Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday {Italian Style}

I'm linking up again for 5 on Friday with these lovely ladies....
And since we are leaving for Italy SOOOO SOON, here are 5 (only 5?!) things I am most excited about seeing/eating/experiencing in Italy:

1. Seeing all of the famous sights

We already have a tour of the Colosseum booked (poor Trav, I think this will be the closest he gets to a sports venue the entire trip) and I also want to see the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon, Pompeii....and probably lots more that I am forgetting! (PS-we are going to Rome, Venice and Sorrento/Amalfi let me know of any last minute suggestions of things we MUST see!)

2. Food
Pasta? Pizza? Gelato?! Sign. me. up.

{I want to do this! Haha}

Yummmmmmmmm....I've packed my fat pants, don't worry. 

3. Shopping

This is a picture of Via dei of the most exquisite shopping streets in Rome. Of course, I've already researched this. 
Gucci? Prada? Louis? Versace? Watch out Travis. Hide your wallet. 

4. Reuniting with this girl:

...and her fab fiance, of course! 
Yes, we are traveling thousands of miles to see each other, when we really only live 8 hours apart!
I can't wait!!!! 

5. Romance

I can't wait to take a romantic gondola ride through Venice, and of course, spend quality time with my hubs making lots of fun memories!!! 

Have a great weekend/week! Celebrate the 4th of July for me!!! :) 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Autumn and Matthew's Wedding

This past weekend, we went up to Chapel Hill for the wedding of our good friends, Autumn and Matthew. {You may remember I went to Autumn's super cute monogrammed bachelorette party about a month ago.}

Here are some pics....of course, I was too lazy to take my camera, so these are all crappy from my phone. Sorry. You know this is how it goes by now.

We got to sit in the balcony, which I have to say was super ideal for picture taking!

The ring bearer was SO cute!

The reception was at the Harvest House, which was a super cute farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. No really. When people were giving speeches, there were cows mooing in the background! HA!

Here is my silly husband {he was a groomsman, again} doing who-knows-what for their entrance.

Autumn and Matthew walked out to the sound of the UNC bell tower chiming, like it does before UNC football games. Matthew even did his thing with his arms, which you can see here (I don't know how to explain it?) that he always does at the games when he wants everyone to stand up. It cracked me up!

Me with my handsome groomsman! I love the ties that they got as gifts (there were little polka dots on them close up)!

The cake was SUPER yummy, plus they also had the most amazing cheesecake! I had a slice of both...don't judge.  

The groomsmen decided/got forced into singing "Wagon Wheel" for the bride....sign #1 you know you are at a Southern country wedding. 

{Travis says after: "I didn't even know the words!" UGH how do you not know the words to "Wagon Wheel"?!}

Here is another picture of the reception area! It was so pretty with all of the little lights!

{Ignore all the beer bottles....that wasn't our table or anything...}

Congrats Autumn and Matthew!!! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY First Dance Frame

Happy Thursday! 
I'm linking up with Katie and Steph for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It to show you all how I made that picture frame thingy I shared yesterday

I actually found the directions from Katie herself here and pretty much copied everything exactly!

Here's what you will need:
{I got all of my supplies at Joann Fabrics}
-frame of your choice (I used an 11"x14" matted down to an 8"x10" opening)
-piece of burlap (I got 3/8 of a yard)
-hot glue gun
-lyrics to your song (I typed out 3 pages in courier new font, 10 pt)
-colored paper of choice (most examples I've seen used red, but I hate red and wanted to match our wedding colors, so I used-what else?-Carolina blue) 

{Yes, I started this project on our guest bedroom bed...sorry for the strange background!}

First, measure your piece of burlap so it will fit in your frame.

Next, start punching out your lyrics! I started at the bottom of the page and then after I punched out a row, I'd cut the paper so the punch would reach to the next row (does that make any sense? if not, don't worry about it)!

After I picked out 15 of my favorites, I arranged them on the burlap, to make sure they were somewhat evenly spaced. I also punched out a blue heart and just wrote our names and wedding date on it. I've seen people type this part, too, but I was just lazy. Plus I think I have decent handwriting, so it would look ok. 

Then, it's time to start gluing your hearts down! I folded each one in half and then put just a little glue along the crease.

{Please ignore my disgustingly dirty glue gun! It's gotten a lot of use!}

All you have left to do it put the frame together, and viola!!!

Super easy, it will take you less than an hour! And thanks for dealing with my crappy iPhone pics (when will I ever learn?!?!)!!

PS-Our first dance song was "It Did" by Brad Paisley, in case you were wondering. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our First Anniversary!

We celebrated our first year of marriage this past weekend! 

{I still can't believe this was a year ago! Time flies.}

Our real anniversary was Sunday, but we started early by going out to dinner on Friday night at the place where we had our wedding reception, Bentley's on 27

Of course I wore my pink wedding shoes....

Bentley's sat us at an amazing table where our backs were turned to the rest of the restaurant, and we got to look out on the most incredible view for our meal!

For our appetizer, we had some ahi tuna, calamari and bacon-wrapped mini fillets...

The calamari was sooooo good!
Remember, I don't like bacon, so Trav ended up eating the steaks for dinner the next night!

We both got different meals than we had at our wedding...I got jumbo shrimp with crab meat on top, YUM!

The wait staff surprised us by bringing out creme brulee for dessert!

It was a wonderful evening! 

On our actual anniversary, Sunday, I wore this all day, because, when else am I going to wear it again?! Ha!

I also made this {with our first dance lyrics} that's been circulating Pinterest! I will provide a tutorial was super easy though! I figured it counted as a "paper" gift (paper is the traditional first anniversary gift) for both of us and we will hang it up in our bedroom soon!

{Sorry, I tried 4 times to get the picture to turn...don't know why it's not cooperating!}

And of course, we had to eat our 1 year top tier of wedding cake...yum? We used the same forks (that have our wedding date imprinted on them) that we ate our cake with at our wedding!

It actually wasn't too bad...a little freezer burnt and dry, but overall, not the worst thing I've ever tasted. Not sure if we will eat the rest of it at any point though, haha. 

We also had some bubbles in our toasting glasses, that again, we used last year!

I'm guessing I should probably change the picture on that "Happy Everything" platter! It's so cute though...

Cheers to our first year of marriage and many more to come!!! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

5 on Friday!

ONE. First off, a BIG Happy Birthday to one of my best friends and lover of this blog, Nataleeeeeeee!!!

{flashback circa 2008...and yes we are at Trav's apt with 2 tvs in the background...UGH.}

Love ya, girl! And, can't wait to see you in just a few weeks in ITALY!!!!

TWO. I got a new job! It's not totes offish yet, but I'll let you know alllllllllll the deets as soon as I hear back from HR! :) I am SOO excited!!!!

THREE. We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary (already?!?!) a teense early tonight! We are having dinner at Bentley's, where our reception was....OMG I can't wait to eat this delicious meal again.

Oh, and I am also going to wear my wedding shoes again! 

I'd probs wear my dress too if it wasn't all boxed up and everything....I'm not even kidding.

FOUR. Italy countdown is ON! I've been making a notebook full of all our travel details, and thinking about what I want to wear! Thanks to April for writing this genius post about how to pack for Europe! 2 weeks, y'all!!! I. can't. wait.

I wanna go noooooowwwwww!!!

FIVE. Happy Early Father's Dad to all of the dads out there, especially to my sweet daddy and father-in-law! Two of the nicest men on the planet, I tell ya!

{Can you tell which dad is my dad and which is Trav's?!}

Have a great weekend!!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Randoms

Happy Sunday and Happy {almost} Summer to my teacher friends!!! Only 3 glorious workdays come between me and my summer...ahhhhh!!! 

*I failed to mention during my last random recap that Kathryn and I had been going to Crossfit recently! (Michelle, I'm sorry it isn't your place, but Kathryn had already gotten a Groupon for somewhere else! We will be coming to your place though when this Groupon runs out!) Holy workout!!! I have never been so sore in my entire life....the first time we went, I couldn't move my arms above my head for like 3 painful. 

*The last day of school was {obviously} Friday!! We celebrated by having an epic dance party and watching our school on the Today Show!

*Oh! That's school was on the Today Show!! We are FAMOUS! My principal won an award for educating male students of color and our test scores have been so impressive, that NBC sent their education reporter (sadly, not Savannah or Matt) out and they filmed at our school ALL day last week! Fortunately, they did not come in my classroom, for which I was very grateful. The show aired last Thursday, but you can watch it here:

*We also celebrated the last day of school and Trav's birthday on Friday by going out for a yummy Thai dinner!! 

We were going to try to go to Brad Paisley, but it was supposed to (and ended up) storming really bad, and since the venue was outside, I'm glad we didn't go and get soaked!

*Saturday, I decided that Kathryn and I needed to hang out doing something besides Crossfit, so I went over there last night. We had an excellent time, as always, and Dame even rocked out to my fav song {$10 if you know what that is}!

PS: Is it sad that I get SO excited for Sunday night TV?!?! RHONJ and Kardashians!?!?!? Ahhhh. Happy Sunday indeed. :)