Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Update!

I had a pretty busy (but FUN) weekend!!! 

On Friday, Katie, Mallery and I had a super fun, and much needed pool day! We were so busy relaxing that I didn't take any pics, so just pretend you see us in this picture (stolen from the golf club's website, HA!)

Friday night, Trav's parents were in town, so we went to eat at my favorite restaurant! Again, I didn't take a picture (sahhhrryyy, I fail). But it was great to see his parents and eat yummy Mexican!! 

Saturday morning.....oh Saturday morning. 

Katie and I decided to run this marathon in November. Katie has been running all summer with our friend Ashley. I have been getting married, laying on Caribbean beaches, and making other excuses for not running a whole lot. 
So Saturday, it was time to face the music! According to our "training plan" we had to run 14 miles. Which is totally normal, for one. Let alone someone who has not been intensely running on a weekly basis.
We decided in order to beat the heat, we needed to start at around 7:00 AM. Which means I had to get up at 6:30. In the summer. On a SATURDAY.  What is wrong with us?!?!??!?!

Anyways, we survived! It took us like 2.5 hours to run the 14 miles because we stopped at a few gas stations for water along the way! It was SOOOOOO humid out!!! Here is a pic of my shorts after the can see that I am completely drenched and my shorts are totally suctioned to my legs.

After I got home, showered and took the nap of my life, Trav and I went mattress shopping! We are going to get a king size bed...I'm SOOO excited!

Then, it was time for dinner and a night out for Katie's birthday!!! Here are some pics from our fun night!!!

{the earrings I got Katie match her accent nail! perfect!}

{my yummy drinks! skinny mojito on the wine with 5 hour energy on the right! if you don't like red wine-like me-I highly recommend putting a lil 5 hr energy in's delish!}

Group shot...regular and crazy one!

Such a fun night with the girls!! 

Sunday was spent recovering (both from the run and the night out...I'm no spring chicken, kids), cleaning and of course watching my girl Emily on the Bachelorette!!! Jef's coming to Charlotte!!! WOO HOO!!! 

Although, I still love Sean...I'm convinced he looks like one of Trav's friends. What do you think???

Ohhh Sean....please be the next Bachelor. America loves you.

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  1. Red wine & 5 hour energy!? I have never heard of this, but I must try!! Sounds superb!

    And 14 miles after not running so go girl! I'd have died!

    Sean was totally my fav, but I'm glad she's happy with Jef!!