Friday, April 20, 2018

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

1. We FINALLY made it to the strawberry patch yesterday!!!

Please note that my children do not have on their "strawberry patch outfits" because we had just come from the Y and also it was a little chilly out! So, next time we go, they will be better dressed! 

We picked over 5 pounds of strawberries in about 15 minutes. Lucas managed to eat another pound by himself before even got out of the field.

We have already eaten about half of our strawberries (since yesterday!) so looks like we will be going back super soon!!! Baby Ferg LOVES strawberries, so I have been eating tons!!

2. Speaking of Baby Ferg, I had a big doctor's appointment on Monday at the high risk doctor. They did my anatomy scan, as well as an MCA scan to check for anemia. So far, baby is not anemic! The MoM was 1.2 and needs to be below 1.5 for the baby to be considered "not anemic," so the doctor was very pleased with this scan. I go back in another 10 days, so hopefully I'll have another good MCA scan then! (If you are reading this going "what the heck is she talking about?!", click here.) Everything looked good on the anatomy scan. I closed my eyes when the ultrasound tech checked for gender, since we are going to be surprised this time! I did a little poll on Instagram to see what you guys thought...

I honestly still have no clue! 

3. We didn't have anything going on this past Tuesday, so I took both kids to Sea Life Aquarium. Ella had been begging to go, and on Tuesdays kids are free when you purchase an adult ticket. The kids had a great time, but I probably wouldn't go on a day besides another Tuesday. It was worth the $15 I spent, but probably not more than that. 

Ella's favorite thing was turning this knob to make the jellyfish change colors. 

Lucas loved looking at the turtles!!

I asked Ella what her favorite part was on the drive home and she said "playing!" (Like, in the play area...which was similar to something you'd see at Chick Fil-A or McDonald's.) Glad we went to the aquarium just for that, ha! 

4. I went a little overboard in the Dollar Spot at Target yesterday and bought too much stuff for my online tutoring job! Here is my updated little corner where I teach! 

Ella and Lucas are obsessed with the world map and all of the animals on it! 

5. I had a dream last week that it was May 18 and I had done absolutely NOTHING for Lucas's birthday party (his party is May 19). So I quickly got my butt in gear and sent out invitations, purchased printables off Etsy and spent a small fortune at Hobby Lobby on supplies!

Ella was happy to help and has been asking if we can go back to Hobby Lobby every day since (it's like 25 minutes away, so definitely an effort to get there)! If you want to see my Pinterest board for Lucas's party, click here!

Have a great weekend!!

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