Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Autumn and Matthew's Wedding

This past weekend, we went up to Chapel Hill for the wedding of our good friends, Autumn and Matthew. {You may remember I went to Autumn's super cute monogrammed bachelorette party about a month ago.}

Here are some pics....of course, I was too lazy to take my camera, so these are all crappy from my phone. Sorry. You know this is how it goes by now.

We got to sit in the balcony, which I have to say was super ideal for picture taking!

The ring bearer was SO cute!

The reception was at the Harvest House, which was a super cute farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. No really. When people were giving speeches, there were cows mooing in the background! HA!

Here is my silly husband {he was a groomsman, again} doing who-knows-what for their entrance.

Autumn and Matthew walked out to the sound of the UNC bell tower chiming, like it does before UNC football games. Matthew even did his thing with his arms, which you can see here (I don't know how to explain it?) that he always does at the games when he wants everyone to stand up. It cracked me up!

Me with my handsome groomsman! I love the ties that they got as gifts (there were little polka dots on them close up)!

The cake was SUPER yummy, plus they also had the most amazing cheesecake! I had a slice of both...don't judge.  

The groomsmen decided/got forced into singing "Wagon Wheel" for the bride....sign #1 you know you are at a Southern country wedding. 

{Travis says after: "I didn't even know the words!" UGH how do you not know the words to "Wagon Wheel"?!}

Here is another picture of the reception area! It was so pretty with all of the little lights!

{Ignore all the beer bottles....that wasn't our table or anything...}

Congrats Autumn and Matthew!!!