Monday, July 9, 2012

Honeymoon: Part 2

Here's a day-by-day recap of the remainder of our honeymoon in Aruba! 
(If you missed part one, click here!) 
It's another picture-heavy post, so get comfortable!!

We decided to do a little excursion...nothing crazy; we are not very adventurous!!! We wanted to do a tour so we could see all of the cool things on the island. The big thing in Aruba is to do a Jeep tour. We were going to do one, but it was SOOOOO freaking hot!!! So, we opted for a nice air-conditioned bus tour instead! 

 It was great!!  
We saw....

Butterflies at The Butterfly Farm

{I took lots of butterfly pics for my second graders next year...I'm pretty sure it's part of their curriculum!}

{Gorgeous view from the California Lighthouse}

A school! They have school year-round, but get a break every 2 months! I like it!

A cemetery...isn't this cray???

Casibari Rock Formation...climbing up was very scary!! It was just a bunch of rocks that you had to strategically step on!

{view from the top!}

Natural Bridge...well actually, this is the Baby Bridge. The Natural Bridge collapsed a few years ago...

{By the bridge...the water was SO rough...definitely wouldn't want to fall in!}

After the tour, we were pretty tired, so we just relaxed by the pool, and had a few drinks. And of course, we ate at the fancy steakhouse for dinner again!

Inspired by our little tour the day before, we decided to explore downtown Oranjestad, the capitol of Aruba. Our hotel was actually right in Oranjestad, so we didn't have to venture too far.

First we checked out the mall that was adjacent to our hotel! We didn't buy anything from Cartier, unfortunately!

The Market

Downtown Oranjestad

We went to a grocery store...and they had Choco Duo!!! Have you ever had it?!?! I was addicted when I studied abroad in Spain! It's like Nutella, but 10 times better!!!!

"Polis" station...hahah, I just liked how they spelled police!

When we got back to the hotel, we changed for dinner! This night, we went over to the family side of the resort, to eat at the outdoor restaurant over there. It was "Aruba Night," so obviously, all of the food was from Aruba. Duh. I was a little nervous because I am a picky eater, but everything was SOOO delicious!!

We went back to the private island to hang out with our flamingo friends!! 

Gorg....I could just die and live here forever.

After our long day in the sun, we went to dinner at the steakhouse again!
We both initially put on SPF like noon. Considering we were out there till about 5ish, I don't think one application was enough!!! Especially for Travis!!! OUCH!

Our last full day! Tear!!!! Since we were both fried from the day before, I opted to chill by the pool, under a nice cabana and out of the sun.... 

 ...while Travis stayed completely in the shade, sat at the bar and watched the soccer game! He had some company...

Late afternoon, we went back to the private island one last time to say goodbye to our lizard friends... 

...and of course, the flamingos!

And you know we had to do a lil Pinterest-inspired activity...

Bye bye, Private Island!!! We will miss you!!!!

Last Aruban sunset... 

Last dinner....YUM! I am already missing these meals! 

Monday was super sad. We had to leave for the airport right after breakfast! Our flight wasn't until like 4, but it takes several hours because they make you go through customs before you leave the country! So it was very much a "hurry up and wait" type of day!

We came home to this:
To say I was sad to be back would be an understatement!! Talk about an overwhelming amount of housework!!

We loved Aruba.... 
after all, it is "One Happy Island!"

Trav and I are so lucky to have spent our honeymoon there, and I hope we can go back soon!