Friday, May 17, 2019

Life with Bennett {38 weeks}

We have had another busy week! We are in full-blown party prep mode over here, as Lucas's birthday party is tomorrow!!! And we are so excited to celebrate him all weekend long!


Last Friday, it was raining ( seems like it rains every Friday!) so we went to Carolina Flips to get out some energy!

I actually had to pay for Bennett! What?!?! So I made him do all of the things, haha! Gotta get my money's worth! 


Soccer again! We only have two more practices until the season is over!

The coaches gave all of the kids flowers to give to their moms at the end of practice, which was so cute!

Then we quickly went home, ate lunch, changed clothes and headed uptown for Ella's dance recital!

You'll be shocked to read this...but we were late. I actually went to the theater where the recital was last year only to realize it was at a different theater this year. I guess I need to read things more closely! Luckily my parents got the location correct and saved us seats! And Ella arrived at 1:28 (she was supposed to be there at 1:15 and the recital started at 1:30!)

Thankfully, both of her dances were toward the end of the program! And she did a great job!!!

After the recital, it was about to start pouring so we quickly took some pictures outside of the theater and then got out of there fast!

Lucas was apparently very inspired by all of the dance recital costumes because as soon as we came home, he was begging to try on every single one of Ella's princess dresses!

I was cracking up. 


Mother's Day! 

The 4 of us all had to wear our matching Lilly!

Ugh, all I wanted for Mother's Day was a nice picture. But nope! Thanks a lot, Lucas and Bennett. 

I got this sweet card and necklace from all 3 kids (and Travis).

I also have necklaces with Ella's and Lucas's names on them!
After a run and a trip to Target by myself (where I found this rug for our patio!), I took the kids to TCBY because they were giving moms free fro-yo!

We almost survived without getting that white t-shirt dirty. Almost.

Oh! And Trav made the yummiest Greek chicken for dinner. 


My "real" Mother's Day gift (our cleaning ladies!) came this morning! So the boys and I hightailed it out of the house and went to Home Depot to pick up a few things for Lucas's party!

I love the carts they have there!

Then we went to the park and ran along the Greenway all the way to Target!

It wore Bennett out!

After I finished my run, Lucas got to play at the park. But all he wanted to do was sit in the sandbox and scoop sand into this dump truck. I am not even exaggerating when I tell you he sat here and did this for a solid 45 minutes straight. 

When I finally got him to leave the sandbox, the boys swung!

On our way back to the car, I noticed Bennett is getting another tooth in!


Ella's preschool celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week this past week, and Tuesday was the day to bring in a flower for each teacher! 

The boys and I went to Target (YES, again. I live there.) because we had to get some "favorite things" for Ella to take to her teachers the next day! We made a pit stop in the toy section of course...

...and the wine aisle (my version of the toy section, ha!)

Ella's teachers make a "favorites" list at the beginning of each year, so I got something for each of them off of that. Then I Googled/Pinterested to see if I could find cute tags to go on each gift. I ended up just making them myself, but I was slightly proud of my solid C+ effort on these!

I'll be giving her teachers another end of year gift next week, so don't you worry. I'm not just giving them some muffins for dealing with Ella all year ;)


The birthday boy desperately needed a haircut!


...and after!

I'm so sad that our kids' haircut place is closing at the end of this month! If you know of a good place in Charlotte that cuts kids' hair (and bonus if they have fun chairs), let me know! I need a kids place because Lucas is a wild man and won't sit still to save his I need someone who is specially trained with crazy children!

Anyway, he needed that haircut so we could go take his birthday pictures by the big 3 (per our family tradition...thankfully there was not a big dumpster in front of it like there was when Ella turned 3)! We also found a construction site nearby and since that's the theme of his party, well...

I mean, we HAD to! Thankfully, we didn't get arrested. 


We started full-force party prepping! The boys helped me make dirt cups!

I will use the term "helped" very loosely here because what they really helped with was making a big mess. 

I now have almost everything together for his big party tomorrow!

Lucas is so excited and we are so excited to celebrate him!
I'll be back Sunday for his birthday post and I'll share pictures from his party as soon as I can!

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