Friday, May 3, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 36}

Another week in the books! Only 16 more weeks of these weekly pictures and posts!! 


I had the cutest little helper when I was organizing my tutoring stuff! Think VIPKID will hire him?!  

Trav and Lucas also did some yard work!


You know it...SOCCER!

I finally got smart and took Bennett out of the stroller because he screams the whole time. I didn't think to bring a blanket for him (you'd think I was a first-time mom!), so he got to sit on his diaper changing mat! It was clean, promise!

After soccer, we went to Touch a Truck!!!! 
Ella was excited, but Lucas was on freaking cloud 9! He never wanted to leave!

He loved sitting in the excavator!

Both kids got to honk the horn of this cement mixer!

Lucas's hands-down favorite was...the ambulance!!! He climbed right on that stretcher and even let the paramedic listen to his heart!

And look at these 3 troublemakers in the back of a cop car. This better be the first AND last time this happens!!!

That afternoon, we FINALLY put together Bennett's cozy coupe that he got for Christmas! He loves it!!!! 


We had a very chill day! We hung out on our patio...

...and cleaned off both our main outside dining table and the kids' picnic table so we could eat outside!


Twinning in their madras plaid (Lucas had some plaid shorts too, but we all know how he feels about taking pictures)!

The boys and I went on a run and saw 2 cement mixers!!! Bennett was not impressed, but Lucas definitely was. He wanted to honk the horns, like he did at Touch a Truck!

Then we went to the library! Babies who sit up well, but don't crawl yet are my FAVORITES!!! Look at this sweet boy playing cars with his brother!


I have been craving a strawberry slushee since last spring, so we finally made it to the strawberry patch that serves them, Hall Family Farm!

I can say this because I do truly love him, but Lucas William is the hands down worst strawberry picker ever. He picked ONE strawberry the entire time we were there. ONE. And threw it on the ground. So I picked all of the strawberries by myself! I told Ella next time we go, we are going on a day she doesn't have preschool because she is for sure coming with me!

At least he didn't knock the box of berries over, like he did a few weeks ago at the last strawberry patch we went to! 

Bennett wanted to help, but he was mostly interested in the leaves.

Of course everyone was interested in eating the strawberries!

Including big sister when she came home from preschool!

Tuesday night, guess what I noticed?! Bennett's first tooth poking through!!!


We got this sweet girl's spring pictures back and I want to order them all. 

Lucas also was left unattended for 3 seconds with the strawberries (ok, fine, maybe slightly longer than that...) and put as many as possible on his plate! He is a strawberry monster!

We also got really smart (now that we only have one more of Ella's dance classes left this spring) and brought Lucas's own truck for him to play with while her class was going on. They used to have all of these trucks and toys for siblings to play with and then one day they disappeared! So Lucas has been bored out of his mind the last few weeks there!

After dance, I made this salad for dinner! It was SO good. But, look at my little sous chef helping! Have I mentioned how much I love babies who sit but don't crawl?!?!?! Stay at this stage forever, Bennett!


The cozy coupe obsession is strong over here, friends. And this day, we had a "traffic jam" (what Lucas calls it)!

So much trouble, but oh so cute!

I'm so thankful we had a beautiful morning to play outside yesterday!

We also got a car potty for Lucas!!!

I am probably not starting potty training with him until the summer (and by summer...I mean, like late July, haha!). But, he's been asking about a special potty and since I threw Ella's away after she was done with it, Lucas needed one for his potty training adventures. He specifically requested this car one. So whatever. $17 and Amazon Prime. Done and done.

Ella actually put it together for us, all by herself!

I mean, who knew toddler potties were such an entertaining toy?!?!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are headed to the golf tournament here in Charlotte, so pray for good weather!!

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