Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY First Dance Frame

Happy Thursday! 
I'm linking up with Katie and Steph for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It to show you all how I made that picture frame thingy I shared yesterday

I actually found the directions from Katie herself here and pretty much copied everything exactly!

Here's what you will need:
{I got all of my supplies at Joann Fabrics}
-frame of your choice (I used an 11"x14" matted down to an 8"x10" opening)
-piece of burlap (I got 3/8 of a yard)
-hot glue gun
-lyrics to your song (I typed out 3 pages in courier new font, 10 pt)
-colored paper of choice (most examples I've seen used red, but I hate red and wanted to match our wedding colors, so I used-what else?-Carolina blue) 

{Yes, I started this project on our guest bedroom bed...sorry for the strange background!}

First, measure your piece of burlap so it will fit in your frame.

Next, start punching out your lyrics! I started at the bottom of the page and then after I punched out a row, I'd cut the paper so the punch would reach to the next row (does that make any sense? if not, don't worry about it)!

After I picked out 15 of my favorites, I arranged them on the burlap, to make sure they were somewhat evenly spaced. I also punched out a blue heart and just wrote our names and wedding date on it. I've seen people type this part, too, but I was just lazy. Plus I think I have decent handwriting, so it would look ok. 

Then, it's time to start gluing your hearts down! I folded each one in half and then put just a little glue along the crease.

{Please ignore my disgustingly dirty glue gun! It's gotten a lot of use!}

All you have left to do it put the frame together, and viola!!!

Super easy, it will take you less than an hour! And thanks for dealing with my crappy iPhone pics (when will I ever learn?!?!)!!

PS-Our first dance song was "It Did" by Brad Paisley, in case you were wondering. :)