Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Autumn's Bachelorette Party!

Sorry for falling off the face of the earth for the last week....the end of the school is SO hectic (who do I need to speak to about changing that?!?!) but at least I'm not planning a wedding this year!!! 

Anyways, my laziness is full-blown this week, as I crazily try to tie up lose ends in all other aspects of my I'm combining Wedding Wednesday with a re-cap of last weekend, because it's wedding-related! 

So, this past weekend I went up to Chapel Hill for my friend, Autumn's bachelorette party!!

Before going out, we had a "Monograms & Margaritas" shower for her at the hotel!!! It was probs one of my most fav themes EVER!!
{hint, hint, cough, cough Nataleee, you interested?!}

Autumn was so sweet and got all of us these cute monogrammed koozies!!

{side note: I have the worst monogram ever!!! MF?! Ugh.}

Unfortunately, I was too busy drinking delicious margs to take pics of all the cute monogrammed stuff Autumn got! 

But, here's all of us before dinner!

For dinner, we went to Top of the Hill, which is a pretty famous place in Chapel Hill. 

We had to wait a little bit {especially with the torrential downpour that moved our outside patio table inside}, so Caitlin and I decided to have a photo shoot...

By the time our food came, I was SOOO hungry! My lemon chicken pasta was delish!

After dinner, we went out on Franklin Street (which is basically the main street with most of the bars in CH)!! First we went to East End, which was basically dead (all of the students were gone for the summer, plus the storms didn't help!), so we quickly relocated to La Rez! 

I had never been to La Residence (aka La Rez) before (Travis thinks it's "too fratty") but let me tell you...I'm kinda obsessed and it's kinda my new fav. 

It is a facy old house....and this is what it looks like when you walk in:

My kind of bar!! Super fancy, right?!?!

Apparently, its also a nice restaurant AND upon further research, I discovered they actually have weddings here!!! I didn't take any quality pics of the place, so here are some stolen from the internet:

Eeeee just look at that pretty patio!! La Rez is totes on my list of possible locations for my vow renewal that will {probably} never happen in like 20 years! Hahah...

After La Rez closed, we went to none other than the legendary Time Out. It's open 24 hours and the food is especially amazing at about 3AM after a few drinks :)

Waiting for our yummy food!!!

Omggggg....look at that mac & cheese....and fries....and fried okra....yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!!!!!
{please excuse the frizzy hair and the fact that my necklace is was raining/storming all night!}

Of course before we left, Autumn wanted to get a pic by Dean Smith. Love it.

And then I discovered, that my husband secretly owns a jewelry store, right next to Time Out!!! 

{Travis' first name is William and he goes by his middle name. True story!}

Hahah...who knew?!?!?

Such a fun time...but now I am paying for it. I am sick from all of that walking around in the rain!!! :( Hopefully I can get it together for my 3-day weekend!!!!! And last 11 days of school!!!!!!

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  1. I didn't go out to La Rez much either but did eat dinner there once and remember it being pretty good / fancy! So jealous of your Time Out!!!