Friday, July 27, 2012

Confessional Friday

It's been a while since I linked up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday! 

Here we go....

1. I was greeted on Facebook this morning by this precious pumpkin:
My friend's husband found this sweet thing outside his work and she is looking for a home. 
Problem is, Travis does not want a dog! :( SOOOO, if you have any tips of convincing him to get this puppy for our family, please please PLEASE let me know!!! Isn't she so sweet?!?!

2. I am really trying hard to get excited about going back to school. I just can't do it. I am enjoying sleeping in and watching Kathie Lee and Hoda way too much. I have yet to buy anything from the teacher store (probably a good thing)!! 

3. I cannot WAIT to get our king size mattress...hopefully it will be super soon!

4. I am really, really, really excited to watch the Olympics (isn't everyone?!)!!!
As a retired swimmer, its always fun to see your sport on TV instead of the same ol' football/basketball/baseball!

5. I am sick again! I have had this stupid cough for over a month... so I finally went to the doctor yesterday. She prescribed for me: STEROIDS and an inhaler. And she told me I can't run too much, especially not outside. Which is so not perfect. I'm going to be so hungry and energized from these steroids and I can't even go run it off?! This is going to be miserable!!!

6. Our house has been invaded by ants. 
We are having the pest guy come out to spray, but not till MONDAY. UGH.

7. I can't stop looking at our wedding pictures. Or talking about my wedding in general. 
Sorry I'm not sorry. 

8. I may or may not have eaten out for Charlotte Restaurant Week two nights in a row this week! If you're not familiar, Restaurant Week is this amazing thing several restaurants in Charlotte do, where they give you a 3 course meal for only $30!

Tuesday we went to Del Frisco's and Wednesday we went to Blue! Both were so delicious and highly recommended, although I'm not sure I can afford to eat at either outside of Restaurant Week! 

Have a great weekend!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday Continues!

Just because I'm married doesn't mean I have to stop doing "Wedding Wednesday" posts, right?! 

Our wonderful photographers just posted some of our wedding pics on their blog! 
Here are a few of my faves:

To see the complete blog post, click here!! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Update!

I had a pretty busy (but FUN) weekend!!! 

On Friday, Katie, Mallery and I had a super fun, and much needed pool day! We were so busy relaxing that I didn't take any pics, so just pretend you see us in this picture (stolen from the golf club's website, HA!)

Friday night, Trav's parents were in town, so we went to eat at my favorite restaurant! Again, I didn't take a picture (sahhhrryyy, I fail). But it was great to see his parents and eat yummy Mexican!! 

Saturday morning.....oh Saturday morning. 

Katie and I decided to run this marathon in November. Katie has been running all summer with our friend Ashley. I have been getting married, laying on Caribbean beaches, and making other excuses for not running a whole lot. 
So Saturday, it was time to face the music! According to our "training plan" we had to run 14 miles. Which is totally normal, for one. Let alone someone who has not been intensely running on a weekly basis.
We decided in order to beat the heat, we needed to start at around 7:00 AM. Which means I had to get up at 6:30. In the summer. On a SATURDAY.  What is wrong with us?!?!??!?!

Anyways, we survived! It took us like 2.5 hours to run the 14 miles because we stopped at a few gas stations for water along the way! It was SOOOOOO humid out!!! Here is a pic of my shorts after the can see that I am completely drenched and my shorts are totally suctioned to my legs.

After I got home, showered and took the nap of my life, Trav and I went mattress shopping! We are going to get a king size bed...I'm SOOO excited!

Then, it was time for dinner and a night out for Katie's birthday!!! Here are some pics from our fun night!!!

{the earrings I got Katie match her accent nail! perfect!}

{my yummy drinks! skinny mojito on the wine with 5 hour energy on the right! if you don't like red wine-like me-I highly recommend putting a lil 5 hr energy in's delish!}

Group shot...regular and crazy one!

Such a fun night with the girls!! 

Sunday was spent recovering (both from the run and the night out...I'm no spring chicken, kids), cleaning and of course watching my girl Emily on the Bachelorette!!! Jef's coming to Charlotte!!! WOO HOO!!! 

Although, I still love Sean...I'm convinced he looks like one of Trav's friends. What do you think???

Ohhh Sean....please be the next Bachelor. America loves you.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Menu Monday!

Now that I'm an old married lady, I've been trying to make use of our new wedding presents and cook delicious meals for me and Trav! 

{glad I've finally got all this stuff unpacked and put away!}

Anyway, I'm linking up with In No Simple Language for Menu Monday!!

Here's what I've been cooking over the last few weeks:

This made a TON! It was a little dry, so Trav added some juice from a jar of jalapenos....sounds so weird/gross, but it actually made this dish really good!!

This was very similar to my grandma's amazing spaghetti sauce! So I obviously loved it!

Always a classic...

I don't like sausage, but this was really good!

Travis LOVED this! I've never seen him eat something so quickly! HA!

Tonight I'm making this:

I'll be sure to let you know how they turn out!!! :)

Weekend update and more fun things coming soon!!! 
I really am going to blog more in my final weeks of summer, promise!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

J. Crew Sale Alert!

If you know me at all, you know I am OBSESSED with J. Crew!

Lucky for me, my parents live near Lynchburg, VA, where J. Crew is distributed! Whenever I visit them, we always go to the J. Crew Clearance Store, which is adjacent to the factory!!

Well, there is no need to go up to Virginia now (sorry Mom and Dad), because J. Crew is currently having a MAJOR sale!!!!

30% off all items already on sale PLUS an extra 15% off for us teachers (and students) out there!!!!

That's a lot of money to be saved!!!! I was ALL over it!!!

Here's what I got:

Original price: $79.50
Sale price: $29.99
My price: $17.84

Original price: $34.50
Sale price: $14.99
My price: $8.92

Original price: $88.00
Sale price: $59.99
My price: $35.68

Original price: $118.00
Sale price: $24.99
My price: $14.87

Multi Stone Necklace 
(Sorry couldn't find it on J.Crew website, so I had to take my own pic!)
Original Price: $39.00
Sale Price: $19.99
My price: $11.89

(I bought 3: red, gray and purple!)
Original price: $18.00 each
Sale price: $6.99 each
My price: $4.16 each

Original price total: $413.00
My total (before tax): $103.46
Total savings: $309.54!

I would say that's even cheaper than the Clearance Store!!

So basically, you need to run to J. Crew and snatch up what I left for you!! 
And def. go into the store...if you shop online, things aren't marked down as much! 
Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My 27th Birthday!

My birthday was last Friday!! It was kinda bad timing though, because a lot of people were out of town for the 4th of July weekend. 
(Word to the Wise: Don't have a baby around a one will be able to come to their birthday parties!)

Anyways, I've been kind of celebrating my birthday for the last few days!!

On Friday, my real birthday, I came home to these:

From my nice hubby! 
He also got me a sweet card, and a magnifying mirror! I really didn't expect him to get me anything because he had just gotten me diamond earrings and a necklace for our wedding. But, on our honeymoon, our room had a magnifying mirror and I had mentioned how much I liked it because I could really see what I was he got me one!!

Then we went out to dinner at new (to us, anyway) restaurant, Georges Brasserie. It was really good!

I had coq au vin...delish!!!

Us at dinner...
Trav's contact fell back in his eye when he was getting ready and he couldn't find it....UGHHH it was so gross!! SO the glasses made a rare appearance! 

On Saturday, Kathryn was sweet enough to treat me to a birthday pedicure at Polished and then lunch at Dean & Deluca! I totes forgot to take some pics, so I snapped one of my toes afterwards!

{Please ignore my nasty blister...and my ugly feet in general!}

Travis also put together the grill I bought him for his birthday (a month ago...but hey, we've been busy, ya know...getting married and stuff!)

On Sunday, we went to pick up our new dining room set!! Our first big purchase with our wedding money!! Basically, I needed something to store all of our china and platters we had gotten as wedding gifts!! 

Since Travis had NO interest in the dining room set, I'm going to go ahead and say it was part of my bday present, too! Hahaha.

Then Trav made us some yummy salmon on his new grill! Which we ate in our new dining room!

Then, last night, I concluded (ugh, I guess) my birthday celebrations with some friends, at my FAV restaurant, Cantina 1511!!!

{ can't see her bc she's wayyyy in the back, but my friend Jen brought her baby Sophia, and I have to say, she's def one of the top 3 cutest babies I have ever seen in my life! And I have seen a lot of babies! I wish I had taken an up-close pic of her because she is presh!!!}

I even got some yummy nutella pie!!! OMG its the BEST!!!


It was def raining/storming pretty much the whole night, and of course I had just gotten my hair cut and straightened that day, so this is how I was walking around....

Yep, I know...I'm pretty cool!

It was a low-key birthday, but after the wedding, I didn't want anything cray cray!!! 
And now, I guess my birthday celebrations have to come to an end...till next year!