Sunday, May 19, 2019

Lucas William {3 Years}

Dear Lucas,

I almost couldn't believe it when I typed the number 3 in the blog post title! How are you so big?!?!? Time is such a thief. I truly feel like I was just pregnant with you (although that's partially because I was just pregnant with your brother, and you both acted very similarly in the womb!). You are so freaking cute and funny right now, I just want to bottle you up and keep you at this age forever!

We have your 3 year old check up this Thursday (which you are NOT excited about!), so I'll try to remember to update your stats then. I have absolutely no clue how big you are, except that you are BIG! You are getting harder and harder to pick up, but it also might be because I'm used to picking up Bennett and he weighs like 5 pounds, ha! You are solidly in size 3T clothes and size 6 diapers. You can still wear some 2T shorts. I am starting to buy 4T clothes for you, which is crazy because your sister still wears size 4T! You wear size 8 shoes, but can squeeze in 7s if you have to. 

Remember when I was worried about you talking?! Ha! You never stop talking now! And your little voice is so funny. You are absolutely hilarious, and countless times your sister and I will just look at each other and laugh at with the things you say! I'm attaching the answers to your toddler interview that I gave you at the end of this post!

As if you couldn't tell by these pictures and your birthday party theme, you are totally, completely, 100% obsessed with construction vehicles! You know all of the names of all of the things. Funny story: Nay Nay and Cook are building a new house and we went to their new neighborhood to look at houses. It's new construction, so of course there were all sorts of constructions trucks everywhere. Nay Nay said, "Look at that bulldozer, Lucas!" and you quickly corrected her, "NO! That's a skid steer!" Haha! You point out any and every construction vehicle that you see when we are driving around. I probably know where 90% of the construction sights in South Charlotte are because of your observations!

In the same vein, not only do you love construction vehicles, but you love any kind of vehicle. If it moves, you are interested. This includes, but is not limited to: planes, trains, racing cars, monster trucks, subways, taxis, tractors, boats, helicopters (you call them "happy-copters"!) and of course golf carts. You have somewhat recently discovered Blippi because he has all sorts of videos on your tablet about these various forms of transportation....and now you are entirely captivated with all of his songs and videos. I guess there are worse things, but I am already looking forward to the day when I do NOT have the "Excavator Song" stuck in my head. I keep telling myself it's educational and it is helping your vocabulary (because how else would you know to say "I'm a dirt investigator! I'm an excavator.").

I would be remiss to say that of course you still love sports (I mean, you are Trav's child!). You say your favorite sport is basketball, but you loved the golf tournament (when you weren't climbing trees and running away from us). You can also spot a Panthers, Hornets or UNC logo from a mile away. You love any athlete named "LUUUUUKE!" (Luke Kuechly, Luke Maye) and "Tiga Wooooos" (Tiger Woods). Every time you watch golf with Daddy, you think Tiger is the golfer on TV. You have played soccer with Soccer Shots just about every Saturday since September, and you have gotten so good! It was a rough start and you enjoyed touching the ball and knocking down the goal at first, but now you actually listen to your coaches and kick the ball with your feet! Every Saturday when we watch you, Daddy and I tell each other how good of a soccer player you are! You want to play baseball next, but you have to be 4 for that! 

You are such a quintessential middle child, but goodness gracious you love your baby brother and big sister so much! At first, I was very apprehensive with you around Bennett, but you honestly don't maul him half as much as Ella does! You give him kisses and hugs, but leave him alone for the most part. You can't wait for him to play with your toys. You are always handing him your stuff, but then you get mad when he just chews on it! As for Ella, guys fight hard but love hard. I will leave you in a room with Bennett for a few minutes, no questions asked, but Ella? Oh no, y'all cannot be left alone together for more than 30 seconds, ha! But you also love each other so so much, and you affectionately call her "Goo." We have no idea where this came from, but its kind of adorable. 

You have magically morphed into a phenomenal sleeper! You go down around 7:30 every night and sleep until 7:30ish the next morning! You also take a solid 2+ hour nap every afternoon! I know we probably should move you to a big boy bed soon, but you are sleeping so well now...if it's not broke, don't fix it, right?! 
As far as eating, you have gotten a little pickier. For example, the only fruits you will eat are strawberries and oranges (and occasionally bananas). You LOVE Chick Fil-A nuggets, but won't eat other kinds of chicken (like if Daddy grills chicken or something). You like yogurt and eggs, but you will absolutely never ever touch a vegetable with a 10 foot pole. We will keep trying!

Oh, Lulu! You put so much joy (and entertainment!) in our lives. You are that perfect middle piece of our family that goes with the flow, but also makes your presence known at all times! You have blessed us with so many gifts...laughter, patience (HA!), knowledge about antibodies/hemolytic disease of the newborn/isoimmunization. I'm so happy God chose me to be your Mommy and made me a boy are the best at showing me what boys are like! We love, love, LOVE you so so much sweet boy! 

Toddler Interview:

What's your name? Lucas!

How old are you? I 2 (I asked him these questions before his birthday, so he was technically still 2)

What's your favorite color? Blue

What's your favorite food? Strawberries

Who is your best friend? I don't know...Cook! (my dad)

What is your favorite song? Blippi...Garbage truck!

What's your favorite TV show? Fire trucks

What's your favorite animal? Cow!

What are you afraid of? Umm...Ahhh! Cook?!

What makes you happy? Umm...Cook (so apparently my dad scares him and makes him happy!)

Where is your favorite place to go? Park!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Dinosaur (good luck with that, buddy!)

What is something Mommy always says to you? Whoooaaaahhhh! (I don't say this?)

What makes you sad? Wahhhh-hahhhh

What makes you laugh? Hahahaha!

How old is Mommy? 2!

How old is Daddy? 6!

What is your favorite thing to do? I don't know. 

What does Mommy do for work? Mommy working downtown (I don't!)

What does Daddy do for work? Daddy working downtown...the Hornets one!

Where do you live? In Charlotte!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Life with Bennett {38 weeks}

We have had another busy week! We are in full-blown party prep mode over here, as Lucas's birthday party is tomorrow!!! And we are so excited to celebrate him all weekend long!


Last Friday, it was raining ( seems like it rains every Friday!) so we went to Carolina Flips to get out some energy!

I actually had to pay for Bennett! What?!?! So I made him do all of the things, haha! Gotta get my money's worth! 


Soccer again! We only have two more practices until the season is over!

The coaches gave all of the kids flowers to give to their moms at the end of practice, which was so cute!

Then we quickly went home, ate lunch, changed clothes and headed uptown for Ella's dance recital!

You'll be shocked to read this...but we were late. I actually went to the theater where the recital was last year only to realize it was at a different theater this year. I guess I need to read things more closely! Luckily my parents got the location correct and saved us seats! And Ella arrived at 1:28 (she was supposed to be there at 1:15 and the recital started at 1:30!)

Thankfully, both of her dances were toward the end of the program! And she did a great job!!!

After the recital, it was about to start pouring so we quickly took some pictures outside of the theater and then got out of there fast!

Lucas was apparently very inspired by all of the dance recital costumes because as soon as we came home, he was begging to try on every single one of Ella's princess dresses!

I was cracking up. 


Mother's Day! 

The 4 of us all had to wear our matching Lilly!

Ugh, all I wanted for Mother's Day was a nice picture. But nope! Thanks a lot, Lucas and Bennett. 

I got this sweet card and necklace from all 3 kids (and Travis).

I also have necklaces with Ella's and Lucas's names on them!
After a run and a trip to Target by myself (where I found this rug for our patio!), I took the kids to TCBY because they were giving moms free fro-yo!

We almost survived without getting that white t-shirt dirty. Almost.

Oh! And Trav made the yummiest Greek chicken for dinner. 


My "real" Mother's Day gift (our cleaning ladies!) came this morning! So the boys and I hightailed it out of the house and went to Home Depot to pick up a few things for Lucas's party!

I love the carts they have there!

Then we went to the park and ran along the Greenway all the way to Target!

It wore Bennett out!

After I finished my run, Lucas got to play at the park. But all he wanted to do was sit in the sandbox and scoop sand into this dump truck. I am not even exaggerating when I tell you he sat here and did this for a solid 45 minutes straight. 

When I finally got him to leave the sandbox, the boys swung!

On our way back to the car, I noticed Bennett is getting another tooth in!


Ella's preschool celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week this past week, and Tuesday was the day to bring in a flower for each teacher! 

The boys and I went to Target (YES, again. I live there.) because we had to get some "favorite things" for Ella to take to her teachers the next day! We made a pit stop in the toy section of course...

...and the wine aisle (my version of the toy section, ha!)

Ella's teachers make a "favorites" list at the beginning of each year, so I got something for each of them off of that. Then I Googled/Pinterested to see if I could find cute tags to go on each gift. I ended up just making them myself, but I was slightly proud of my solid C+ effort on these!

I'll be giving her teachers another end of year gift next week, so don't you worry. I'm not just giving them some muffins for dealing with Ella all year ;)


The birthday boy desperately needed a haircut!


...and after!

I'm so sad that our kids' haircut place is closing at the end of this month! If you know of a good place in Charlotte that cuts kids' hair (and bonus if they have fun chairs), let me know! I need a kids place because Lucas is a wild man and won't sit still to save his I need someone who is specially trained with crazy children!

Anyway, he needed that haircut so we could go take his birthday pictures by the big 3 (per our family tradition...thankfully there was not a big dumpster in front of it like there was when Ella turned 3)! We also found a construction site nearby and since that's the theme of his party, well...

I mean, we HAD to! Thankfully, we didn't get arrested. 


We started full-force party prepping! The boys helped me make dirt cups!

I will use the term "helped" very loosely here because what they really helped with was making a big mess. 

I now have almost everything together for his big party tomorrow!

Lucas is so excited and we are so excited to celebrate him!
I'll be back Sunday for his birthday post and I'll share pictures from his party as soon as I can!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 37}

Hello everyone! It's Friday and we are back to update you on our lives this past week! 


We kicked off our weekend by having a picnic lunch at the airport overlook to watch the planes!


You guessed it. Soccer!

We also watched the Kentucky Derby!

Bennett just wanted to take selfies ;) It was not the most exciting 2 minutes in sports for him!


We spent our day at the golf tournament that was here in Charlotte!

Lucas enjoyed climbing trees and running away from us. No seriously, we almost lost him. He was unfazed though! 

Bennett decided that he hated riding in the stroller about 20 minutes into our time there, so Trav and I took turns carrying him all over the golf course. My left shoulder and neck were so sore the next day!

A highlight for Ella and Lucas was eating hot dogs and ice cream for lunch!

Ella talked a big game about going to give a high five to Ricky Fowler (her fav) but then she "got a little bit shy" when Trav took her over to see him!

Lucas wasn't shy...he tried to walk right onto the green (? tee? fairway? I don't know golf terms...but where ever the golfers were hitting the ball...that is where Lucas tried to go!). He also decided he wanted to be a marshal and kept putting his hands up for people to be quiet!

As we were about to leave, guess who finally fell asleep?!

Another fun year at the Wells Fargo Championship!


Apparently, I didn't get enough of pushing the Double BOB at the golf tournament and decided to go for a run with both boys.

Spoiler alert: I died. It was so hard. So much so that I stopped to have a full blown photo shoot with Lucas on a "pretty" bridge, lol!

After naps, my kids were begging to go on a nature scavenger hunt. I found these cute bags in the Target dollar spot that tell them what all to find. It was actually entertaining for them for like a whole hour! Ella {shockingly!} touched a worm!


We went over to my friend Ashley's for a little Bible study get together!

I also have to document that my children actually played NICELY together for the first time, like ever!


Picture day for Ella's dance! It was also her last class! The recital is tomorrow! 

Lucas wanted to do the dance with Ella's class :) I won't be surprised if he tries to hop up on stage tomorrow, ha!


We had Muffins with Mom at Ella's preschool!

I have been waiting to go to Muffins with Mom for only about 3 years now! I don't know why her 2s and 3s classes never did it...but I was starting to have major FOMO! Thankfully, her teachers had one this year, hooray!!!

I got some beautiful tissue paper flowers, a sweet picture of Ella...

...and everyone's favorite, the classic interview:

For what it's worth I am not 34 YET (two more months, thank you very much!) and I don't think we've been to a wedding since 2017. So there's that! Too funny.

I hope all of the moms have the best Mother's Day weekend, especially my own mom and my grandma!!! Love you both!!!