Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Weekend Recap!

We had a fabulous Easter weekend this year! 

On Saturday, one of my best friends from high school stopped at our house for a quick visit before they headed down to Hilton Head for their vacation! We took all 5 kids out to breakfast and it was every bit a circus as you can imagine. Including Lucas eating crayons. 

Ava is about 8 months older than Ella and the 2 girls played so nicely together! Ella had been so excited to see her friend Ava!

After they left, we took the kids up to BlackLion to see the Easter Bunny!! 

They were both really excited!!! 

{Ella's dress is from here and her shoes are here | Lucas's shirt and shorts are second hand (bless) but similar here and here...and here are his shoes!}

I was honestly shocked that Lucas didn't cry!! He loved the "Hop Hop"!!! 

Ella had been asking to make an Easter egg tree, so after nap that is what we did! Or, tried to do. We don't have any good trees to hang eggs from, so we settled for decorating this bush instead! Ha!

I stayed up too late Saturday night getting the kids' Easter baskets together. Half of the stuff didn't even fit in their baskets, which is sign #1 that I bought way too much! Oh well! 

I can't believe next year we will have THREE little baskets! 

Sunday morning, we went to church! Ella was beyond excited to put some flowers on the cross.

Lucas was not so excited to take pictures by the same cross! Maybe because he was stuck in the nursery during the service and didn't get to put flowers on it?! 

{My dress is from Amazon! Not maternity and only like $20!}

We came back home real quick and let the kids check out their Easter baskets. 

Ella was super excited about the Paw Patrol fork and spoon I (whoops, I mean the Easter Bunny) found at Aldi, while Lucas couldn't figure out which truck/car/train/helicopter/tractor to play with first! 

I also managed to take a few pics of the kids with their now empty baskets!

{Lucas's face cracks me up!}

Then we went to the Hornets game!

We went to Trav's office at halftime, and found this bobblehead! Yes, it's his very own bobblehead. I about died laughing. 

The kids were super entertained by it. Guess I know what to get them for the next holiday ;)

After the game and really quick naps, my parents arrived and we all played outside for a little bit. And took a few pictures on the front steps. (I mean, it's a rare occasion these days when I have my fancy camera out and ready, so why not take advantage?!)

We ended our Easter Sunday at a restaurant (yay for not having to cook!)...Lucas's favorite part was the giant choo-choo on the wall!

And that's a wrap on Easter 2018!

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