Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm Still Here!


My life has been absolutely CRAY CRAY in the last week and a half!!

Here are some things we've up been to for last two weekends:

Last Saturday, I woke up and found this guy on my kitchen floor. So that was fun.

After escaping my kitchen, I went with Kathryn for some fun (and small dinosaurs?) in the sun!

Saturday night, we had some of our friends over for a cookout, of which I took absolutely NO pictures. Fail. Too busy drinking wine and eating s'mores, I guess!

Sunday morning, I woke up and decided I wanted to paint my bedroom...that day. No, but really. I went to the paint store and when I got home, Travis' parents were over! How convenient!
I quickly employed them, and Trav's sister Caitlin, to help paint! (Sorry Fergs!)

At least we paid them with a yummy dinner...

We spent all of Memorial Day finishing up the painting. UGH. I am never painting again!!! It was awful!

This weekend, on the contrast, was actually really relaxing!

My anniversary band came in!

We grilled out!

And we also finished up some things in our bedroom!!

So that's where I've been....mostly painting my bedroom, but also doing report cards, and getting ready for the last week of school this week!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoo!!!!!

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