Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wedding Wednesday {Asking Your Wedding Party} that you've gotten some super cute engagey pics taken, it's time to decide who will be with you on the big day!!! 

{our wedding party was the best EVER...just sayin'}

A few tips:
-Ask people who you know will not create drama
-Limit the number of people....I'd say 10 bridesmaids might be too many! And this is coming from someone who was in a sorority and can handle masses of girls!
-Try to include family members and future in-laws 

Ok, so now that you've got that...there are so many cute ways to ask your wedding party! 

If you missed how I asked my girls, here you go:

I printed off photos of me and each girl and on it wrote, "Will you be my bridesmaids?"
Then, I cut the picture into puzzle pieces...

And put them in a baggie! I tied the baggie with a plain puzzle piece, on which I wrote "There are many pieces to planning a wedding...this one includes YOU!"

I cannot take credit for this idea...I stole it from somewhere, but of course can't remember where.

Here are some more ideas....

{anything booze-related is always acceptable}

{Be My Maid Boxes...SO cute! Inside is all of the info/duties, plus paint chips to match bridesmaid dress colors and a Visa gift card!}

{another take on the "Be My Maid" Boxes!}

{again, more alcohol related necessities...always a good idea}

{Ring Pops! Fun!}

{Ah! LOVE! You could also do this with a football/basketball/etc.}

{anything edible...also very acceptable}

{and again....more alcohol, are we noticing a theme?!}

{hahah oh man...classic}

How did you ask your wedding party to be part of your big day?

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