Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap!

Another Monday, another weekend recap!

Friday morning we got our new-to-us swing set installed and the kids wasted NO time in going to play on it!

It definitely needs a good power washing and some staining, but the kids love it just as it is now! 

Saturday morning, we met up with our friends at Touch a Truck! There were all sorts of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, semi-trucks and construction vehicles for the kids to check out...both Ella and Lucas were definitely in heaven!

Saturday night, I was really living my best life (ha!) and decided to clean out our guest room closet! This will be the baby's room, so probably not the best idea to have everyone else's old clothes in there, right?!

This was before...

...and after!

There are still a few things in there I need to find homes for, but at least now there's a spot for Baby 3's stuff!

Where did I put all of the clothes?! In the attic of course! 

I plan on ordering these to go over the garment racks so the clothes stay somewhat unharmed. 

Sunday afternoon, Ella had a birthday party! I had no idea the Soccer Shots program did birthday parties...but they do, and it was probably the most genius thing ever. They had 2 coaches who worked with the kids for almost an hour! Ella had the best time playing soccer, and I'm already looking into this as an idea for Lucas's 3rd birthday (yes, in May 2019!). 

After the party, it was time for more playing on our swing set!

Trav had been working in the yard all day, and both kids wanted to help him out! 

Last but not least, I finished the navy accent wall in the nursery! I am obsessed with it. I kind of want to paint at least one wall in every room navy now. 

Don't worry, the bed is leaving very soon, and later this week, I will be painting the remaining 3 walls gray! 

Hope you had a fun (and productive?) weekend too! 

Monday, April 23, 2018


We had a fun little weekend!!

Since we went through 5 pounds of strawberries in less than 2 days, we decided to go back to the strawberry patch Saturday morning!

This time we picked 6 pounds of strawberries!
 (Yes I know I should fill up more than one container, but then that's more containers to make sure Lucas doesn't get into and eat before we've paid for this way, it gives us an excuse to go back to the strawberry patch every few days and get a slushie!!!)

We also took a tractor ride!

Lucas clearly did not want to sit still...he was VERY excited about being on a tractor!

Saturday afternoon, Trav had to go into work, so the kids and I ran a bunch of errands.

Example A is why I always do grocery shopping while Ella is at preschool. She found this cereal at Aldi and HAD to have it. I can't wait for her to eat just the marshmallows out of it. 

We also stopped at the paint store to get some paint for the nursery!

This is what I'm going with! One accent wall (behind where the crib will go) in Naval and the other 3 walls in Gray Screen.  I found this picture on Pinterest and just went with it. Still deciding on everything else in the room...doing navy in a nursery for the THIRD time is tough. I have to do something to mix it up this time around. 

Sunday morning, we dedicated a solid four hours to picking up a new-to-us swing set! This sweet lady I work with at the Y was giving hers away since her boys are older now, and I quickly called dibs! We got a truck from Home Depot (well, the first Home Depot we went to, I saw the truck driving away while Trav was inside trying to reserve we had to go to another, farther away Home Depot but whatever) and then made 2 trips from her house to our house. This thing is huge! 

Lucas wanted to play on it while the guys were taking it apart! You can see it's pretty worn, but nothing a good pressure washing and some staining can't fix! This is what it looks like new and put together ;) 

After that whole adventure that took WAY longer than I ever anticipated (isn't that always how it happens?!), I quickly rushed off to April's baby sprinkle!

Sarah, as usual, was the hostess with the mostess. I am still dreaming about these fruit tart pie things she had. OMG. So YUM. 


Now if would just stop raining so the assembly guy can come and put our swing set together!!! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

1. We FINALLY made it to the strawberry patch yesterday!!!

Please note that my children do not have on their "strawberry patch outfits" because we had just come from the Y and also it was a little chilly out! So, next time we go, they will be better dressed! 

We picked over 5 pounds of strawberries in about 15 minutes. Lucas managed to eat another pound by himself before even got out of the field.

We have already eaten about half of our strawberries (since yesterday!) so looks like we will be going back super soon!!! Baby Ferg LOVES strawberries, so I have been eating tons!!

2. Speaking of Baby Ferg, I had a big doctor's appointment on Monday at the high risk doctor. They did my anatomy scan, as well as an MCA scan to check for anemia. So far, baby is not anemic! The MoM was 1.2 and needs to be below 1.5 for the baby to be considered "not anemic," so the doctor was very pleased with this scan. I go back in another 10 days, so hopefully I'll have another good MCA scan then! (If you are reading this going "what the heck is she talking about?!", click here.) Everything looked good on the anatomy scan. I closed my eyes when the ultrasound tech checked for gender, since we are going to be surprised this time! I did a little poll on Instagram to see what you guys thought...

I honestly still have no clue! 

3. We didn't have anything going on this past Tuesday, so I took both kids to Sea Life Aquarium. Ella had been begging to go, and on Tuesdays kids are free when you purchase an adult ticket. The kids had a great time, but I probably wouldn't go on a day besides another Tuesday. It was worth the $15 I spent, but probably not more than that. 

Ella's favorite thing was turning this knob to make the jellyfish change colors. 

Lucas loved looking at the turtles!!

I asked Ella what her favorite part was on the drive home and she said "playing!" (Like, in the play area...which was similar to something you'd see at Chick Fil-A or McDonald's.) Glad we went to the aquarium just for that, ha! 

4. I went a little overboard in the Dollar Spot at Target yesterday and bought too much stuff for my online tutoring job! Here is my updated little corner where I teach! 

Ella and Lucas are obsessed with the world map and all of the animals on it! 

5. I had a dream last week that it was May 18 and I had done absolutely NOTHING for Lucas's birthday party (his party is May 19). So I quickly got my butt in gear and sent out invitations, purchased printables off Etsy and spent a small fortune at Hobby Lobby on supplies!

Ella was happy to help and has been asking if we can go back to Hobby Lobby every day since (it's like 25 minutes away, so definitely an effort to get there)! If you want to see my Pinterest board for Lucas's party, click here!

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends!!

1. You all know I love some arts and crafts! Michael's has been having a free craft for kids every day this week! On Monday, we went and Ella made this cute little mermaid.

Today, I think we are going to go back and make slime! 

2. Now that I'm back on Facebook (yes, I still hate it), that means I'm back in all of my groups...and look what I found for FREE in one of them!!

Yes, a huge amazing train table, with tracks and trains and everything. The best part is, it wouldn't fit in my car, so the mom was sweet enough to bring it to my house for me! Amazing. My kids are totally obsessed and haven't stopped playing with it since we got it on Monday!

3. Tuesday was free cone day at Ben and Jerry's!

We just got Lucas a plain cone, since he doesn't like ice cream! Ella had strawberry and I had chocolate brownie ice cream! So yummy!

4. Ella hit a BIG milestone yesterday....she finally figured out how to pump on the swings!!! 

She was very proud of herself and I am so glad I don't have to stand by the swings pushing her the whole time we are at the playground!

5. I've been following along with Emily Ley's Ruthless Declutter Challenge this week. Monday was kitchens and oh my goodness was that liberating. It took me my kids' entire nap time (2 hours) but I am so happy I made myself do it! I took 4 stuffed trash bags to the Goodwill, and then threw away probably another 4-5 full trash bags. 

{this was everything that went to Goodwill}

A few "after" pics...

I slacked off the last few days, mostly because I had decluttered those areas in January (closets, bedrooms and bathrooms), but I'm back at it today to clean out our laundry room, which is a total disaster right now. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bumpdate {First 15 Weeks}

I'm baaaackkk with a bump date! I know you are SO excited.

Most people hate these things, but honestly, I like doing them for my own record if nothing else. During the early part of this pregnancy, it's been fun to look back on my posts for Ella and Lucas to see how this pregnancy is similar/different. I'll only do them once every 4-6 weeks or so, so just bear with me! And feel free to skip entirely if you're not into these sorts of posts ;) I won't even be mad!

Here we go...BABY FERG 3.0!

{please ignore that week 13 photo...I was DYING from allergies!}

Size of baby: an avocado
Weight gain: I had some major anxiety issues going on in November/December that caused me to lose quite a bit of weight before I got pregnant...however, I'm not sure if I can even use that as a plausible excuse for the 12 pounds (YES) I have gained so far. Woof.
Maternity clothes: At this point I’m playing a game called “how long can I wear my regular jeans?” I definitely have to unbutton them by the end of the day, but they fall down less than maternity jeans!
Gender: No clue. I had a dream a few weeks back that it was a girl....but the Chinese Gender Chart says boy, and that was right for Ella and Lucas. 
Movement: I think I am feeling flutters and random rolls. Could be my organs though?!
Cravings: S’mores flavored anything, pasta salad, granny smith apples, yogurt, ice cream, Greek food. I refer to this as my #YOLOPREGNANCY. Probably the last time I'll ever be pregnant, so I might as well eat all. of. the. things. Right?! 
Symptoms: I was slightly nauseous weeks 7-10, but not as bad as with Ella. I am constantly hungry. I could eat and eat and eat all day long (see also: weight gain). I'm starting to get some round ligament pain if I stand up or move positions quickly. I was suuuuuper tired at the beginning, but in the last week or so, my energy level is getting better. I do get tired easily, like walking up the stairs and/or carrying Lucas is a major workout! I have been crazy clumsy and hormonal (sorry Trav!). My face is randomly breaking out, and I just feel like I'm getting uglier in general, ha! This child is stealing my beauty! 😂
Workouts: I started off running 4 miles, 4 times a week, and got down to 10:00 mile pace pretty quickly (I attempted 8:30-9:00 mile pace for a few weeks but it was HARD). I went down to 3 miles, 4 times a week on week 11 and I'm still aiming for that. Running is so much harder this time around. My goal is to make it to 20 weeks, but ultimately, my body (and this baby) are in charge and I'm not going to stress myself out about it if I stop before then. 
Labor signs: Nope.
ISO: Adding this one this time around! If you need a refersher on ISO, feel free to click {here}. They checked my titers at my 12 week visit and they are still at 64 (which is what they were last year, not pregnant, a year after Lucas was born). I was obviously referred to the high risk doctor (MFM), who didn't want to see me until 18 weeks. I felt a little nervous about waiting till 18 weeks to see what exactly was going on with this baby, so I called them back to see if they would see me before then, and they got me in next Monday! (I'll be 16 weeks, 4 days!) They will be doing an MCA scan to check for anemia, as well as an attempted anatomy scan (they'll have me come back at 18 weeks if they can't see everything though). I'm also hoping they can do a test to find out baby's blood type. 
What I miss: Definitely alcohol.
Best moment this week: Finding out, sharing our news, seeing this sweet little baby on the ultrasound monitor twice, hearing it's heartbeat (it was REALLY high the first time!). Also, this sounds dumb, but I'm so glad to be back on Facebook and in my ISO Moms group for them to answer all of my questions! And of course, loved celebrating Easter with our little family….we will have 3 Easter baskets next year!!

Looking forward to: Going to the doctor on Monday to get some much-anticipated answers!!! Please keep us in your prayers!!