Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fruit Week!

I am in the midst of doing Whole 30 (that's an entirely other post coming soon!), so I have been eating tons and tons of fruit. I thought why not do a fruit-themed week with Ella?! 

Books we read:

Educational things:

Blueberries for Sal patterns (after reading the book of course!)

I am getting obsessed with these...they take .2 seconds to print and cut apart, and they keep her busy for quite a while!

I also found a whole bunch of apple stuff from my teaching days! (I used to do a whole apple theme...and since apples are fruit, duh...)

Apple Alphabet Matching (can't believe I found a link to this!)

Capital to Lowercase Letter Matching (sorry couldn't find a link, but I believe it came from a book like this?!)

Making patterns with apple die-cuts

Apple Rhyming Match Up (again, couldn't find it online, but it came from The Mailbox, which was my favorite place to get stuff! Back before Teachers Pay Teachers!)

Art projects:

Sensory play:

For snacks, we just ate a whole bunch of fruit! 😉

Next week, we are doing ICE CREAM! I'll be done with Whole 30 (🙌🙌🙌) so you better believe one of our activities will be visiting an ice cream shop (and obviously eating a bunch of ice cream)!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Transportation Week

Playing a little bit of catch-up today....Ella was at Vacation Bible School last week, but the week before that, we had transportation week!

Books we read:

Educational things:

I also took a few of the transportation pictures from the link above and blew them up. Then I used number cards I had from teaching (you could easily make some with index cards!) and made up a little counting game. Ella chose a number card from the pile, and then put that number of stones on the plane/train/car/submarine. 

We used these tools again! She is getting good!

Art projects:


"Traffic lights" using graham crackers, peanut butter and red, yellow and green M&Ms!

Sensory play:

Car wash using shaving cream!

We also took a few "field trips:"

First, to the airport overlook to watch the airplanes land and take off!

And the next day, we took the light rail uptown with our friends to story time at ImaginOn!

Perhaps most ironically of all, during transportation week, my car stopped working. No really, it completely STOPPED on Elm Lane while I was delivering food to my friend who just had a baby! (Luckily, after I restarted it--in the middle of the road--it worked again so I was able to take her dinner and make it back home!) So we also took a few field trips to various car places.

Luckily, they figured out it had to do with some recall/extended warranty thing so I was able to get it fixed for free. Just funny that it happened this week of all weeks!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Our Trip to the Zoo!

Well, we finally made it to the zoo!

The weather was just gorgeous this past weekend and was in the mid 80s! But because it was so nice out, everyone else decided to go to the zoo too, and it was SUPER crowded. 

But we all still had fun and didn't get too sweaty, so I'd call it a win!

We went to the North Carolina Zoo, which I'd never been to before. Everything I had heard turned out to be true: it was A LOT of walking, the exhibits were spread out, and it's probably better for slightly older kids. Whatever, it's still the zoo and my kids enjoyed themselves! 

We started in the Africa section because I thought Ella would be most excited to see those animals. 

Ella's favorite part was climbing on all of the animal statues they had throughout the zoo. 

Lucas's favorite part was escaping from the stroller.

Ella said her favorite animals were the flamingos! But then I asked her again and she said the zebras! And another time she said the giraffes! So who knows...she loved them all! 

After we walked through Africa (and it felt like we had literally walked through the entire continent), we stopped for lunch in between Africa and North America. We just happened to find a picnic table right in front of the carousel. So, of course we had to sucker Daddy in to a $2 ride on the carousel. Someone picked an inside animal so I couldn't get any good pics!

After lunch, we went to the North America part of the zoo, starting with the desert!

We also got suckered in to getting this little lady some ice cream! Lucas had some too, but he didn't like it (I think it was too cold for him...he kept spitting it out)!

Our last stop of the day was the "rocky coast," with lots of arctic animals.

It was too hot for the polar bears to be out, but we did have so much fun watching the seals and sea lions swim underwater!

These guys were such troopers! 

Trav's phone said we walked over 7 miles...and my calves definitely felt it the next day! But I'm so thankfully the weather was fantastic! Another successful zoo day in the books!