Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!

Wait, WHAAATTT?!?!
 A post NOT wedding-related?!?!?!

I know y'all are SHOCKED. I am too. But I really do need to blog more about my life post-wedding...and we had the most relaxing, yet fabulous 4th of July! Woohoo for our first holiday being married!!!

The day began by going to Kathryn's for a little 4th of July get-together. Kathryn's sweet doggie, Irish, had just passed away the day before, and I was amazed at how she still wanted to throw this party! Add to the mix that their power shut off about 30 minutes after I got there...this girl can handle anything! 

{not even fazed by the no-power situation!}

Jen made this super yummy "sand"...very similar to "dirt" cake with Oreos! It was too cute not to take a picture of! I believe this is similar to the recipe she used. 

After Kathryn's we headed out to dinner and a baseball game with some friends. I mean, what is more patriotic than a baseball game?! Come on.

At dinner, I got to see Travis hold a baby (our friends just had baby Campbell in April and he is so presh!)!!!! Who would have thought....

Campbell loved Travis!

Then it was time for the baseball game! cute are his sunglasses??!!

The game was super long (and sorry, but I personally find baseball insanely boring!), but then FINALLY, it was time for fireworks!!!

{Such a champ! Fireworks did not bother him at all!}

{They kept shooting them off, even as we were leaving the stadium!}

Hope you had a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

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