Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nick and Andrea's Wedding!

As promised, here is a recap of our friends, Nick and Andrea's gorgeous wedding!

As per usual, I was too lazy to bring my real camera along, so all of these are courtesy of my iPhone. Sorry for the sub-par quality. Maybe I'll learn one of these days...

The ceremony was at a super cute little chapel. Look at those handsome groomsmen!

This turned out blurry... but still so presh of Andrea walking down the aisle with her dad!

I took this after we threw rice at the newly married couple....Andrea, you are GLOWING! :)

The ceremony was held at the Charlotte Country Club, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Instead of a plated or buffet meal, they had food stations! This side was salads and some sort of sliders (that I had about 209487 of!) and on the other side was shrimp & grits!

The cake was also super yummy!! I think it was some sort of lemon (??) with strawberry filling??? I think?? But it was delish

First sweet!

Cutting the cake!
I loved the chandeliers that were in the ballroom! 

Ok, so this is such a bad pic (let's be honest, none of these pics are that great!), but I thought the garter toss from the balcony was so cool! The bouquet toss was also up there, but I was hiding with one of my single friends in the bathroom, so she wouldn't be embarrassed to go out there!

Me with my favorite groomsman! He cleans up so well :)

With the beautiful bride! 

So, when I met Travis, he and Nick were roommates, and they ended up living together for like 3 years! I know Trav was honored to be a part of his special day :)

The 4 of us! 
(I tried to do the red-eye corrector, which is why some of our eyes look a little psycho) 

These lovely ladies were my dates for the evening...

...because there was a lot of this going on with our husbands/fiances/boyfriends! 

UGH. Boys. Stop checking the scores of the games!!! 

The send off 
(there were some sort of popper things...I did not get one though bc I wanted to take pics haha) 

Afterwards, we headed to Selwyn Pub, where "everyone" was going....AKA TJ, Crystal, Travis and I were the only ones from the wedding there. Hahah, we still had a good time! 

Congrats, Nick and Andrea!!! We had so much fun and your wedding was so, so beautiful!!!

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