Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bumpdate {First 15 Weeks}

I'm baaaackkk with a bump date! I know you are SO excited.

Most people hate these things, but honestly, I like doing them for my own record if nothing else. During the early part of this pregnancy, it's been fun to look back on my posts for Ella and Lucas to see how this pregnancy is similar/different. I'll only do them once every 4-6 weeks or so, so just bear with me! And feel free to skip entirely if you're not into these sorts of posts ;) I won't even be mad!

Here we go...BABY FERG 3.0!

{please ignore that week 13 photo...I was DYING from allergies!}

Size of baby: an avocado
Weight gain: I had some major anxiety issues going on in November/December that caused me to lose quite a bit of weight before I got pregnant...however, I'm not sure if I can even use that as a plausible excuse for the 12 pounds (YES) I have gained so far. Woof.
Maternity clothes: At this point I’m playing a game called “how long can I wear my regular jeans?” I definitely have to unbutton them by the end of the day, but they fall down less than maternity jeans!
Gender: No clue. I had a dream a few weeks back that it was a girl....but the Chinese Gender Chart says boy, and that was right for Ella and Lucas. 
Movement: I think I am feeling flutters and random rolls. Could be my organs though?!
Cravings: S’mores flavored anything, pasta salad, granny smith apples, yogurt, ice cream, Greek food. I refer to this as my #YOLOPREGNANCY. Probably the last time I'll ever be pregnant, so I might as well eat all. of. the. things. Right?! 
Symptoms: I was slightly nauseous weeks 7-10, but not as bad as with Ella. I am constantly hungry. I could eat and eat and eat all day long (see also: weight gain). I'm starting to get some round ligament pain if I stand up or move positions quickly. I was suuuuuper tired at the beginning, but in the last week or so, my energy level is getting better. I do get tired easily, like walking up the stairs and/or carrying Lucas is a major workout! I have been crazy clumsy and hormonal (sorry Trav!). My face is randomly breaking out, and I just feel like I'm getting uglier in general, ha! This child is stealing my beauty! 😂
Workouts: I started off running 4 miles, 4 times a week, and got down to 10:00 mile pace pretty quickly (I attempted 8:30-9:00 mile pace for a few weeks but it was HARD). I went down to 3 miles, 4 times a week on week 11 and I'm still aiming for that. Running is so much harder this time around. My goal is to make it to 20 weeks, but ultimately, my body (and this baby) are in charge and I'm not going to stress myself out about it if I stop before then. 
Labor signs: Nope.
ISO: Adding this one this time around! If you need a refersher on ISO, feel free to click {here}. They checked my titers at my 12 week visit and they are still at 64 (which is what they were last year, not pregnant, a year after Lucas was born). I was obviously referred to the high risk doctor (MFM), who didn't want to see me until 18 weeks. I felt a little nervous about waiting till 18 weeks to see what exactly was going on with this baby, so I called them back to see if they would see me before then, and they got me in next Monday! (I'll be 16 weeks, 4 days!) They will be doing an MCA scan to check for anemia, as well as an attempted anatomy scan (they'll have me come back at 18 weeks if they can't see everything though). I'm also hoping they can do a test to find out baby's blood type. 
What I miss: Definitely alcohol.
Best moment this week: Finding out, sharing our news, seeing this sweet little baby on the ultrasound monitor twice, hearing it's heartbeat (it was REALLY high the first time!). Also, this sounds dumb, but I'm so glad to be back on Facebook and in my ISO Moms group for them to answer all of my questions! And of course, loved celebrating Easter with our little family….we will have 3 Easter baskets next year!!

Looking forward to: Going to the doctor on Monday to get some much-anticipated answers!!! Please keep us in your prayers!! 

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