Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap!

Another Monday, another weekend recap!

Friday morning we got our new-to-us swing set installed and the kids wasted NO time in going to play on it!

It definitely needs a good power washing and some staining, but the kids love it just as it is now! 

Saturday morning, we met up with our friends at Touch a Truck! There were all sorts of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, semi-trucks and construction vehicles for the kids to check out...both Ella and Lucas were definitely in heaven!

Saturday night, I was really living my best life (ha!) and decided to clean out our guest room closet! This will be the baby's room, so probably not the best idea to have everyone else's old clothes in there, right?!

This was before...

...and after!

There are still a few things in there I need to find homes for, but at least now there's a spot for Baby 3's stuff!

Where did I put all of the clothes?! In the attic of course! 

I plan on ordering these to go over the garment racks so the clothes stay somewhat unharmed. 

Sunday afternoon, Ella had a birthday party! I had no idea the Soccer Shots program did birthday parties...but they do, and it was probably the most genius thing ever. They had 2 coaches who worked with the kids for almost an hour! Ella had the best time playing soccer, and I'm already looking into this as an idea for Lucas's 3rd birthday (yes, in May 2019!). 

After the party, it was time for more playing on our swing set!

Trav had been working in the yard all day, and both kids wanted to help him out! 

Last but not least, I finished the navy accent wall in the nursery! I am obsessed with it. I kind of want to paint at least one wall in every room navy now. 

Don't worry, the bed is leaving very soon, and later this week, I will be painting the remaining 3 walls gray! 

Hope you had a fun (and productive?) weekend too! 

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