Friday, May 10, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 37}

Hello everyone! It's Friday and we are back to update you on our lives this past week! 


We kicked off our weekend by having a picnic lunch at the airport overlook to watch the planes!


You guessed it. Soccer!

We also watched the Kentucky Derby!

Bennett just wanted to take selfies ;) It was not the most exciting 2 minutes in sports for him!


We spent our day at the golf tournament that was here in Charlotte!

Lucas enjoyed climbing trees and running away from us. No seriously, we almost lost him. He was unfazed though! 

Bennett decided that he hated riding in the stroller about 20 minutes into our time there, so Trav and I took turns carrying him all over the golf course. My left shoulder and neck were so sore the next day!

A highlight for Ella and Lucas was eating hot dogs and ice cream for lunch!

Ella talked a big game about going to give a high five to Ricky Fowler (her fav) but then she "got a little bit shy" when Trav took her over to see him!

Lucas wasn't shy...he tried to walk right onto the green (? tee? fairway? I don't know golf terms...but where ever the golfers were hitting the ball...that is where Lucas tried to go!). He also decided he wanted to be a marshal and kept putting his hands up for people to be quiet!

As we were about to leave, guess who finally fell asleep?!

Another fun year at the Wells Fargo Championship!


Apparently, I didn't get enough of pushing the Double BOB at the golf tournament and decided to go for a run with both boys.

Spoiler alert: I died. It was so hard. So much so that I stopped to have a full blown photo shoot with Lucas on a "pretty" bridge, lol!

After naps, my kids were begging to go on a nature scavenger hunt. I found these cute bags in the Target dollar spot that tell them what all to find. It was actually entertaining for them for like a whole hour! Ella {shockingly!} touched a worm!


We went over to my friend Ashley's for a little Bible study get together!

I also have to document that my children actually played NICELY together for the first time, like ever!


Picture day for Ella's dance! It was also her last class! The recital is tomorrow! 

Lucas wanted to do the dance with Ella's class :) I won't be surprised if he tries to hop up on stage tomorrow, ha!


We had Muffins with Mom at Ella's preschool!

I have been waiting to go to Muffins with Mom for only about 3 years now! I don't know why her 2s and 3s classes never did it...but I was starting to have major FOMO! Thankfully, her teachers had one this year, hooray!!!

I got some beautiful tissue paper flowers, a sweet picture of Ella...

...and everyone's favorite, the classic interview:

For what it's worth I am not 34 YET (two more months, thank you very much!) and I don't think we've been to a wedding since 2017. So there's that! Too funny.

I hope all of the moms have the best Mother's Day weekend, especially my own mom and my grandma!!! Love you both!!! 

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