Monday, April 23, 2018


We had a fun little weekend!!

Since we went through 5 pounds of strawberries in less than 2 days, we decided to go back to the strawberry patch Saturday morning!

This time we picked 6 pounds of strawberries!
 (Yes I know I should fill up more than one container, but then that's more containers to make sure Lucas doesn't get into and eat before we've paid for this way, it gives us an excuse to go back to the strawberry patch every few days and get a slushie!!!)

We also took a tractor ride!

Lucas clearly did not want to sit still...he was VERY excited about being on a tractor!

Saturday afternoon, Trav had to go into work, so the kids and I ran a bunch of errands.

Example A is why I always do grocery shopping while Ella is at preschool. She found this cereal at Aldi and HAD to have it. I can't wait for her to eat just the marshmallows out of it. 

We also stopped at the paint store to get some paint for the nursery!

This is what I'm going with! One accent wall (behind where the crib will go) in Naval and the other 3 walls in Gray Screen.  I found this picture on Pinterest and just went with it. Still deciding on everything else in the room...doing navy in a nursery for the THIRD time is tough. I have to do something to mix it up this time around. 

Sunday morning, we dedicated a solid four hours to picking up a new-to-us swing set! This sweet lady I work with at the Y was giving hers away since her boys are older now, and I quickly called dibs! We got a truck from Home Depot (well, the first Home Depot we went to, I saw the truck driving away while Trav was inside trying to reserve we had to go to another, farther away Home Depot but whatever) and then made 2 trips from her house to our house. This thing is huge! 

Lucas wanted to play on it while the guys were taking it apart! You can see it's pretty worn, but nothing a good pressure washing and some staining can't fix! This is what it looks like new and put together ;) 

After that whole adventure that took WAY longer than I ever anticipated (isn't that always how it happens?!), I quickly rushed off to April's baby sprinkle!

Sarah, as usual, was the hostess with the mostess. I am still dreaming about these fruit tart pie things she had. OMG. So YUM. 


Now if would just stop raining so the assembly guy can come and put our swing set together!!! 

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