not ruined at all by this horrific accident) and Ella was able to eat it!

Field trip:

To the ice cream shop, of course! 
{Actually it was TCBY because that was closest to our house and I didn't want to deal with rush hour traffic....but whatever.) 

So many fun things to do with ice cream! But Ella and I both agree, our favorite thing is to EAT IT! 😊