Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Honeymoon: Part 1

I am really terrible at this blogging thing! I thought once I was done with the wedding and done with school for the summer, I'd have so much time on my hands that I'd blog every day. Not the case. AT ALL. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 

But I feel like I need to do this honeymoon update before I forget everything...I had "written" it all down in my notes on my phone...and it somehow got deleted!!! SO I'm going to try to re-cap everything using my good ol' memory and pictures.

{WARNING: Very picture-heavy post!}

Ok, so for our honeymoon, we decided to go to Aruba! (You may remember this post when we couldn't decide!) We found a great all-inclusive deal AND a direct flight from Charlotte! I am all about direct flights. So I was excited. Here's a day-by-day breakdown...only through Wednesday, and then I'll finish the other half soon!

Monday: My parents dropped us off at the airport. Our flight was at 11:30, so we didn't have to get up TOO early, which was nice!

The flight was only about 4 hours long, just enough time for me to read pretty much all of this book by one of my FAV housewives. 

I took some pretty pics from the plane as we were flying into Aruba!

When we got our bags and headed outside, it was SO hot! The SUN! It was crazy bright! I guess that's what happens when you're like 2 seconds away from the equator. Aruba is also insanely windy, which we noticed immediately. 

We checked into our hotel...

...had some lunch (and a very strong pina colada!)...

...and then walked around the pool to check out our surroundings.

We also walked around across the street, because Travis wanted to check out the casino (of course he did).

Then, it was time for dinner! They had delicious sushi and Trav even tried some (he hates sushi)!

We finished up the night by playing a little craps at the casino (most confusing game ever!), and then went to bed pretty early...we were tired!

Tuesday: Today we decided to explore the private island that our resort had. Yes, private island. It was AWESOME. You take a boat, that picks you up right in the lobby. 

And after 10-15 minutes of riding through this... arrive at this:

..where you see lots of these...

...and lots of these!! (I was kinda obsessed with them)

We relaxed on the beach...

...had lots of strawberry daiquiris... 

...and even made some iguana friends! 

After we returned from a relaxing day on our private island, we decided to head over the to family side of the resort to see what it looked like over there! (Our resort had 2 sections....we were on the "adults only" part. Obviously.)

They had a cute lagoon...

...which we took a walk around...

...and a swim up bar!

We decided to eat dinner on the other side of the bar (since we didn't have our swimsuits on anymore!), and it was really yummy!

Then we headed back to the adults' side to watch the NBA finals game...just what I wanted to do on my honeymoon! It wasn't too bad though...I guess.

Wednesday: This day we decided not to go to the island again (I mean, we didn't want to go there every day...we needed to check out our other options!), so we went across to the family side again to lay out by the lagoon.

I liked the lagoon because it was still breezy, like the island, but it wasn't as far away! 

We decided to eat lunch at the bar/restaurant that is right by the lagoon (where we had also eaten the night before, but whatev)...

...we had ceviche! It was soooooo good!!!

After lunch, we relocated to by the pool, where I immediately passed out for 2 hours! HA! 

After our naps, we went back to our room to get ready for dinner. We ate at the steakhouse at our resort, and the food was incredible! It was like eating at Ruth's Chris! 

{Us at our yummo dinner}

I'll be back as soon as I can to post about Thursday-Monday!!! Have a super 4th of July!!!

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  1. I'm going to Aruba with my boyfriend in 2 weeks and these pictures just got me SO excited!