Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break To-Do List!

This may be a little bit of an oxymoron because breaks are for relaxing....but I've got sh*t to do people!  So here ya go...

1. Paint family room! You may remember all of my pillow issues when we bought our new couches! We also have accumulated a layer of soot on our walls and ceiling from excessively using our fireplace! Gross! I'll be happy even if I just get to the ceiling, but I'm aiming for some new color on the walls any of these:

2. Do an extensive spring cleaning, which includes, but is not limited to:
-deep clean fridge, pantry, dishwasher, coffee maker, washer and vacuum
-get new shower curtain liners
-wash comforters, duvet covers, pillowcases, shower curtains and of course our couch slipcovers
-clean out my closet and donate old clothes, shoes and bags
-get some Bona and polish my wood floors
-get out all carpet stains

....soooo, basically doing all of the cleaning tips and tricks I've been pinning :)

3. REPORT CARDS. UGHHHHH. I have some grading that I need to do first before entering grades in...I have a feeling I'll be doing this like the night before going back to school! These new report cards are SO involved and LONG and time-consuming!

{I wish ours were this simple!}

4. Run this race next weekend! 

This is a pic from the race last year....holy crap load of people! Makes me nervous! 

5. Relax????

I just wish the weather would be nicer!! It's supposed to be rainy and 50s most of the week! Yuck! 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Catching Up

OMG, has it really been 10 days since I last blogged!?!? UGH. I blame school. And my third new student in the last 9 weeks...but that's neither here nor there because I'm on SPRING BREAK, beeshes! Can I get an AMEN?!?!'s what I've been up to...

-The best thing happened to me last Tuesday. Kathryn and I discovered the Wine Loft at Whole Foods!!! OMG y'all. This is life. changing. I am wondering why no one thought of this sooner.

What you do get a prepaid card and then go up to the wine bar where they have several wines on tap. You serve yourself, and you can get a 1 oz sample, half glass or a whole 5 oz glass. Plus on Tuesdays, they have "Half off the loft," so the wine was suuuupppper cheap. Like, we each got a glass...and a half for less than $6! It was probably the most amazing thing ever.

-March Madness is kicking my butt. My bracket SUCKS. I really thought it would be good this year! The good news is at least it's better than the one my kids made. They're currently chilling in dead last place in our little group. 

{There we are! Fergalicious is me...Second Grade Stunnaz is the kiddies! We are both awful}

Dumb teacher moment: They wanted to pick FGCU over Georgetown and I talked them out of it
Shoot me. 

So now, I'm totally hopping on the FGCU bandwagon! I love a good underdog, and they're the reason why my dad's school didn't get to go to the big dance this year! 

-I have been watching nothing but basketball and Downton Abbey. This was actually my family room last week (and for the record, Travis was at a softball game!):

I finally finished season 3 of Downton Abbey and O.M.G...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?! When is season 4 happening?!?!? I am so addicted. 

-I had an incredibly lazy weekend. I did pretty much nothing except I did go get a pedi with Kathryn. 

{My feet are pretty nasty...but this is the color I got, just on my toes....also this was stolen from elsewhere on the internet...I don't have pretty hands either}

I didn't even put on real clothes on Sunday. True story.

-I think I may have gout. I feel like every other month I am telling you about some new problem I have with my feet/knees/legs! Remember my marathon knee? (Yes, it still hurts!) And of course my over-swollen pinkie toe. I mean, come on, give me a break here. I woke up in the middle of the night with the most horrendous pain in my big toe! My mom thinks it is gout, which apparently is something old, obese men get. Which clearly describes me. NOT. Oh, what will my next injury be?!?!?

I'll be back soon to share my Spring Break plans!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Menu Monday

I'm linking up with Rachel today to share some yummy things I've made recently!

I've made this before, but I'm not sure if this was the best chicken and dumplings I've ever had-it was more like chicken pot pie, but still pretty good. 

Yummy and healthy! We ate it with pine nut couscous.

I'll eat anything with balsamic vinegar on it! This was good, and made a TON...the veggies filled up my entire crock pot! I also added a little extra balsamic so the chicken didn't get too dry. 

Giada can do no wrong in my book. These were delish, just like all of her recipes.

I've made these before too, but they were a special request from Travis for our Selection Sunday meal (we always eat enchiladas on Selection Sunday...we are dorks). They were just as amazing as I remembered! 

Have a wonderful week!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

These are My Confessions...

Time for Confessional Friday with A Blonde Ambition!!! 

Here we go.....

1. I confess...I have apparently arrived at "that age" when everyone has a baby. I am embarrassed to say I actually made a list the other night of all the pregnant people I know (you know how I love lists!). Final Count: 42! FORTY-TWO. That's right y'all, almost 50 people I know are having babies this year. That's cray. And also not helping the baby fever. 

{In the middle of this terrible-quality pic is prego #1 of 42! My sexy girlfriend Dana! So good to see her this week!!}

2. To go right along with that....I confess that I do not understand the point of maternity photos. Pay hundreds of $$$ to get profesh pics of me looking like a giant whale?!?! Can someone please explain this to me???

3. I confess...that I am downright addicted to Downton Abbey. 

I realize I am about 15 years late to the party, but I have watched all of season 1 and 2 in like 10 days. Now I am trying to figure out a way to watch season 3 (preferably for free) since it is not on Netflix or Hulu! HELP!?!?!

4. I confess....I am SOOOOOO excited for March Madness!!! Selection Sunday is THIS Sunday and I feel like Christmas is coming! I am totally for real!! This is how you know I've been with Travis too long...I'm actually more excited about the start of March Madness than I am for St. Patrick's Day!!

5. And to tie in with that...I confess this video cracks me up. For as much as I am still confused about this whole Harlem Shake nonsense, if this doesn't at least bring a smile to your face, we just can't be friends.

I mean, COME ON. I just love our Heels. Joel James doing the "Roy Williams"?!?! I DIE. (And why yes, I did just tie in Rachel Zoe with college basketball.)

6. I confess....I just realized I put my yoga pants on backwards. And then switched them around in the middle of my kitchen. It's been a long week, y'all. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Wish List

Can you believe this weather?!?!? I'm not sure what it's like where you live...but it's currently 66 and sunny here in Charlotte and I LOVE IT!! Spring is finally coming....I hope!

Anyways, I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I gave up shopping for Lent. Yes, I know. But with the Italy trip coming up (and those plane tickets chillin on my credit card statement...ugh), I figured it would be a good idea to try to save some money...key word TRY

So far, I've been pretty good, only buying essentials, like food, makeup, shampoo, etc. 

But, Easter is only 19 days away! Sooooo, I'm pretty sure I'm going to un-do all of my saving because I have been making a list of all the things I want to buy when I can shop again!!!!

{ I too old for an Easter basket?! Just sayin...}

(I know you're shocked the first thing on this list is Tory)

This water bottle...I promised myself I'd go on a lil Lululemon shopping spree if I beat my best 10K time in my race next month (44:26 FYI)! 

I'm obsessed with these Kate Spade sandals

Any shirt that has stripes or polka dots....both would be PERF (thanks Anthropologie!)

Ditto to anything chevron....

Oh, and of course, I'd like some clothes for Italy....any of the following would be acceptable:

I feel like I've wanted this J Crew bracelet for forever.

And last, so this list isn't totally frivolous, I'd like another camera memory card, so I don't have to delete all of my pics off my current one to make room for all the photos I plan on taking in Italy!!

I'd really like a new SLR camera, but I'm trying to be reasonable here (because I don't already want a $125 bracelet or a $328 tote bag)!

What else should I add to my list? What should I wear in Italy? You have 3.5 months to let me know!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lots of Food {AKA My Weekend Recap}

So this weekend, I decided to eat as much food as possible. No, but really.

Friday night, Travis made us this delicious pizza, using the leftover Cilantro Cream Sauce from one of the recipes I posted last week! Also on the pizza, he put chicken, onions, tomatoes, and I'm not really sure what else, but let me tell ya, it was DELICIOUS!

Saturday morning, I braved the snow--yes, snow in March, what is this, Ohio?!--to go get my hair cut. Well, I had so much hair that my girl Sarah couldn't blow dry it by herself, so she had her assistant (she's fancy) help her! I felt very special hahahaha.
And also I realize this doesn't involve food, but its pretty much the only thing, so enjoy this ridic pic.

THEN, I went to my friend Andrea's bridal shower. If you recall, she's the one who had the fancy engagement partayyy in the same building as MJ's condo. She's pretty snazzy. The shower, was of course, at her soon-to-be in-laws' home and it was straight out of Pinterest...especially the kitchen.

Not the best pic....but I was too busy eating.

So, the food was homemade by her future MIL, who is a trained chef....let me tell you, it was delicious!!! 


We also had homemade tiramisu for dessert, which was delish as well!

That night, we had Andrea's bachelorette party, since all of her friends were in town! Unfortunately, it was CIAA weekend here in Charlotte, which means you do not go anywhere near uptown and there is WAYYYYY too much traffic everywhere, so we had to do something kinda low key. 
We got manis and pedis at my fav nail place and then went to dinner at a new restaurant, AZN. It was really good! 
Here is our adorable penis things, because we are nice!

After dinner, we were all so tired from our busy day! We are so old!! 

Yesterday, my dad came in to town and we went out to eat AGAIN, this time at The Cowfish!
I had some yummy sushi!!! 

....and then I gained 5 pounds. And that's the end of my weekend.

But...quick, special shout out to my baby bro who turns the BIG 25 tomorrow!!! Woowoo!!!

We clearly loved each other early on....

Don't worry, homeboy got an upgrade this birthday, he's currently in the Dominican with his girlfriend! #jealous

Have a wonderful week!!!