Monday, June 3, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

So, as I mentioned yesterday, we spent almost ALL of Memorial Day weekend painting our bedroom!

Here is what it looked like before:


The color we chose for the walls is called Pool House by Sherwin Williams. From my internet searches, it should have looked like this on our walls:

But it turned out a little darker. I'm ok with that though; I love a dark and cozy bedroom!
Here's what our bedroom looks like now:

{ok, I guess it's not that much darker than the picture I found...also the curtains are kinda boring because Travis specifically wanted black-out curtains, and those only come in so many colors/styles...}

{moss letters are from our wedding!}

{still need to hang this canvas...and decorate the top of the dresser a little more}

{...and also need to do something else with this dresser!}

{little bathroom area...which I eventually want to make into its own room!}

Sooooo what do you think?!? We still need to do a little touching up in spots, so don't zoom in too much on the woodwork!!!! 
This project took over my whole weekend!!!! Next time, I am hiring a professional! Good thing Elmer is coming next week to paint our family room and kitchen!!!


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  2. The new paint color is a lot relaxing than the previous one. It was a good choice, Mindy! Maybe you can play with your bed sheet color or choose something with a different design though. Also, consider adding wall decors to put more character in your room.

    -Elidia Wolford @ DaviesConstruction